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Re: Re: Web development

From: Sergey Dolin
Subject: Re: Re: Web development
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 19:42:03 +0500
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> > I have written my own basic CGI handling module and a fairly useful
> > templating module in the style of FastTemplate.
> Of course, I meant to include a sentence there offering to package
> them up if there are no current alternatives.  I didn't mean just to
> be failing to show off, honest!  :-)

There are many attepmpts to use guile in web already. But all of then
are in childhood and add nothing to basic functionaity (there is no
cockies handling for ex.)

That we all are _really_ needing is power transaction system. Which will
keep state of user connection and their "variables".

It's seems continuations are ideal tool for this, but ...

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