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Re: git head fails to build

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: git head fails to build
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 22:40:08 +0000

2009/1/15 Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden>:
> "Neil Jerram" <address@hidden> writes:
>> 2009/1/15 Greg Troxel <address@hidden>:
>>>  INSTALL is checked in, but gets overwritten by autoreconf.  It seems
>>>  like since this is a generated file it should not be checked in.
>> Yes, that might be sensible.  Ludovic, what do you think?
> Either way is fine by me.

I've removed it from master and branch_release-1-8.  It was frequently
generating spurious diffs for me, so I think worth addressing that.


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