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specifying workbook dir for dist-hook

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: specifying workbook dir for dist-hook
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 13:17:14 -0800


since we're moving TODO and BUGS (and maybe in the future other things)
out of guile-core/ into workbook/, it behooves us to figure out how to
get these files back into the tree on release.  apparently, automake
supports "dist-hook", which we currently use in these makefiles:


it is easy to add something like:

          @echo doing dist-hook...
          @echo 'This is a snapshot of the TODO file.' > TODO
          @echo >> TODO
          cat $(workbook)/tasks/TODO >> TODO
          $(workbook)/../scripts/render-bugs $(workbook)/bugs > BUGS

to top-level  the question is how to define $(workbook)?
we can either require maintainers to specify this directory like:

  make workbook=some/path/to/workbook dist

or adopt the convention that workbook is always at
$(top_srcdir)/../workbook and codify that in

so: what is your preference?
    what other files can we factor out of guile-core/?
    where would we put them in workbook/?
    where is a good place to document all this?  (RELEASE?)

if you see where i'm going w/ this, you can obviously make the changes
yourself, but i'm happy to do them for you if given reasonable answers.


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