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Re: The load path

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: The load path
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 11:02:18 +0000
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Greg Troxel wrote:

       --with-built-in-load-path='("foo" default "bar")'

That looks good.  The question is whether that's about prefixes, or
actual directories.  It might be nice to have some way to specify
either, where prefix means the default list of places in a prefix.
I think the extras can be actual directories, as:

- it seems to me there isn't a strong need for extra prefixes: the point about .../1.6 versus .../site is to provide a distinction between code installed by the Guile install itself, and code installed by third parties; so $additional_prefix/share/guile/1.6 would usually be pointless and unused

- in the case where one explicitly wants to include the non-site directory of another Guile installation (dangerous though this sounds!), one can do so by listing it as an "actual directory"; also note that if one is doing such strange things, the $effective_version of the other Guile install might be different from the one being configured, so the prefix approach wouldn't help anyway.

It would also be nice to be able to include $prefix/lib/guile/site, so
that packages intended for guile ttn-1.4 work without needing a
symlink into share.
Out of interest, can you expand on this? What kind of file is installed there, and is that the only thing needed to make ttn-guile packages work?


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