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Re: *current-language*

From: Eli Barzilay
Subject: Re: *current-language*
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 21:30:05 -0500

20 minutes ago, Andy Wingo wrote:
> Guile's REPL does do that, yes.  I think that Noah's proposal was to pun
> the ,language command so that in a file, instead of 
>    #!lang r5rs
>    (eval '(+ 1 2) (scheme-report-environment 5))
> you could have
>    ,language r5rs
>    (eval '(+ 1 2) (scheme-report-environment 5))
> Cute.  I guess it would work if we changed the reader, for the same
> reason that it works at the REPL.

Ah, in that case, the obvious thing to note is that the part of our
reader that deals with reading the language is not using the sexpr
reader.  For example:

  #lang |racket|

doesn't work.

The only small hack is that the default reader is the one that's used
to read the file, and it changes when it runs into a `#lang'.  Because
of this things like

  ;; some comment
  #lang racket

still work.

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