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From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: Re: SCM_LENGTH ???
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 19:32:43 +0100
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Ken Raeburn <address@hidden> writes:

> E.g., declare a function SCM_LENGTH, which is declared in the header
> file with a macro which under recent enough versions of GCC expands to
> __attribute__((deprecated)) and on Windows to __declspec(deprecated),
> and in the source file defining the routine, on systems with the right
> compiler and assembler support, create a .gnu.warning.SCM_LENGTH (or
> .gnu.warning._SCM_LENGTH) section containing a message telling the
> user that the function will go away in a future release.  (As I
> understand it, on Windows you can even deprecate a macro by name.)

That would be a great addition to the existing deprecation system.
Right now spit out warnings when a feature such as SCM_LENGTH is used
for the first time, but warning at compile time is nice as well.

Would you like to work on this?  (I.e., on the needed infrastructure
and on the deprecated features themselves?)

> (I *think* I've got all my papers in order, but I don't know for
> sure if I've got papers in from my current employer, MIT, to cover
> Guile.  I haven't done the GNU maintainer bit in a while, could
> someone remind me where the list is?  Or check it for me?)

The list is on fencepost: /gd/gnuorg/copyright.list.  The FSF has your
papers for Guile, but no disclaimer from MIT, as far as I can see.
You can use /gd/gnuorg/Copyright/empdisclaim.future as a template or
ask <address@hidden>.  I would be happy to help you with this, of

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