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Re: unbound variable: glade-xml-new?

From: nalaginrut
Subject: Re: unbound variable: glade-xml-new?
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 01:11:53 +0800

Well~finally I resolved it!
I found libgw-guile-gnome-gtk*...etc didn't generated. I rechecked the
configure in guile-gnome. And I found a unremarkable warning, it said
gtk won't make because cairo won't make. I'm curious that cairo-dev I
should have. But it's not there. Because I've uninstalled guile-1.8 a
month ago to avoid some conflict with guile-1.9 (I reported in
guile-dev, maybe someone remember, but now it's fixed). And cairo-dev is
Anyway, it's OK now. Thanks!

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