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Re: Guile 1.5.6 beta available for testing.

From: Rob Browning
Subject: Re: Guile 1.5.6 beta available for testing.
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 10:19:27 -0600
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Steve Tell <address@hidden> writes:

> I found two workarounds that involve hacking the libtool script.  
> Both get libtool to link libguile into libguilereadline as
> "/usr/guile-1.5.6/lib/" instead of "-lguile". Even though
> -L/usr/lib remains on the gcc command line, this does the right thing.

Another possibility might be for us to just add a ./overrides/gcc and
then in our Makefiles export PATH=`pwd`/overrides:${PATH}.  Inside
this gcc override script, we could strip out any offending
-L\s*/usr/lib(/)? and -I\s*/usr/include(/)? occurrences before

  export PATH=`filter-out-parent-dir ${PATH}`
  exec "$@"

Ugly, but if -L /usr/lib and -I /usr/include are the problem, this
should fix it.  Of course we'd have to symlink to cc, etc. as well for
non-gcc platforms, and this won't help if they don't all use -L and
-I :/

Rob Browning
rlb,, and
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