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Re: Why is guile still so slow?

From: rixed
Subject: Re: Why is guile still so slow?
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 00:40:37 +0200
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> > but it's primary goal is to be an extension language, a companion for
> > another C/C++ program, or at best an orchestrator of business oriented
> > code.
> I really hope that that's not Guile's primary goal these days (and my
> understanding is that it is not): i wouldn't be much interested if those
> were its goals ("orchestrator of business oriented code" sounds
> particularly dreadful :-)).

By "business oriented code" I meant "business logic", ie. the actual
low level and specialized part of the program. For instance I do system
programming and cannot do it in scheme (whatever the implementation),
although scheme is perfect to control the higher levels of abstraction or
interaction with the user.

"business oriented code" sounds indeed dreadful. I need some vacation
(in an English speaking country for instance). :)

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