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Re: goops and memoization

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: goops and memoization
Date: 29 Nov 2002 23:31:51 +0000
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>>>>> "Neil" == Neil Jerram <address@hidden> writes:

    Neil> If this is correct, the fix is to pass `x' through your memoizer just
    Neil> before `goto nontoplevel_begin;', like this:

    Neil>           apply_cmethod: /* inputs: z, arg1 */
    Neil>             {
    Neil>               SCM formals = SCM_CMETHOD_FORMALS (z);
    Neil>               env = EXTEND_ENV (formals, arg1, SCM_CMETHOD_ENV (z));
    Neil>               x = SCM_CMETHOD_BODY (z);
    Neil>                 x = memoize (x);             /* ADDED */
    Neil>               goto nontoplevel_begin;
    Neil>             }

And to follow up immediately to myself ... actually this is suboptimal
because it means that even a cached method is memoized every time it
is called.  (Also I was wrong about the lambda; the expression
returned by scm_memoize_method doesn't begin with a lambda.)

What we should really do is memoize before the method is installed
into the method cache.  I think the place for this is in
compute-entry-with-cmethod in oop/goops/compile.scm: just before
`(cons entry place-holder)':

(define (compute-entry-with-cmethod methods types)
  (or (code-table-lookup (slot-ref (car methods) 'code-table) types)
      (let* ((method (car methods))
             (place-holder (list #f))
             (entry (append types place-holder)))
        ;; In order to handle recursion nicely, put the entry
        ;; into the code-table before compiling the method 
        (slot-set! (car methods) 'code-table
                   (cons entry (slot-ref (car methods) 'code-table)))
        (let ((cmethod (compile-method methods types)))
          (set-car! place-holder (car cmethod))
          (set-cdr! place-holder (cdr cmethod)))
        (set-cdr! (cdr place-holder)                  ; ADDED
                  (memoize (cdr place-holder)))       ; ADDED
        (cons entry place-holder))))


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