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Re: why doesn't gimp use guile?

From: Chris Beggy
Subject: Re: why doesn't gimp use guile?
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 10:58:10 -0500

Per Bothner <address@hidden> writes:

> XML is very close to S-expressions, and if the Lisp community it been in
> the right place at the right time, perhaps the world would be using
> S-expressions insteda of XML.  But it wasn't and it isn't.
> Now you can define a programming language using XML syntax, just as you
> can define a programming langauge using S-expression syntax.  XSLT (the
> Transformation part of the XML Stylesheet Language) is the best-known
> example.  XSLT is a very useful and interesting language, but the syntax
> is certainly tedious.  W3C experts have concluded that writing programs
> that are actual valid XML files is not worth the verbosity, so the new
> XQuery ("XML Query language") does not use XML syntax (though you can
> have embedded XML fragments).

The toolchain for the version of DocBook SGML I use uses DSSSL
style sheets, which are in a scheme-like language:

(define %docbook-common-version%
  "Modular DocBook Stylesheet Common Functions")

;; === element lists ====================================================

;; these have to be functions because they have to be evaluated when
;; there is a current-node so that normalize can know what declaration
;; is in effect

(define (set-element-list)
  (list (normalize "set")))

(define (book-element-list)
  (list (normalize "book")))

(define (division-element-list)
  (list (normalize "part")))

(define (component-element-list)
  (list (normalize "preface")
        (normalize "chapter")
        (normalize "appendix") 
        (normalize "article")
        (normalize "glossary")
        (normalize "bibliography")
        (normalize "index")
        (normalize "colophon")
        (normalize "setindex")
        (normalize "reference")
        (normalize "refentry")
        (normalize "book"))) ;; just in case nothing else matches...


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