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Re: memory.text

From: Rob Browning
Subject: Re: memory.text
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 12:18:58 -0600
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Dirk Herrmann <address@hidden> writes:

> Done!  However, there's something that should be noted here:  The name
> scm_cell was used for Guile's basic cell datatype.  According to our new
> naming scheme for data types, this should already have been renamed to
> scm_t_cell, but it was forgotten at that time.  Maybe it would be a good
> idea to rename it in the stable branch and deprecate the old name
> there, before the release is made?  (I don't know whether such a change is
> still OK for the stable branch.)

If you're just talking about deprecating the old name, but not
removing it entirely, or if this change isn't likely to affect
programs compiled against libguile, etc.  Then I'm probably OK with
the change.  Otherwise I feel like we should probably leave it alone
for the release.

(1.5.5 will be released this weekend, maybe even today.)

Rob Browning
rlb,, and
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