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Re: Multiple version

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: Multiple version
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2012 20:32:39 -0400
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  I was wondering if it's possible to have guile 1.8 and guile 2.0
  installed on the same system? I remember reading in the documentation
  that it is, but I haven't been able to pull it off yet, except by using
  different --prefix values for each.

pkgsrc (a packaging system originally for NetBSD, but also supports
other BSDs, Linux, *Solaris, and others) doesn't have guile 2 yet (my
fault :-) but has 1.6 and 1.8.  1.8 is installed normally
(--prefix=/usr/pkg, named guile) and guile1.6 is installed
--prefix=/usr/pkg/guile/1.6.   So that's a data point about others'
approach to your problem.

  I don't know enough about the autotools to know what to do with
  guile.m4. Does automake/autoconf expect the file name to match
  something, or does it only look at the definitions inside, in which case
  it could simply be moved.

You only need that to run autoconf on programs that depend on guile, and
either should be ok.  So you could patch it out of the 2.0 build.
But having a separate prefix seems easiest.

What's wrong (or actually problematic) about using /usr/guile2 as the
prefix for guile 2.0, and putting it in your path and/or passing that
for building other things?

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