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Shared strings

From: Daniel Skarda
Subject: Shared strings
Date: 07 Sep 2001 14:15:43 +0200
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  I am sorry I have been silent for so long (sometimes it happens - a month
passed and you are surprised that you have not finished even half of things you
wanted to finish :) - I hope that in next week I will be able (at least) to read
through Guile-devel archives.

  Now I would like to ask a question about shared substrings. I noticed than in
CVS HEAD they were removed by Dirk Herrmann and I would like to ask why. I think
that shared strings could be quite important feature for text crunching scripts,
so it seems I missed some important discussion about shared strings.
  Could somebody please explain me why were shared substrings removed?

Thank you,

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