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Re: [guile/scwm] What is happening to scwm?

From: P Pareit
Subject: Re: [guile/scwm] What is happening to scwm?
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 13:56:00 +0200
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Steve Tell <address@hidden> wrote:

> _Are_ there any scwm developers any more?

AFAIK Greg Badros is still following the work that Scott Lenser (the 
maintainer of scwm) does. Scott has made changes to scwm so that it works 
with guile-1.4.*. He also continues to develop scwm, by adding modules, 
fixing documentation and tracking down bugs.

> I thought the original authors had gone on to other things.  The latest
> "news" on is from March 2000 about version 0.99.6
> which requires guile 1.3.4.
> Or am I looking in the wrong place?  I was thinking of abandoning scwm
> myself, perhaps I don't have to if work is continuing and there is a
> new version that at least works with guile-1.4?

The official page for scwm is , there 
you can find a link to the cvs where you can download scwm, scwm-icons and 
scwm-web. The cvs version works flowless with guile-1.4, the tarball only 
works with guile-1.3.4, there is work in progress to get scwm work with 


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