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Re: Initial SCTP support for the upcoming 1.6.5 release

From: Michael Tuexen
Subject: Re: Initial SCTP support for the upcoming 1.6.5 release
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 20:18:33 +0200

Hi Rob,

I got the external library from Marius compiled and
wrote sctp.scm such that the net_sctp_init can
be called and the constants can be accessed.

But I have two functions defined, one of them is defined

SCM_DEFINE (net_sctp_recvmsg, "sctp-recvmsg!", 2, 2, 0,
            (SCM sock, SCM str, SCM start, SCM end),
            "Return data from the socket port @var{sock} and also\n"
            "information about where the data was received from.\n"
            "@var{sock} must already be bound to the address from which\n"
            "data is to be received.  @code{str}, is a string into which the\n"
            "data will be written.  The size of @var{str} limits the amount\n"
            "of data which can be received: in the case of packet protocols,\n"
            "if a packet larger than this limit is encountered then some\n"
            "data will be irrevocably lost.\n\n"
            "The value returned is a list containing:\n"
            "- the number of bytes read from the socket\n"
"- an address object in the same form as returned by @code{accept}\n"
            "- the flags returned by the sctp_recvmsg call\n"
            "- a list containing the SID, SSN, PPID, TSN and CUM_TSN\n"
            "The @var{start} and @var{end} arguments specify a substring of\n"
            "@var{str} to which the data should be written.\n\n"
            "Note that the data is read directly from the socket file\n"
            "descriptor: any unread buffered port data is ignored.")
#define FUNC_NAME s_net_sctp_recvmsg
  int rv;
return scm_list_4 (SCM_MAKINUM (rv), address, SCM_MAKINUM (flg), s_sinfo);
#undef FUNC_NAME

How can I access this function from scheme?

Another question:
I need
which are declared static in socket.c. Can they made available and not
be declared static? If not, I need to define them again, which is not
very elegant.

And the last question:
Could the setsockopt and getsockopt functions be extended such that
they support an arbitrary length opt_value? This is the way they are
defined in C. What should the scheme type for the opt_value? A string?

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards

On Aug 16, 2004, at 8:44 PM, Rob Browning wrote:

Michael Tuexen <address@hidden> writes:

I'm trying to build the SCTP support as a loadable module.

Is there any documentation available (or an example) where
I can figure out how I can solve the questions described

I looked in the guile sources, but only found modules defined
in scheme...

In general, C-only modules are deprecated.  The recommendation is that
you create a small .scm file for your module, and then have that load
your shared library and export your symbols, i.e.:

  (define-module (pcre))
  ;; exports at end of file.

  (let ((lib "libguile-pcre-v-1")
        (init-func "libguile_pcre_init"))
    (if (string=? (substring (version) 0 3) "1.4")
        (dynamic-call init-func (dynamic-link lib))
        (load-extension lib init-func)))

  ;; make any scheme side defines you that want to here.

  ;; export things here (though you could also do this above, or in
  ;; the define-module statement)

  ;; these exports will often be symbols that were defined during your
  ;; _init function above

  (export PCRE_MAJOR)
  (export PCRE_MINOR)

Now, presuming that your .scm file is in the %load-path (via
GUILE_LOAD_PATH, or whatever), and your shared library is in the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or default locations), then (use-modules
(pcre)) should work just fine.

Rob Browning
rlb and; previously
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