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Re: [opencog-dev] Re: are these ERRORs normal?

From: Linas Vepstas
Subject: Re: [opencog-dev] Re: are these ERRORs normal?
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 11:27:51 -0500

2009/8/16 Samir Araújo <address@hidden>:
>  Hi Linas,
>> Now that I looked at them more closely, it appears that this
>> is in  the relex shim that Samir wrote, for embodiment.  I have
>> not reviewed this code, ... at the moment, I cannot even find it ...
>> but clearly its doing something wrong.Where
>> is this code? I can't even find it ...
> These output errors were occurring each time embodiment loads the Relex
> output into the AtomTable via SchemeEval. The "eval" call is inside the
> class: opencog/embodiment/Control/PerceptionActionInterface/ (which
> receives the Relex output via a XML message, generated by the Multiverse
> Proxy). When more than one instance of SchemeEval is instantiated and
> running in the system this kind of errors starts to appear. Not only when a
> new Relex sentence is being parsed, but each time SchemeEval::eval is called
> with any type of code. I've investigated the problem but it seems to be a
> multithread issue of guile...  I've converted SchemeEval into a Singleton,
> what has solved the problem.

Ahh, yes. I'd worked with the guile folks to get many of the
multi-threading bugs fixed, but as of 1.8.7, there's still several
that are
hanging out.  It's possible that some of these no longer occur in
guile-1.9.2, since important parts e.g. garbage collection, have
been re-designed.    Would you be able to get guile-1.9.2, and try
it with the 'singleton' work-around disabled?

FWIW, version 1.9.2 is labelled 'alpha', but seemed to mostly work
for me.


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