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Re: One trivial querstion about datatype

From: Dmitry Morozhnikov
Subject: Re: One trivial querstion about datatype
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 08:35:34 +0800 (IRKT)

On 20 Dec 2001, Neil Jerram wrote:

Dmitry>> Hello all. I need datatype which act as sequence with
Dmitry>> random access. Number of elements is unknown
Dmitry>> (i.e. sequence must grow).  What datatype should i use? Or
Dmitry>> what a best way to construct it?
NJ> I'm sorry, I don't understand.  Please explain a little more.

Well, second attempt. :-)

I need datatype witch can store some unknown amount  of  elements.
Elements must be referensed by  index.  Time  for  referencing  is
critical parameter.

In C i can use array of pointers  for  that  purpose,  start  from
some size  and  realloc()  it  on  need.  In  scheme  vectors  are
applicable for that with one small exception -- they can`t  change

DM, Dmitry Morozhnikov, PGPKEY 0xB6C14D95

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