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Re: Stable branch will freeze.

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: Stable branch will freeze.
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 16:05:46 -0800

   From: Marius Vollmer <address@hidden>
   Date: 15 Mar 2002 00:29:06 +0100

   I just made the lonely decision to be more rigorous about the "stable"
   branch_release-1-6 branch.

    We need to be much more rigorous about really keeping the stable
    branch stable.  From now on, only release critical, uncontroversial
    fixes will be allowed.  I intend to be firm on this.  We are not
    getting anywhere without restraining us from putting new stuff into
    the stable branch.

   Of course, it is already controversial exactly what is release
   critical.  I'll just be deciding this. :)

sorry, it sounds like you have some delusions of absolute control here.
please get well soon (or demonstrate your position by removing my write
privs so i can unsubscribe from guile development and use in good
conscience -- TIA).

   Consequences: the guile-snarf changes need to be brought back to a
   state where guile-snarf is completely compatible with the last
   guile-snarf that has been installed.  It can add features, but must
   not remove any.  Also it should define SCM_MAGIC_SNARFER in addition
   to SCM_MAGIC_SNARF_INIT when pre-processing the C file.  The fact that
   SCM_MAGIC_SNARFER is defined should be documented, while
   SCM_MAGIC_SNARF_INIT should not be documented.  Thien-Thi, I can make
   these changes if you want me to.  Please feel free to hack on
   guile-snarf in the HEAD branch.  I really think your work on the
   snarfer is important, please don't get me wrong.

i don't want you to make these changes because the changes do not
support encapsulation and robustness, but i suspect you'll make them
anyway.  in the future someone will complain and someone will decide
they need to be changed back.  will you do those changes then, too?


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