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Re: %module-public-interface

From: Patrick McCarty
Subject: Re: %module-public-interface
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2010 11:50:08 -0700
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On 2010-04-02, Ian Hulin wrote:
> 3. There's a  restriction introduced in Guile V2.0 whereby dynamic
> use of define, define-public and variants will cause the guile
> compilation to fail with diagnostics.  We have these in our basic
> Scheme files (lily.scm and lily-library.scm).  These compilation
> failures currently stop Lilypond building altogether.

This is really just a stricter adherence to the Scheme R5RS.

(if ...) can only contain *expressions*, IIUC, and (define ...) is a
top-level definition, not an expression.

But yes, either LilyPond will need to adapt to these stricter
guidelines, or Guile will loosen its policy with respect to (if ...)

> 4. We've already seen the %module-public-interface thing in the Lily
> C++.  There's probably more smelly stuff lurking in the C++
> interface, which won't surface until we start trying to use Guile
> 2.0 more.

I think almost everything is fixed on the C++ side now.

> Graham, Vincent, is it worth opening a tracker to capture
> forward-compatibility issues with Guile?

We already have one (sort of):

> Thanks for your feedback so far, Ludo.  The other Lily developer who
> has done anything with Guile 1.9/V2.0 is Patrick McCarty
> (address@hidden).

That's <address@hidden>.  I don't want any email reaching the wrong
mailbox.  :-)


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