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Re: Is there a way to transparently re-throw?

From: Keisuke Nishida
Subject: Re: Is there a way to transparently re-throw?
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 20:54:39 -0500
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At 27 Feb 2001 12:00:44 -0600,
Rob Browning wrote:
> I was trying to set up a catch handler that would catch all
> exceptions, take some cleanup action, and then, if the error wasn't
> one the handler was particularly interested in, re-throw the error
> *without* affecting the error's source.
> You can almost do that like this:
>   (define (handle-throw key . throw-args)
>     (cleanup)
>     (if (eq? key 'foo)
>         (do-something)
>         (apply throw key throw-args)))

Why don't you use dynamic-wind?

  (catch 'foo
      (lambda () (init))
      (lambda () (body))
      (lambda () (cleanup)))
    (lambda (key . args)

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