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Re: srfi-18 requirements

From: Julian Graham
Subject: Re: srfi-18 requirements
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 23:20:20 -0500

> It's a bit of pain that srfi-18 doesn't refer forward to srfi-34/35.
> Obviously the exception system of srfi-18 is very _like_ that of
> srfi-34/35, but srfi-18 doesn't say whether its exceptions have to be
> implemented using srfi-34/35.
> I guess that doesn't actually matter, though.  srfi-18 simply
> requires its exception primitives to be implemented somehow.  If it
> works semantically for them to be implemented using srfi-34/35, I
> think it would make good sense for us to do that.

Thanks for the explanation, Neil.  I've currently got something more
or less working with pass-thrus to SRFI-34 exceptions, using a stored
continuation to prevent the exceptions from being re-thrown (as per
SRFI-18, "Primitives and exceptions").

I'm hoping to have something for you guys soon -- I'm starting a new
day job right now, though, so it might be a little while.

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