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Re: JACAL, scm

From: Dirk Herrmann
Subject: Re: JACAL, scm
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 09:57:34 +0200 (MEST)

On Tue, 2 Oct 2001, Rob Browning wrote:

> In summary, unless the answer to all of the above is a clear "yes",
> then I'm not particularly interested in worrying about #f/'()
> equivalency.

There is one thing that I don't understand about the whole issue:  There
is the idea to provide translators for all those other scripting languages
like tcl, python, perl, and whatever.  For those translators, nobody ever
brought up the issue to unify #f/'().  Why should a translator for elisp,
which seems to be much closer to scheme than any of the other languages,
require such a change in the very heart of guile?

To me it seems like if we can't support elisp without compromising being a
standard scheme system, then why can we assume that we are able to deal
with other languages cleanly?  I don't feel like having to change stuff in
the heart of guile for tcl, to make strings of digits and numbers behave
alike (just to give an example).

Folks, if you aren't able to handle elisp without unifying #f/'() in
guile, then I say forget about the whole language translation issue.

Best regards
Dirk Herrmann

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