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Re: ./guile-config : permission denied

From: Jon Wilson
Subject: Re: ./guile-config : permission denied
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2006 14:03:40 -0600
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Hi Kevin,

Kevin Ryde wrote:
Jon Wilson <address@hidden> writes:
$ chmod a+x /path/to/guile-config

Which is supposed to be done by guile-config/ at install
time of course.  If that didn't happen maybe there's some bug ...

Naturally. We'd need some more information from Gopi before knowing exactly what went on, though. I was just attempting a quick fix to see if that was the problem (which it looks like from the error message). Do we know anyone else who runs guile 1.8 on a BSD? Gopi's alloca problem

eval.c:44:1: "alloca" redefined
In file included from ../libguile/scmconfig.h:29,
                    from ../libguile/__scm.h:76,
                    from eval.c:36:
/usr/include/stdlib.h:230:1: this is the location of the previous definition
Error code 1

also tastes like a bug, and one which could be related to the fact that he's on a BSD. My (linux glibc6) stdlib.h has

#if defined __USE_GNU || defined __USE_BSD || defined __USE_MISC
# include <alloca.h>
#endif /* Use GNU, BSD, or misc.  */

at line 611. If alloca.h gets included by stdlib (or if alloca is defined by BSD's stdlib), then it would make some sense for eval.c to have compilation errors, as it includes stdlib.h _and_ defines alloca (in some situations). Perhaps the definitions of alloca in eval.c should be wrapped in an "#ifndef alloca"? I suggested another quick fix (add #undef alloca immediately before line 44 to eval.c), don't know if that works for him or not.

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