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Re: Newbie pleading for help...

From: Alex Kim
Subject: Re: Newbie pleading for help...
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 23:48:37 -0800 (PST)

Dear guile experts,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help,
especially, to Brett, Neil, Bo, and Hilaire.
Neil's article "GUIfying the Guile REPL" was very
helpful to understand the issue.  Unfortunately, I
was not able to try his guile-gui (I couldn't get
guile-gtk-0.19 compiled with guile-core cvs which has
the necessary buffered-input; My naive impression 
during a month of using guile is that everything is
depending on everything else).

Luckily, I followed Brett's suggestion and it worked.
So, I kind of solved my problem, although it's not
quite what I imagined when I first learned about guile
a month ago.  Nevertheless, it serves my purpose and
I can develop my toolkit using scheme as I desperately
wanted.  So, I am very happy now.

I sincerely appreciate you for all your help and many
thanks to those who devote their time to THE GUILE
Thank you very much.

--- Brett Viren <address@hidden> wrote:
> Alex Kim writes:
>  > The problem with doing everything in guile-gnome
> is
>  > that the toolkit contains too many stuffs already
>  > written in c, X, and gl.  And I was hoping that
> some
>  > modification on GUI code will allow me to easily
> add
>  > more features written in guile (in the way
> plug-ins
>  > work; I thought this was what guile was for when
> I
>  > first started learning it---although I now
> realize it
>  > is much more than that).
> Ah, okay.  Also, I reread your past posting and saw
> you wanted to use
> gh_repl().  I don't think this will work so well to
> combine gh_repl()
> and some GUI's main loop (maybe it could be made to
> work with
> guile-gtk, maybe not).  So I would abandon gh_repl
> and instead read in
> scheme using the native GUI's text widget and
> calling gh_eval_str() on
> the result and/or load in the scheme as a file with
> gh_eval_file().
> (Or, rather their scm_ equivalents, because I think
> gh_ interface is
> going away sometime, but gh_ is all *I* know right
> now....)
> I successfully used this in a C++/Gtkmm/Guile
> application that had to
> handle interactive users as well as servicing
> network requests.  BTW,
> when passing unkown scheme code into guile, I used
> the _catch versions
> of the functions so that a typo in the scheme code
> wouldn't bring down
> the whole app.
>  > In the mean time, I will
>  > study your code to get better understaning in
> this
>  > world. 
> Well I am not a great scheme coder, so don't study
> it too hard! <grin>
> Luck,
> -Brett.

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