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Re: guile-gui 0.1 available

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: guile-gui 0.1 available
Date: 10 Mar 2001 11:45:59 +0000
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>>>>> "Ariel" == Ariel Rios <address@hidden> writes:

    Ariel> On 09 Mar 2001 18:43:07 +0000, Neil Jerram wrote:
    >> The initial release of guile-gui is now available at:
    Ariel> Some days ago I posted that I was working on a similar
    Ariel> effort (guile-repl)

    Ariel> which is intended to do much of what you are tryiung to do
    Ariel> (guile-repl) is a GTK+ widgett that can be embedded as a
    Ariel> bonobo control. Instead of reproducing efforts we might try
    Ariel> to have just one.

I absolutely agree with the principle of working together and avoiding
duplication.  I didn't think that I was duplicating what you had done,
because I understood that your widget required bonobo.

But I just rechecked your post and realized that I misread "also
available as a nice bonobo component" as "[only] available as a nice
bonobo component".

So, my apologies.  I will take a look at guile-repl and consider how
we can combine effort.


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