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Re: Around again, and docs lead role

From: Robert Uhl
Subject: Re: Around again, and docs lead role
Date: 02 May 2003 22:40:12 -0600
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Ricard Mira <address@hidden> writes:
> IMHO, the overall organization of the documentation isn't clear.

My own problem has been a feeling that it's not complete.  At least,
trying to figure out the C bindings has been...interesting.  But other
than that it's been decent.  Of course, I did have to learn Scheme from
SICP; it'd be nice were there an intro to Scheme itself somewhere.

> Also, I believe that "Part V: Guile Modules" should disappear, because
> features should be documented according to their functionality, not
> according to their origin or implementation (SLIB, SRFIs, etc.).

OTOH, it's nice to know what's part of guile itself and what's not, at
least to some of us.  Could go either way, I guess.

Robert Uhl <address@hidden>
Xristus usstôþ!  Sunjaba usstôþ!

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