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Re: iff?

From: Matthias Koeppe
Subject: Re: iff?
Date: 25 Apr 2001 12:32:42 +0200
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Ivan Toshkov <address@hidden> writes:

> I think one of the best features of using docstrings as they are is that
> the function remains (or could remain) portable scheme code.  If Guile
> should use another approach, it should become an SRFI.

Indeed, but even the current practice of including docstrings as the
first body form is non-portable when internal defines are used, like this:

        (define (foo)
          "Doc string"
          (define (local) ...)

Guile accepts these defines as if they were at the beginning of the

It should be pointed out in the documentation that this construction
is non-portable.

There should be an advertised shorthand for (set-object-property!
OBJECT 'documentation DOC), which should be used when internal defines
are present.  It would also come handy for documenting non-procedures,
like macros or syntaxes.

Matthias Köppe --

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