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Some 64bit issues.

From: Rob Browning
Subject: Some 64bit issues.
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 11:44:22 -0500
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I've fixed a good number of the problems on the alpha now (hoping to
fix that one first, figuring that it's less experimental than the
ia64), and I've got some observations/questions.

There are a bunch of places in the code where we use bit ops with
constants that we don't qualify.  One particular example/problem is in
the srfi-14 code.  We say things like:

  1 << x

but this is being assigned to a long, and needs the full range of a
long, so this needs to be

  1L << x

Also, instead of fixing every call, I changed SCM_MAKE_CHAR to coerce
it's arg, x, to an intptr_t.  This fixes all the warnings and some
bugs, but is it more appropriate to add a coercion at the point of
use?  i.e. I'm wondering if this global coercion, in the macro, might
mask other errors.  I haven't thought about this at all yet, so the
answer may be obvious...

There are also a number of places in the code where the string
handling does things like 

  int k = SCM_STRING_LENGTH(foo);

Is this OK?  What happens if someone with 8GB of RAM wants to create a
giant string?  I guess the real question is, what code guidelines do
we want for the types that should be used for things like string
indexes, etc., on the C side.

Oh, and I'll be patching the stable and unstable trees with the bits
I'm sure about once I'm finished.


(and thanks to John Goerzen for the use of his alpha.)

Rob Browning
rlb,, and
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