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PATCH for guile-readline/

From: Richard Todd
Subject: PATCH for guile-readline/
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 15:56:37 -0600
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Please consider the following patch for inclusion in guile.

Problem: The guile-readline/Makefile unconditionally removes and
remakes a link from ice-9/readline.scm to ../readline.scm.  There are
two problems with this:

1) When you run, say, 'sudo make install', the link is remade as root!
2) When you run a VPATH build, ../readline.scm does not exist.

You'd only notice (2) if you wanted to test (ice-9 readline) prior to
installation.  You notice (1) quite often if you want to remove your
build tree, or even if you 'sudo make install' and then 'make' as a
normal user again.

The patch fixes both these issues.  It was a bit tricky, and I could
not find a single 'ln -s' line that worked for both in-tree builds and
VPATH builds (it's harder than it sounds!).  The patch just does an
'if' on $(top_srcdir) == $(top_builddir) and issues the correct

If you don't like this method and can find a better way, please do so,
because we need a change to this file!


Richard Todd

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