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From: stefan
Subject: unification
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 15:30:42 +0200
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I did a small try to extend guile to handle unification. The result is in


In there is an example of a unification solution of the Einstein riddle.
The solution takes 150ms on my PC. Gnu prolog execute it in about 16ms.
I'm using a c-extension linked in which is a fun play with the tagging system 
in guile (ducks!)

So not so bad. But there is a nice abstraction that lies behind this code that 
can be useful. So I would like to snow in and try to make this abstraction 
solid (You may be scared of the code) and perhaps even faster. What options
do I have to make it as fast and, if you are interested, please reply.

By the way. I can help out as well. My main interest now is in type theory but 
I start to dig into guile now and I would probably be able to help out if you 
like in a short time, as my knowledge matures.

 Are there any suitable tickets to close?


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