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Re: Language bindings

From: Daniel Skarda
Subject: Re: Language bindings
Date: 28 Mar 2002 09:38:58 +0100
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  Thank you for interesting ideas. I will look into g-wrap after Easter. (The
funny part of the story is, that for another project I wrote tool similar to
g-wrap and build-guile-gtk script. It is specialised for bindings for C++

  Nice you mentioned guile-sdl, but IMHO guileGL should stay independent on 
library bindings. For example you can use OpenGL library with Gtk+, SDL or GLUT
(there are no language bindings for GLUT yet, but who knows :-) and in my 
language bindings should not impose the policy which GUI one has to use.

  The more interesting part of the story is the ability to share complex data
(like images, sound) between language bindings. Because Gtk+ and SDL libraries
define their own image data types, without common type we would get libraries
like guileGL-for-SDL, guileGL-for-Gtk .... and so on (not a nice vision).

  Imagine you want to read a picture, do some FFT (anybody wants to write fftw
language bindings? :-) then some stunning foo efect and finaly display it using
OpenGL.  Can you imagine programming (and performance) hell, if each part of the
process uses another data type for storing images?

  I do not know how many guile users out there want to use guile for multimedia
projects (so read my mail as RFD - Request For Discussion). 

  Also it would be nice if build-guile-gtk, g-wrap (or some other similar tool)
would be standard part of Guile distribution.

Have a nice day,

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