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Roadmap and goals?

From: Tanel Tammet
Subject: Roadmap and goals?
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 15:21:47 +0300


This here looks like a troll, but it isn't. 

I am sure the same question is asked now and then.
I looked through the site and part of email archives,
but could not find answers to my questions there.

Hence I am trying my luck with the mailing list :-)

Basically, I am wondering if anybody could tell
me something about the Guile development goals
and roadmap: what are the short-term goals,
what are the long-term goals, what are the priorities
(I mean concrete issues, not just the abstract
goal of being a good extension language).

I am asking since I was considering whether I
could possibly help with the development work. 

To do that, I'd have to understand where is
the Guile development moving, what are the prioritized
goals, crucial principles, etc. What would be
the projects inside Guile where a person
like me could possibly help.
Some background:

I am the original author of the Hobbit Scheme->C
compiler for SCM and although I did not work on
improving it for some years, I have recently 
taken it up again and worked a little on Hobbit
and SCM with Aubrey. I plan to continue making small
improvements for Hobbit for SCM. I can understand
the scope and goals of SCM and what are
the issues with which I could possibly help.

I am pretty happy with SCM. I have looked
briefly into bigloo and other systems, and
there are many cool things here and there.

However, I cannot really understand 
(*) what is the driving force behind Guile and
(*) what are the specific benefits of using Guile.

For example, why exactly should somebody
use Guile instead of SCM or Bigloo:
what are the specific advantages and
what is the downside. Why not use just
SCM or Bigloo (they are faster, you know :-)
There have to be answers to this question,
just that I do not know the answers.

In my brief encounters with other people
using scheme these issues have come up
now and then.

I guess it would benefit not only me 
but the Guile development and acceptance 
on a wider scale if such guides, policies,
roadmaps etc existed and were easy to locate.

       Tanel Tammet

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