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minimalist guile

From: Mildred
Subject: minimalist guile
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 15:07:49 +0200

Actually when I look all symbols defined by guile when a program
starts, I found there is too much functions defined.

> $ guile
> guile>
> Display all 1900 possibilities? (y or n)

Isn't that too much ?

I used to program in Lua where there is few basic functions loaded when
a program starts. I know what each function does, and I like it. Maybe
it is also because I am concerned about sandboxes and potentially
dangerous functions.

So, is there someway to limit this number but keep the possibility to
load others functions ?
Maybe i should use many undefines in my ~/.guile file. But this may
cause others problems if I use my programms without this initialisation
script. Any thoughts about that ?

I also like the object-oriented way to call functions/methods, that is
the functions are not defined globally but related to an object. For
example, I think about :

        ((myobject 'mymethod) parameters ...)

I prefer that to

        (myclass-mymethod myobject parameters ...)


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