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From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: Re: THANKS
Date: 06 Mar 2002 21:56:42 +0100
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Thien-Thi Nguyen <address@hidden> writes:

>    From: Marius Vollmer <address@hidden>
>    Date: 02 Mar 2002 12:08:22 +0100
>    [...] but I don't think the THANKS file gives this impression.  We
>    could reverse the order of the sections, though, and put the
>    maintainers last.
> i've looked in several THANKS files from different projects and only
> guile has its maintainers there.  it seems quite glaring to me.

Ok, I start to follow you.  Seems strange to be the only one listed in
the maintainer committe section...  I'll remove that section (but only
in unstable).

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