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Re: compiling with -DSCM_DEBUG=1

From: Ken Raeburn
Subject: Re: compiling with -DSCM_DEBUG=1
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 17:04:42 -0400

On Sep 1, 2009, at 15:35, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
--- a/libguile/gc.h
+++ b/libguile/gc.h
@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ SCM_INTERNAL void scm_i_ensure_marking(void);
SCM_API int scm_debug_cell_accesses_p;
SCM_API int scm_expensive_debug_cell_accesses_p;
SCM_API int scm_debug_cells_gc_interval ;
-void scm_i_expensive_validation_check (SCM cell);
+SCM_API void scm_i_expensive_validation_check (SCM cell);

SCM_INTERNAL scm_i_pthread_mutex_t scm_i_gc_admin_mutex;

Please apply this one.

Done. The C code now builds; the Scheme compilation bug is still there, though.


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