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Re: crash in guile-sqlite3

From: Sunjoong Lee
Subject: Re: crash in guile-sqlite3
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 19:32:43 +0900

2012/4/30 Andy Wingo <address@hidden>
Would you mind sending a pull request on gitorious?  Preferably we could
add a test case too.

 I apologize for my poor english; I'm willing to "send a pull request on gitorious" but don't know what means that sentence.

Joonas had reported that Segmentation fault crash will be occur in guile-sqlite3 when you use sqlite-bind with a string; I think he would suspect it  as sqlite-finalize's problem.

I realized sqlite-bind treats sqlite-transient as a pointer and it would occur same Segmentation fault when you with bytevector; only numerical value will work well. That's because sqlite3_bind_blob and sqlite3_bind_text of libsqlite3 expect it's last argument as a function pointer or just uint64_t type of 0x00000000 or 0xffffffff; you can use C function if sqlite-transient be it but you should use 0x00000000 or 0xffffffff if not so, and the meaning of SQLITE_TRANSIENT is it's a 0xffffffff.

Joonas, would you mind sending a pull request on gitorious?

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