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branch wip-installer-2 updated (aae9d0b -> 3593a26)

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: branch wip-installer-2 updated (aae9d0b -> 3593a26)
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2017 14:46:41 -0500 (EST)

dannym pushed a change to branch wip-installer-2
in repository guix.

      from  aae9d0b   Merge branch 'master' into wip-installer-2
      adds  f97ce81   gnu: Add r-cvst.
      adds  797e1df   gnu: Add r-lava.
      adds  d26b7c1   gnu: Add r-drr.
      adds  9dd707f   gnu: Add r-prodlim.
      adds  b561f56   gnu: Add r-dimred.
      adds  1b66318   gnu: Add r-timedate.
      adds  f57b883   gnu: Add r-ddalpha.
      adds  5a87093   gnu: Add r-gower.
      adds  649cf27   gnu: Add r-rcpproll.
      adds  6c3d42d   gnu: Add r-ipred.
      adds  ba4527a   gnu: Add r-recipes.
      adds  0dc3b4d   gnu: r-openssl: Update to 0.9.7.
      adds  9272144   gnu: r-rstudioapi: Update to 0.7.
      adds  d9c65e5   gnu: r-caret: Update to 6.0-77.
      adds  d82937f   gnu: r-rcas: Update to 1.3.4.
      adds  4220514   substitute: Close the download port after substitution 
      adds  7904531   gnu: r-mgcv: Update to 1.8-21.
      adds  ea00809   gnu: r-svglite: Update to 1.2.1.
      adds  b0c8cba   gnu: r-crayon: Update to 1.3.4.
      adds  37c6a73   gnu: r-dplyr: Update to 0.7.3.
      adds  9f14fff   gnu: r-gridextra: Update to 2.3.
      adds  0b2fc98   gnu: r-lambda-r: Update to 1.2.
      adds  2c67f96   gnu: r-glmnet: Update to 2.0-12.
      adds  65eb1c4   gnu: r-energy: Update to 1.7-2.
      adds  ebfd6a7   gnu: r-rcas: Add missing inputs.
      adds  c08da2e   system: Define 'DICPATH' in /etc/profile.
      adds  e14ab0a   gnu: httpd: Patch "options bleed" [fixes CVE-2017-9798].
      adds  d5b0a8e   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.09.15.
      adds  f53e4ad   gnu: tor: Update to [fixes CVE-2017-0380].
      adds  bbcfd80   gnu: newsbeuter: Fix CVE-2017-14500.
      adds  dc4ffa6   gnu: freexl: Update to 1.0.4 [fixes CVE-2017-2923 and 
      adds  ad47239   gnu: gdk-pixbuf: Replace with 2.36.10.
      adds  2cb396e   gnu: gstreamer: Update to 1.12.3.
      adds  d209ce4   gnu: qutebrowser: Update to 0.11.0.
      adds  82781d8   utils: 'current-source-directory' gracefully deals with 
lack of location info.
      adds  3ce1b90   http-client: 'http-client/cached' uses 
      adds  3daea4f   gnu: cuirass: Update development snapshot.
      adds  c694520   system: Create "/etc/hostname".
      adds  5a183a1   doc: Add "Sending a Patch Series" subsection.
      adds  4619b59   doc: Add a note about closing bug threads.
      adds  ce133cb   gnu: efl: Update to 1.20.4.
      adds  46f5ae0   gnu: emacs-skewer-mode: Include html and js files.
      adds  6ab6326   doc: Mention 'mkfs.fat' for the ESP.
      adds  f1b65d0   cve: Disable position recording while reading the CVE 
      adds  7986485   download: Don't report the progress too fast.
      adds  d831d49   gnu: Add gnome-video-effects.
      adds  3511c78   gnu: Add cheese.
      adds  60871ff   gnu: xf86-video-intel: Update to latest Git.
      adds  2329006   gnu: services: Add modesetting driver to xorg 
configuration path.
      adds  c68c201   gnu: xorg-server: Prefer intel driver only for older GPUs.
      adds  96bc651   gnu: system: Fix computation of boot parameters for LUKS 
      adds  1c9c81c   gnu: gnupg: Update to 2.2.1.
      adds  ad7a73a   gnu: nspr: Update to 4.17.
      adds  40f1694   gnu: nss, nss-certs: Update to 3.33.
      adds  15d507d   gnu: samba: Update to 4.6.8.
      adds  ad0f92d   gnu: python-pyjwt: Update to 1.5.3.
      adds  9a1c4a9   gnu: btrfs-progs: Install bash completions.
      adds  7651a4b   gnu: wcslib: Update to 5.17.
      adds  d4442ea   gnu: wcslib: Use HTTPS home page.
      adds  e8d5e32   gnu: gnuastro: Update to 0.4.
      adds  3b5870a   gnu: virt-manager: Update to 1.4.3.
      adds  f2b96b3   gnu: Add network-manager-openvpn.
      adds  a836e9f   gnu: openfoam: Fix typo in Note.
      adds  80d9941   gnu: Add vcsh.
      adds  0cdb6ab   gnu: emacs: Update to 25.3.
      adds  abe97a5   gnu: dlib: Update to 19.7.
      adds  e2a95f8   gnu: vim: Update to 8.0.1130.
      adds  db4e8fd   system: <boot-parameters> does not use "/dev" device 
      adds  fbc31dc   services: Move 'session-environment-service-type' to 
      adds  94d2a25   services: network-manager: Add support for VPN plug-ins.
      adds  b9ebf1d   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.1.44.
      adds  e689192   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.51.
      adds  0920205   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.13.3.
      adds  b43b9ac   build: Do not store two copies of the ISO-9660 superblock 
      adds  b0a1d7e   gnu: Add xxd.
      adds  9fc513a   gnu: Use xxd instead of vim.
      adds  3c399e9   gnu: Add catcodec.
      adds  2374dee   licenses: Add CC-Sampling+ 1.0.
      adds  c17b079   gnu: Add openttd-opensfx.
      adds  823e121   gnu: Add openttd-openmsx.
      adds  857b2f5   gnu: openttd: Include openttd-openmsx and openttd-opensfx.
      adds  c0959cc   gnu: openttd-opengfx: Disable parallel build.
      adds  60e36bf   gnu: r-adaptivesparsity: Add dependency on Armadillo.
      adds  8a7d81a   uuid: Add a parser for FAT32 UUIDs.
      adds  bee98a9   gnu: libsodium: Update to 1.0.14.
      adds  ee130d0   gnu: libraw: Update to 0.18.5 [fixes CVE-2017-13735, 
      adds  12ae25d   gnu: bitcoin-core: Update to
      adds  0193812   gnu: bitcoin-core: Build with modular Qt.
      adds  6e83592   gnu: xpra: Update to 2.1.2.
      adds  a4314af   gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.915.
      adds  8c86490   gnu: proteinortho: Update to 5.16b.
      adds  c37f58b   gnu: python-unidecode: Update to 0.04.21.
      adds  a0b80a5   gnu: python-unidecode: Fix typo in description.
      adds  a35e003   gnu: gnurl: Update to 7.55.1-4.
      adds  468d2a2   gnu: Add opensm.
      adds  3f82586   gnu: Add infiniband-diags.
      adds  8a001de   gnu: Add ibutils.
      adds  1d3fcf9   gnu: libgweather: Enable vala support.
      adds  0ec171e   gnu: Add gsound.
      adds  60e2a9a   gnu: Add gnome-clocks.
      adds  faccaa8   gnu: weechat: Update to 1.9.1 [security fix].
      adds  ca5915a   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.09.24.
      adds  9db7e9b   gnu: Add rsync service.
      adds  3765f4e   gnu: qtractor: Update to 0.8.4.
      adds  95e654a   gnu: Add cl-yale-haskell.
      adds  830383c   gnu: parallel: Update to 20170922.
      adds  29457c4   gnu: r-mgcv: Update to 1.8-22.
      adds  d9400ee   gnu: r-segmented: Update to 0.5-2.2.
      adds  91316f3   gnu: r-glmnet: Update to 2.0-13.
      adds  b9e9ef4   gnu: libpinyin: Update to 2.1.0.
      adds  3943f5a   gnu: python-pyxdg: Disable failing test.
      adds  07ad172   gnu: ibus-libpinyin: Update to 1.9.2.
      adds  58816c3   gnu: python-cython: Update to 0.27.
      adds  6aab6c2   gnu: Add emacs-olivetti.
      adds  832fe93   gnu: lvm2: Update to 2.02.174.
      adds  030030f   gnu: imagemagick: Update to 6.9.9-15.
      adds  c80f837   gnu: fontforge: Update to 20170731.
      adds  3140844   gnu: openntpd: Update to 6.2p2.
      adds  e8d8ecd   README: Replace http:// with https:// where applicable.
      adds  edd38aa   gnu: i3-wm: Update to 4.14.1.
      adds  6666096   gnu: certbot, python-acme: Update to 0.18.2.
      adds  8ddf20b   gnu: lm-sensors: Add "lib" output.
      adds  97abc90   upstream: Add 'url-prefix-predicate'.
      adds  c1d8b3b   upstream: Add new GNOME updater.
      adds  4f80158   gnu: libgtop: Update to 2.38.0.
      adds  06acf6b   http-client: Reset cache TTL upon 304 "Not Modified" 
      adds  a95ddf0   build: Build (guix import gnome) only when we have 
      adds  077f1e6   tests: mcron: Adjust use of 'wait-for-file'.
      adds  b36524c   gnu: Add lxqt-build-tools.
      adds  8384499   gnu: Add gpa.
      adds  945a8fc   tests: install: Switch to modifying the 
      adds  8fd92e0   gnu: Add uim, uim-gtk and uim-qt.
      adds  373cda6   gnu: libunwind: Update to 1.2.1.
      adds  a928ed4   gnu: cuirass: Update development snapshot.
      adds  326f6ef   services: cuirass: Add host option.
      adds  1966481   gnu: Add tklib.
      adds  ea1cd55   build-system: meson: Fix typo in variable name.
      adds  e2937a5   gnu: btrfs-progs: Update to 4.13.1.
      adds  a992537   gnu: git: Update to 2.14.2.
      adds  31ec522   gnu: lilypond: Fix fontforge detection.
      adds  958be7a   gnu: tklib: Add missing closing brace.
      adds  b1e4c0f   gnu: pulseview: Build with modular Qt.
      adds  2b2c24e   gnu: lftp: Update to 4.8.2.
      adds  a0604c2   gnu: powertop: Update to 2.9.
      adds  29591fc   gnu: e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.6.
      adds  21e5eb4   gnu: potrace: Update to 1.15 [fixes CVE-2017-12067].
      adds  eb52d63   gnu: tklib: Fix typo.
      adds  cb1e0cf   gnu: samba: Install manual pages.
      adds  bf7bc0d   gnu: Add ocaml-ezjsonm.
      adds  3dabefe   gnu: Add ocaml-uri.
      adds  6134aeb   gnu: Add ocaml-easy-format.
      adds  b5c0217   gnu: Add ocaml-optcomp.
      adds  9c5dbbf   gnu: Add ocaml-piqilib.
      adds  88b1533   gnu: Add ocaml-uuidm.
      adds  8a23818   gnu: Add ocaml-graph.
      adds  fc3d70a   gnu: Add ocaml-piqi.
      adds  cd1562e   gnu: Add bap.
      adds  408091d   gnu: Add ocaml-camomile.
      adds  66bc1d2   cuirass: Add gnu-system build spec.
      adds  516b538   cuirass: Support subset with list of address@hidden
      adds  57b1466   gnu: Add gnome-todo.
      adds  42ecb96   gnu: Add font-rachana.
      adds  4cb87d6   gnu: libgc: Add 'libgc-back-pointers' variant.
      adds  523ecbb   gnu: libical: Fix libdir install path.
      adds  68a91a1   import: Add package->code.
      adds  5e892bc   import: Add generic data to package converter.
      adds  fb1db38   import: Add JSON importer.
      adds  50cb3c8   gnu: Add dino.
      adds  0423131   gnu: qtmultimedia: Build gstreamer backend.
      adds  2da8865   gnu: libjaylink: Update to commit 699b700.
      adds  ea1aa45   gnu: openocd: Update to 0.10.0
      adds  a6edcfa   gnu: Add asco.
      adds  07f80c2   guix: Revert accidentally committed changes.
      adds  454caca   cuirass: Add 'cuirass-jobs.scm' target to compute the 
Cuirass jobs.
      adds  060348d   gnu: Add emacs-tablist.
      adds  1210046   gnu: emacs-pdf-tools: Update to 0.80.
      adds  9c074e8   gnu: dunst: Update to 1.2.0.
      adds  41342e8   gnu: lirc: Update to 0.10.1.
      adds  69b498a   gnu: Add emacs-sr-speedbar.
      adds  8fc559d   gnu: Add emacs-jinja2-mode.
      adds  ac71346   gnu: Add cadaver.
      adds  1344deb   gnu: r-minimal: Update to 3.4.2.
      adds  18a26f1   gnu: Add footswitch.
      adds  025b196   gnu: python-numpy: Update to 1.13.1.
      adds  80c3f4d   gnu: python-ipython: Update to 5.3.0.
      adds  4d14808   services: web: Add try-files for the nginx-service-type.
      adds  2c49184   gnu: r-backports: Update to 1.1.1.
      adds  7147d8f   gnu: r-checkmate: Update to 1.8.4.
      adds  26cd419   gnu: r-doparallel: Update to 1.0.11.
      adds  6048986   gnu: r-lme4: Update to 1.1-14.
      adds  d311292   gnu: r-rcpp: Update to 0.12.13.
      adds  7ef9e14   gnu: r-lava: Update to 1.5.1.
      adds  e90456b   gnu: r-ddalpha: Update to 1.3.1.
      adds  2ca147b   gnu: wireshark: Update to 2.4.1.
      adds  00b0d0e   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.89.
      adds  e604c02   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.52.
      adds  94c6865   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.13.4.
      adds  bc01c89   gnu: tclxml: Propagate tcllib.
      adds  1501cb5   gnu: cuirass: Update to latest snapshot.
      adds  3fd2f86   gnu: icecat: Rename patches to reflect CVE assignments.
      adds  464a288   gnu: icecat: Add more fixes from upstream mozilla-esr52.
      adds  dee9a26   gnu: openvpn: Update to 2.4.4.
      adds  41a1ac1   gnu: php: Update to 7.1.10.
      adds  6fc35b2   gnu: knot: Update to 2.5.5.
      adds  16818c4   gnu: libfilezilla: Update to 0.11.0.
      adds  6e79949   gnu: Add xautomation.
      adds  1c8e6fd   gnu: Add ruby-httpclient.
      adds  9a97e7c   gnu: Add ruby-multi-json.
      adds  cef87ed   gnu: Add ruby-options.
      adds  9b4c8e1   gnu: Add ruby-code-statistics.
      adds  823ed09   gnu: Add ruby-highline.
      adds  268643b   gnu: Add ruby-progress_bar.
      adds  cb6bc5d   gnu: Add ruby-rubyzip.
      adds  afcbb02   gnu: Add ruby-es-dump-restore.
      adds  9cb928a   gnu: synthv1: Update to 0.8.4.
      adds  f7a99e2   gnu: drumkv1: Update to 0.8.4.
      adds  fba1cad   gnu: samplv1: Update to 0.8.4.
      adds  0083a39   gnu: guitarix: Update to 0.35.6.
      adds  58b2835   gnu: pybitmessage: Update to 0.6.2.
      adds  350cc3a   doc: Fix rottlog configuration sample code.
      adds  65fff6a   gnu: Add emacs-cnfonts.
      adds  0fa8a93   gnu: Add emacs-pyim-basedict.
      adds  9f3b27a   gnu: Add emacs-pos-tip.
      adds  7493306   gnu: Add emacs-pyim.
      adds  2003090   gnu: libreoffice: Update to
      adds  5b9aa10   gnu: gnutls: Add 'gnutls-dane'.
      adds  fd67e3a   gnu: gnurl: Use 'gnutls/dane' as input.
      adds  1472f63   gnu: libmicrohttpd: Use 'gnutls/dane' as input.
      adds  6a5f7af   gnu: gnunet: Use 'gnutls/dane' as input.
      adds  88e6086   gnu: emacs-cyberpunk-theme: Update to 1.19.
      adds  32e23ab   gnu: emacs-visual-fill-column: Update to 1.11.
      adds  0ef1c22   gnu: Add emacs-writeroom.
      adds  710cc1a   gnu: Add libngspice and ngspice.
      adds  e153362   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.10.01.
      adds  ce7393f   gnu: knot: update to 2.6.0.
      adds  0e42d23   gnu: tor: Update to
      adds  a49d3e3   gnu: gnome-calendar: Update to 3.26.1.
      adds  99e28bb   gnu: tilda: Use glib-or-gtk build system.
      adds  08d9784   gnu: autoconf-archive: Update to 2017.09.28.
      adds  c835503   gnu: ruby-method-source: Update to 0.9.0.
      adds  1960d4f   gnu: ruby-pry: Update to 0.11.1.
      adds  76dd04b   gnu: dnsmasq: Update to 2.78 [Security fixes].
      adds  ab7f51f   gnu: Add python-pydiff.
      adds  8e483fb   gnu: python-autopep8: Update to 1.3.2.
      adds  30d7207   gnu: python-requests-toolbelt: Update to 0.8.0.
      adds  74e9895   gnu: Add python2-requests-toolbelt.
      adds  9bb7c05   gnu: python-tox: Update to 2.8.1.
      adds  8e6ceb4   gnu: Add python-nose-timer.
      adds  cf47e34   gnu: Update the propagated inputs of python-urllib3.
      adds  b84ef9e   gnu: Add python-tqdm.
      adds  78f46e6   gnu: Add python-pkginfo.
      adds  3ef85c1   gnu: Add python-twine.
      adds  61ce099   gnu: Add virtuoso-ose.
      adds  1ba940b   gnu: vdirsyncer: Update to 0.16.3.
      adds  df71c88   gnu: Add pulsemixer.
      adds  e797e94   doc: Explain why synopses/descriptions must be literal 
      adds  032a276   gnu: services: Add cgit.
      adds  d109b1e   Update e-mail for Theodoros Foradis.
      adds  0ad03ea   gnu: android: Add android-udev-rules package.
      adds  65d9890   gnu: cflow: Fix preprocess option.
      adds  6a3af24   gnu: Add papi.
      adds  a6121c0   gnu: Add otf2.
      adds  3c8d1f9   gnu: Add opari2.
      adds  a66408f   gnu: Add cube.
      adds  fb99371   gnu: Add scorep-openmpi.
      adds  c971d9e   gnu: openmpi: Add "debug" output.
      adds  0750cf7   gnu: mgba: Update to 0.6.1.
      adds  3d7a159   gnu: qtox: Update to 1.12.0.
      adds  4d6801b   gnu: graphicsmagick: Fix CVE-2017-14649.
      adds  8df1faa   guix: ant-build-system: Add main-class support.
      adds  f403d7a   guix: ant-build-system: Add #:test-include and 
#:test-exclude arguments.
      adds  30deade   gnu: Add java-microemulator-cldc.
      adds  8e2f3e5   gnu: Add java-datanucleus-javax-persistence.
      adds  3240ddb   gnu: Add java-osgi-cmpn.
      adds  747c757   gnu: Add java-osgi-service-component-annotations.
      adds  999b5fb   gnu: Add java-osgi-dto.
      adds  c304ce6   gnu: Add java-osgi-resource.
      adds  c2b1451   gnu: Add java-osgi-namespace-contract.
      adds  f809c96   gnu: Add java-osgi-namespace-extender.
      adds  b784962   gnu: Add java-osgi-namespace-service.
      adds  0f0c521   gnu: Add java-osgi-util-function.
      adds  2710313   gnu: Add java-osgi-util-promise.
      adds  2b1fdb2   gnu: Add java-osgi-service-metatype-annotations.
      adds  a13acfb   gnu: Add java-osgi-service-repository.
      adds  dfd9154   gnu: Add java-osgi-framework.
      adds  98c9f16   gnu: Add java-osgi-service-log.
      adds  dd76d44   gnu: Add java-osgi-service-jdbc.
      adds  291d3f2   gnu: Add java-osgi-service-resolver.
      adds  1884bb8   gnu: Add java-osgi-util-tracker.
      adds  fb9c48b   gnu: Add java-osgi-service-cm.
      adds  500aac7   gnu: Add java-osgi-service-packageadmin.
      adds  f282aa5   gnu: Add heimdall.
      adds  2299f5c   gnu: python-nose-timer: Add missing patch.
      adds  79ed92b   gnu: libsodium: Update to 1.0.15.
      adds  2a6e049   gnu: p11-kit: Update to 0.23.9.
      adds  87a9c53   gnu: imagemagick: Update to 6.9.9-17.
      adds  f9bd205   gnu: qemu: Update to 2.10.1.
      adds  71977ab   gnu: vte-ng: Update to 0.50.0.a.
      adds  072acc6   gnu: openssh: Update to 7.6p1.
      adds  7e2c67c   gnu: awscli: Update to 1.11.164.
      adds  d0c8e52   gnu: Add snd.
      adds  0c75a4d   vm: Add a minimum root size.
      adds  eb15207   vm: Add disk-image-size to <virtual-machine>.
      adds  fa4f95a   gnu: Standardise indentation of finance module imports.
      adds  f473b8f   gnu: clisp: Update to 2.49-60.
      adds  d2f93e6   gnu: emacs-slime: Update to 2.20.
      adds  6fe2d37   gnu: emacs-pyim: Fix error input name
      adds  48b68c6   gnu: virtuoso-ose: Limit to 64-bit platforms.
      adds  1033cdb   gnu: python-numpy: Give sh store location instead of 
setting $SHELL.
      adds  cb91ede   gnu: python-numexpr: Update to 2.6.4.
      adds  63aa855   gnu: Add python-parameterized.
      adds  4949023   gnu: isync: Update to 1.3.0.
      adds  f120b4a   gnu: mutt: Update to 1.9.1.
      adds  a35532f   gnu: xorg-server: Update to 1.19.4 [fixes CVE-2017-13721, 
      adds  488d380   gnu: go: update to 1.9.1 [security fixes].
      adds  46cf318   gnu: curl: Update replacement to 7.56.0 [security fixes].
      adds  eaa1db1   Revert "gnu: python-numpy: Update to 1.13.1."
      adds  67a08f1   gnu: Add python-numpy-next.
      adds  aed1f1b   uuid: Add 'uuid=?' and use it.
      adds  dd41a7f   file-systems: Add a 'location' field to <file-system>.
      adds  9d80d0e   guix system: Error out when passed a wrong file system 
      adds  04717e9   gnu: Add imb-openmpi.
      adds  227dbd8   gnu: Add pdsh.
      adds  5fe5644   gnu: lightning: Update to 2.1.2.
      adds  eb93f1c   gnu: certbot, python-acme: Update to 0.19.0.
      adds  6cdd8c9   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 1.2.59.
      adds  6d89a1a   gnu: imagemagick: Update to 6.9.9-18.
      adds  3f697ff   gnu: openjpeg: Update to 2.3.0.
      adds  7006370   gnu: vte-ng: Update to 0.50.1.a.
      adds  e5788eb   publish: Cache uncompressed nars as well.
      adds  5ca4fe9   gnu: octave: Reference makeinfo with absolute path.
      adds  b519d46   gnu: tor: Fix typo.
      adds  6c97f17   gnu: tor: Enable directory protocol compression.
      adds  4a79bef   gnu: glade: Update to 3.20.1.
      adds  8bde6a5   gnu: dconf: Update to 0.26.1.
      adds  0b12324   uuid: Fix typo in 'uuid=?' test.
      adds  8b920d7   import: Use a 'file://' URL in 'alist->package' test.
      adds  1738e24   gnu: guix: Update development snapshot.
      adds  2320d4f   gnu: glibc-locales: Use 'modify-phases' syntax.
      adds  4bbc27a   gnu: btrfs-progs: Update to 4.13.2.
      adds  6bbbca9   gnu: Add mongodb.
      adds  5266ff7   services: Add MongoDB.
      adds  90d23ed   system: Really filter out Linux device names for the 
      adds  428951b   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.90.
      adds  4556703   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.53.
      adds  ecfcb2e   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.13.5.
      adds  3ae76f7   gnu: vsearch: Update to 2.5.0.
      adds  eca16a3   guix package: '--upgrade' no longer reverses package 
      adds  9070ca4   gnu: zile: Update to 2.4.14.
      adds  1f3ea89   store: Add missing import.
      adds  aba219a   pull: Honor 'parallel-job-count'.
      adds  3202d60   gnu: khal: Update to 0.9.8.
      adds  06ebba1   gnu: getmail: Update to 5.4.
      adds  3803331   gnu: sdl: Add debug output.
      adds  cca6941   pull: Add GUIX_PULL_URL environment variable.
      adds  3eabcc7   gnu: Add missing input to python-py3status and fix call 
      adds  024d37d   perl: Add perl-parse-recdescent.
      adds  834dc83   web: Add nginx-documentation.
      adds  6626c54   gnu: Add missing mongodb patch to
      adds  226e57d   gnu: aisleriot: Update to 3.22.3.
      adds  5578a9c   gnu: munge: Update to 0.5.13.
      adds  de1a32a   gnu: par2cmdline: Update to 0.7.4.
      adds  be6a1c2   gnu: gnome-calendar: Update to 3.26.2.
      adds  6027303   services: Remove unneeded imported.
      adds  71b7950   gnu: offlineimap: Update to 7.1.3.
      adds  fe90a6e   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.10.07.
      adds  b36e06c   linux-initrd: Ensure that the guile used in the initrd is 
      adds  02bc41c   tests: databases: Add a simple test for MySQL.
      adds  3ceb70e   gnu: kdevelop: Do not hardcode user profile locations in 
      adds  d7eb680   gnu: Add python-guzzle-sphinx-theme.
      adds  d265169   gnu: borg: Update to 1.1.0.
      adds  5e66574   activation: Do not create setuid binaries in the store 
[security fix].
      adds  e076d56   gnu: Add guile-colorized.
      adds  5130e54   gnu: gnurl: Update to 7.56.0.
      adds  c723271   gnu: gnurl: Let the testsuite run test1026.
      adds  adf0c53   guix: lint: Add checker for new upstream versions.
      adds  719f353   gnu: mit-krb5: Replace with 1.15.2 [fixes 
      adds  51b6a1d   gnu: smartmontools: Use HTTPS home page.
      adds  137adfa   gnu: meson: Update to 0.42.1.
      adds  4c4f187   gnu: no-more-secrets: Update to 0.3.3.
      adds  5b38c3e   gnu: Add emacs-mustache.
      adds  2f1524d   gnu: Add emacs-el2org.
      adds  f03e15e   gnu: Add emacs-org2web.
      adds  aaba120   gnu: qemu: Add sysconfdir to configure-flags.
      adds  40a17c3   gnu: network-manager: Update to 1.8.4.
      adds  3d9637a   gnu: network-manager-openvpn: Update to 1.8.10.
      adds  735f6b6   lint: Remove extra newline.
      adds  7f0bb65   syscalls: clone: Define syscall-id for aarch64.
      adds  05c4e37   build: Update automake version requirement to 1.14.
      adds  a9769a2   gnu: python-apispec: Update to 0.25.3.
      adds  79cb661   gnu: python-arrow: Update to 0.10.0.
      adds  96d63ee   gnu: python-alembic: Update to 0.9.5.
      adds  64791fa   gnu: python-aniso8601: Update to 1.3.0.
      adds  cb95e5e   gnu: Add python2-aniso8601.
      adds  576c0e2   gnu: python-netaddr: Fix the source URL.
      adds  ab28aa2   gnu: Add python-linecache2.
      adds  1898eaa   gnu: Add python-traceback2.
      adds  4792a03   gnu: python2-unittest2: Update to 1.1.0.
      adds  ce38015   system: operating-system-etc-service: Set XCURSOR_PATH.
      adds  88f256a   gnu: Add java-slf4-simple.
      adds  2fd26d0   gnu: Add hdf-java.
      adds  167a541   gnu: Add libproxy.
      adds  e84eb77   gnu: Add eid-mw.
      adds  f47d279   gnu: Add qtnetworkauth.
      adds  213238d   gnu: Add qtremoteobjects.
      adds  b84cc89   gnu: Add qtspeech.
      adds  9ed9b44   gnu: qtbase: Use libinput-minimal.
      adds  96412f3   gnu: modular-qt: Add synopsis and descriptions for 
      adds  9c2c524   gnu: qtcharts, qtdatavis3d: Update license information.
      adds  f18c947   gnu: modular-qt: Update to 5.9.2.
      adds  16123d1   gnu: zstd: Update to 1.3.2.
      adds  1aadd5d   gnu: guitarix: Update to 0.36.0.
      adds  d30f920   gnu: ardour: Update to 5.12.
      adds  42abb84   gnu: red-eclipse: Add store "data" package path as 
      adds  8b4af82   guix: mirrors: Add kde archive mirror.
      adds  231123e   gnu: postgresql: Update to 10.0.
      adds  550d88c   gnu: ghostscript: Replace with 9.22 [security fixes].
      adds  2e957aa   gnu: feh: Update to 2.21.
      adds  23e12d9   gnu: rofi: Update to 1.4.1.
      adds  1c7c250   gnu: librevenge: Update to 0.0.4.
      adds  3f6c5b8   gnu: libwpd: Update to 0.10.2.
      adds  feef3b2   gnu: libwpg: Update to 0.3.2.
      adds  d35db29   gnu: libcdr: Update to 0.1.4.
      adds  603231c   gnu: liblangtag: Update to 0.6.2.
      adds  c6234e8   gnu: libetonyek: Fix FTBFS with later liblangtag.
      adds  ae443ec   gnu: libexttextcat: Update to 3.4.5.
      adds  e9d8b88   gnu: libfreehand: Update to 0.1.2.
      adds  2036709   gnu: libpagemaker: Update to 0.0.3.
      adds  5124e63   gnu: libvisio: Update to 0.1.5.
      adds  cab4188   gnu: libodfgen: Update to 0.1.6.
      adds  c334058   gnu: libmwaw: Update to 0.3.12.
      adds  37a6878   gnu: libwps: Update to 0.4.7.
      adds  7cb3e9d   gnu: libzmf: Update to 0.0.2.
      adds  8327359   gnu: vigra: Update to 1.11.1.
      adds  f51befe   gnu: libreoffice: Don't replace "/bin/sh" reference with 
      adds  bd6d0eb   gnu: sddm: Update to 0.16.0.
      adds  b84a807   gnu: libnl: Update to 3.4.0.
      adds  1066696   gnu: lftp: Update to 4.8.3.
      adds  97ecd75   gnu: libxfont: Fix CVE-2017-13720, CVE-2017-13722.
      adds  8cf892e   gnu: xorg-server: Make the test-variant visible.
      adds  565e24c   gnu: libxfont2: Graft fixes for CVE-2017-13720, 
      adds  2170cc7   gnu: graphviz: Use modify-phases.
      adds  cca9c75   gnu: graphviz: Update to 2.40.1.
      adds  28a96f2   gnu: wayland: Add workaround for graphviz 2.40.1.
      adds  d670267   gnu: wayland: Improve fix-graphviz phase.
      adds  0963e3e   gnu: lzip: Update to 1.19.
      adds  911c42d   gnu: cunit: Use ‘modify-phases’ syntax.
      adds  9d1cc6b   gnu: bluez: Update to 5.46.
      adds  4028fd3   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  7035d2d   gnu: libva: Update to 1.8.3.
      adds  9238a9c   gnu: dbus: Update to 1.10.22.
      adds  66d4cd7   gnu: util-linux: Update to 2.30.1.
      adds  53e16a5   gnu: libdrm: Update to 2.4.83.
      adds  57cdc1f   gnu: mesa: Update to 17.1.8.
      adds  2ec339c   Revert "gnu: lzip: Update to 1.19."
      adds  a4a3d93   gnu: harfbuzz: Update to 1.5.0.
      adds  d2ee294   gnu: pango: Update to 1.40.11.
      adds  30dfac2   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  1bb0545   gnu: glib: Update to 2.52.3.
      adds  168c5f0   gnu: librsvg: Update to 2.40.18.
      adds  de02edb   gnu: cairo: Update to 1.14.10.
      adds  d0cc3a9   gnu: gtk+: Update to 3.22.19.
      adds  aa3542e   gnu: gdk-pixbuf: Update to 2.36.9.
      adds  3b6f837   gnu: pango: Update to 1.40.12.
      adds  1dc32c2   gnu: gtk+: Update to 3.22.20.
      adds  a76585e   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  1f42989   gnu: libdrm: Enable more drivers for arm and aarch64.
      adds  665c095   gnu: mesa: Enable more drivers.
      adds  4c2aaa6   gnu: mesa: Use exactly address@hidden
      adds  ba74ef9   gnu: pulseaudio: Update to 11.0.
      adds  1728c41   gnu: cups-filters: Make sure filters find Ghostscript.
      adds  b263967   gnu: cups-filters: Pass "--localstatedir".
      adds  f40aef6   gnu: cups-filters: Remove reference to "acroread".
      adds  5836688   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  164fcce   gnu: bluez: Update to 5.47.
      adds  171bcdf   gnu: gdk-pixbuf: Remove graft for 2.36.10.
      adds  b093be2   gnu: gd: Remove graft for 2.2.5.
      adds  a87f425   gnu: ruby: Remove graft for 2.4.2.
      adds  6345cef   gnu: gtk+: Update to 3.22.21.
      adds  7c9b876   gnu: harfbuzz: Update to 1.5.1.
      adds  cb63926   gnu: mesa: Update to 17.2.1.
      adds  df7effa   gnu: poppler: Update to 0.59.0.
      adds  3d695e6   gnu: cups-filters: Update to 1.17.7.
      adds  a9bd50e   gnu: bluez: Remove leftover patch.
      adds  dc1d3cd   gnu: Use 'modify-phases' syntax.
      adds  dfe0bac   gnu: lout: Revert changes from dc1d3cdef70f0e3c047c22.
      adds  595dcd4   gnu: bdb: Update to 6.2.32.
      adds  efa0ba4   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  e0afc09   gnu: curl: Update to 7.55.1.
      adds  9b0215d   gnu: libuv: Update to 1.14.1.
      adds  6baf1b7   gnu: teckit: Update to 2.5.7.
      adds  ffcff27   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  4f27a33   gnu: Fix syntax errors introduced by 
      adds  859620e   gnu: ruby: Fix build failures after updating to 2.4.2.
      adds  9f1d112   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  c651cba   gnu: eudev: Update to 3.2.4 and generate manpages.
      adds  86edcc5   Revert "gnu: eudev: Update to 3.2.4 and generate 
      adds  7716ccd   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  c4787c7   gnu: inkscape: Fix FTBFS with Poppler >= 0.58.
      adds  594156e   gnu: texlive-bin: Fix FTBFS with Poppler >= 0.58.
      adds  6893281   gnu: libdrm: Disable etnaviv driver.
      adds  6a31791   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  ad3a937   Merge branch 'master' into staging
      adds  fa12a41   gnu: mesa: Disable etnaviv driver.
      adds  ffb4da7   gnu: mesa: Disable svga driver on aarch64.
      adds  1c055d7   Merge branch 'staging'
      adds  77a4f1a   gnu: Add java-ops4j-base-lang.
      adds  b235349   gnu: Add java-ops4j-base-monitors.
      adds  322d349   gnu: Add java-ops4j-base-io.
      adds  559919c   gnu: Add java-ops4j-base-util.
      adds  60dcec7   gnu: Add java-ops4j-base-util-property.
      adds  0edf8cf   gnu: Add java-ops4j-base-store.
      adds  214fcd8   gnu: Add java-ops4j-base-spi.
      adds  e1edf42   gnu: Add java-aqute-bnd-annotation.
      adds  60ba297   gnu: Add java-aqute-libg.
      adds  5f26a13   gnu: Add java-aqute-bndlib.
      adds  25aef81   gnu: Add java-ops4j-pax-tinybundles.
      adds  e179add   gnu: Add java-ops4j-pax-exam-core.
      adds  7a7c2b7   gnu: Add java-ops4j-pax-exam-core-spi.
      adds  4496d77   gnu: Add java-ops4j-pax-exam-core-junit.
      adds  cb05f60   gnu: Add java-fasterxml-jackson-annotations.
      adds  0b5481d   gnu: Add java-fasterxml-jackson-core.
      adds  f234c7a   gnu: Add java-fasterxml-jackson-databind.
      adds  d57d8b8   gnu: Add java-fasterxml-jackson-modules-base-jaxb.
      adds  0f296d3   gnu: Add java-snakeyaml.
      adds  087c8fd   gnu: Add java-fasterxml-jackson-dataformat-yaml.
      adds  6fd07b9   gnu: Add java-stax2-api.
      adds  40f193f   gnu: Add java-woodstox-core.
      adds  262a4d3   gnu: Add java-fasterxml-jackson-dataformat-xml.
      adds  4b8b441   services: vpn: Fix default tls-auth configuration.
      adds  bb3b4b4   gnu: Add python-attrs.
      adds  9074bac   gnu: Add python-constantly.
      adds  fd8ff99   gnu: Add python-m2r.
      adds  6414410   gnu: Add python-graphviz.
      adds  96cb5ca   gnu: Add python-automat.
      adds  0cd83b4   gnu: Add python-incremental.
      adds  c1578ad   gnu: python-twisted: Update to 17.1.0.
      adds  3f81ca3   gnu: alot: Update to 0.5.1.
      adds  a6e22d8   ui: Improve reporting of missing closing parentheses.
      adds  b719ddb   import: pypi: Remove unneeded import.
      adds  90eaa94   import: cpan: Load (gnu packages perl) lazily.
      adds  db9c49f   gnu: games: Remove unneeded import.
      adds  c3bece4   gnu: dovecot: Update to 2.2.33.
      adds  7740228   build: Set 'NIX_BUILD_HOOK' only if offloading is 
      adds  dac1d8e   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.91.
      adds  2f44e7b   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.54.
      adds  6de897a   gnu: Add r-ggdendro.
      adds  22d1060   gnu: python-rpy2: Ignore test results.
      adds  b509efb   gnu: Add lapack-3.5.
      adds  1da02b6   gnu: Add xyce-serial.
      adds  91cabd3   gnu: Add xyce-parallel.
      adds  f26af33   gnu: Add freehdl.
      adds  1c65cca   file-systems: 'mount-file-system' now takes a 
<file-system> object.
      adds  9976c76   file-systems: Preserve UUID types when serializing.
      adds  8823567   file-systems: Add support for FAT16.
      adds  03f66ae   uuid: Change "fat32" to "fat".
      adds  50fcf37   doc: Give an example with a FAT UUID.
      adds  5781c7d   gnu: mpg123: Update to 1.25.7.
      adds  85a2b58   zlib: Fix memory leak due to revealed ports not being 
      adds  01d87d3   gnu: rcas-web: Update to 0.0.4.
      adds  de47cfe   gnu: bluez: Disable unpredictable test on armhf.
      adds  f51ea1c   gnu: orca: Update to 3.26.0.
      adds  f9bd6b3   gnu: evince: Update to 3.26.0.
      adds  3bf42e2   gnu: gparted: Update to 0.30.0.
      adds  be84a12   gnu: dovecot: Update to
      adds  22345a8   gnu: mobile-broadband-provider-info: Update to 20170310.
      adds  b27ce41   services: gnome: Register more polkit actions.
      adds  7ad81b8   gnu: totem: Update to 3.26.0.
      adds  c6643f2   gnu: f-seq: Truncate version string.
      adds  abaee53   substitute: Close the progress port after substitute 
      adds  d8e89b1   offload: Reduce the number of calls to 'machine-load'.
      adds  aad8a14   services: cleanup: Remove Shadow lock files from /etc.
      adds  5acd59e   gnu: qt: Update to 5.9.2.
      adds  2a08788   gnu: mesa: Disable imx driver for armhf-linux.
      adds  d636fd9   gnu: ccid: Update to 1.4.28.
      adds  0bf6212   gnu: libextractor: Update to 1.5.
      adds  fc0ed8c   Revert "gnu: xorg-server: Make the test-variant visible."
      adds  24384c3   gnu: xorg-server: Update to 1.19.5. [security fixes]
      adds  453361b   gnu: wireshark: Update to 2.4.2.
      adds  db314bf   gnu: wireshark: Minor package improvements.
      adds  ee8aab1   gnu: Add python-jupyter-console as input to 
      adds  7658d89   gnu: Add address@hidden
      adds  4e169fc   gnu: python-psycopg2: Use address@hidden
      adds  e374159   gnu: python-psycopg2: Update to
      adds  6ea10db   tests: Support multiple HTTP server instances.
      adds  61f28fe   lint: 'home-page' checker reports permanent redirects.
      adds  9f9c36f   gnu: Update home page URLs for Xorg packages.
      adds  e2491f2   gnu: Add trailing slash to '' home pages.
      adds  b3936f3   gnu: clustal-omega: Update to 1.2.4.
      adds  91525b4   build: Add the Go build system.
      adds  56a3771   gnu: Add go-github-com-audriusbutkevicius-go-nat-pmp.
      adds  67b4681   gnu: Add go-github-com-bkaradzic-go-lz4.
      adds  add56f3   gnu: Add go-github-com-calmh-du.
      adds  1e28085   gnu: Add go-github-com-calmh-xdr.
      adds  ab3e158   gnu: Add go-github-com-d4l3k-messagediff.
      adds  a3a5b01   gnu: Add go-github-com-edsrzf-mmap-go.
      adds  4d93ebb   gnu: Add go-github-com-gobwas-glob.
      adds  07e88fc   gnu: Add go-github-com-gogo-protobuf-protoc-gen-gogo.
      adds  3a4d383   gnu: Add go-github-com-gogo-protobuf.
      adds  ede4f50   gnu: Add go-github-com-golang-groupcache-lru.
      adds  b32eab0   gnu: Add go-github-com-golang-snappy.
      adds  7b92093   gnu: Add go-github-com-jackpal-gateway.
      adds  7577a1d   gnu: Add go-github-com-kardianos-osext.
      adds  340e1a9   gnu: Add go-github-com-lib-pq.
      adds  4a9c4db   gnu: Add go-github-com-minio-sha256-simd.
      adds  bde48ed   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-sys-unix.
      adds  a57778f   gnu: Add go-github-com-oschwald-maxminddb-golang.
      adds  0921b23   gnu: Add go-github-com-oschwald-geoip2-golang.
      adds  6bc1eb1   gnu: Add go-github-com-stathat-go.
      adds  1a4795f   gnu: Add go-github-com-rcrowley-go-metrics.
      adds  73a2f84   gnu: Add go-github-com-petermattis-goid.
      adds  8d7e992   gnu: Add go-github-com-sasha-s-go-deadlock.
      adds  c864a4a   gnu: Add go-github-com-syndtr-goleveldb.
      adds  f7612f0   gnu: Add go-github-com-thejerf-suture.
      adds  292a6b0   gnu: Add go-github-com-vitrun-qart-coding.
      adds  6934827   gnu: Add go-github-com-vitrun-qart-gf256.
      adds  892ced6   gnu: Add go-github-com-vitrun-qart-qr.
      adds  8da09af   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-crypto-bcrypt.
      adds  3cf3cdc   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-crypto-blowfish.
      adds  b65620b   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-crypto-pbkdf2.
      adds  63950f9   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-crypto-tea.
      adds  7e7df09   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-crypto-salsa20.
      adds  95b493f   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-crypto-cast5.
      adds  932fb47   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-crypto-twofish.
      adds  edcc061   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-crypto-xtea.
      adds  b5ad117   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-net-ipv4.
      adds  3544d52   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-net-bpf.
      adds  303dfd5   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-net-context.
      adds  f20d130   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-net-internal-iana.
      adds  8c73bb2   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-net-ipv6.
      adds  04e2d47   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-net-proxy.
      adds  e4ef477   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-text-transform.
      adds  ea969c6   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-text-unicode-norm.
      adds  6deb73c   gnu: Add go-github-com-audriusbutkevicius-pfilter.
      adds  db64cb4   gnu: Add go-github-com-ccding-go-stun.
      adds  2785690   gnu: Add go-github-com-chmduquesne-rollinghash-adler32.
      adds  66500b2   gnu: Add go-github-com-templexxx-xor.
      adds  936e02b   gnu: Add go-github-com-pkg-errors.
      adds  3ce4639   gnu: Add go-github-com-xtaci-smux.
      adds  cb42a2a   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-time-rate.
      adds  71415e2   gnu: Add go-github-com-audriusbutkevicius-cli.
      adds  89d91ee   gnu: Add go-github-com-kballard-go-shellquote.
      adds  a3d98dd   gnu: Add go-github-com-templexxx-cpufeat.
      adds  478ebb3   gnu: Add go-github-com-templexxx-reedsolomon.
      adds  3d86b55   gnu: Add go-github-com-audriusbutkevicius-kcp-go.
      adds  cca22eb   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-crypto-union.
      adds  503802a   gnu: Add go-github-com-gogo-protobuf-union.
      adds  3c466da   gnu: Add go-github-com-vitrun-qart-union.
      adds  4c3cc94   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-net-union.
      adds  ae8c777   gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-text-union.
      adds  947453a   gnu: Add Syncthing.
      adds  b38e417   gnu: emacs-helm: Update to 2.8.5.
      adds  e0c1d08   doc: Add an example to the documentation of the 
      adds  2890b07   gnu: address@hidden: Update URL for CVE-2017-1000251 fix.
      adds  ef036c7   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.92.
      adds  e7804c3   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.56.
      adds  2eac8e6   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.13.6.
      adds  f3eeca5   gnu: Add GnuCash documentation.
      adds  dc8ddbf   gnu: Add paml.
      adds  dad66da   gnu: Add plink-ng.
      adds  6fc0e15   gnu: qtbase: Use a more standard directory layout.
      adds  8075b62   gnu: qt: Fix install paths in submodules.
      adds  163651c   gnu: qwt: Adjust installation directory layout.
      adds  4eb972b   gnu: qtwebkit: Fix rpath for the qmlwebkit plugins.
      adds  5430732   gnu: qscintilla: Adjust installation directory layout.
      adds  61cc757   gnu: kde-framworks: Fix installation directories.
      adds  868b1a0   gnu: grantlee: Enable all tests.
      adds  f8127d2   gnu: qtkeychain: Reduce the number of warnings when 
      adds  274365c   gnu: Update prison to 5.37.0.
      adds  3263e94   gnu: kcoreaddons: Add native-input shared-mime-info and a 
      adds  cc52733   gnu: kconfigwidgets: Add optional native-input kdoctools.
      adds  79677b2   gnu: kwallet: Add optional input qgpgme.
      adds  d49766b   gnu: Add kdewebkit.
      adds  11f6570   gnu: kdesignerplugin: Add optional inputs.
      adds  ba81085   gnu: phonon: Enable building the Qt Designer plugin.
      adds  66e7e43   gnu: kdnssd: Enable service discovery on local network 
via avahi.
      adds  fa10ae4   gnu: kfilemetadata: Enable support for PDF files and 
audio files.
      adds  b67f7f6   gnu: bluez-qt: Install udev-rules.
      adds  a9314dc   gnu: bluez-qt: Add comment about status of tests.
      adds  1ee4fb1   gnu: kparts: Make tests pass again.
      adds  3d7bb7b   gnu: kio: Remove unused input.
      adds  bb4fcf7   gnu: kio: Adopt a patch from Nix.
      adds  cf7cf45   gnu: kio: Symlink some files referred to by different 
      adds  455a0bf   gnu: kidletime: Enable fallback mode to X-Screensaver 
based poller.
      adds  91499e4   gnu: sonnet: Reduce the number of warnings when 
      adds  7a8287d   gnu: kglobalaccel: Reduce the number of warnings when 
      adds  d3726f0   gnu: kdeclarative: Reduce the number of warnings when 
      adds  b87633f   gnu: ktexteditor: Symlink some files referred to by 
different names.
      adds  f96302a   gnu: kdoctools: Symlink some files referred to by 
different names.
      adds  109461f   gnu: kdelibs4support: Remove redundant inputs.
      adds  d95f104   gnu: eolie: Update to 0.9.4.
      adds  d5e3391   gnu: magit: Update to 2.11.0.
      adds  dca0718   gnu: emacs-with-editor: Update to 2.7.0.
      adds  0821e06   gnu: git-modes: Update to 1.2.6.
      adds  1f37465   gnu: Add emacs-graphviz-dot-mode.
      adds  e03e9c8   gnu: mcelog: Update to 154.
      adds  71d60b9   gnu: mcelog: Use HTTPS home page.
      adds  ad9e03e   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.10.12.
      adds  7b487df   gnu: vte: Update to 0.50.1.
      adds  6baabe9   gnu: gnome-terminal: Update to 3.26.1.
      adds  3495e94   gnu: adwaita-icon-theme: Update to 3.26.0.
      adds  ff21b07   gnu: dconf-editor: Update to 3.26.1.
      adds  a3070d1   gnu: gnome-backgrounds: Update to 3.26.2.
      adds  d24c69d   gnu: file-roller: Update to 3.26.1.
      adds  a47ed09   gnu: meson: Update to 0.43.0.
      adds  af6ce61   gnu: python-biopython: Update to 1.70.
      adds  a4593cc   gnu: python-fonttools: Update to 3.15.1.
      adds  31c70cc   gnu: mesa: Disable svga driver for armhf.
      adds  4fa3f79   gnu: guile-sdl: Remove 2.0-specific bits.
      adds  44394ef   gnu: guile-sly: Remove 2.0-specific bits.
      adds  8380a18   gnu: guile-sdl, guile-sly: Switch to Guile 2.2.
      adds  7aafb3b   gnu: games: Add openrct2.
      adds  d02c287   gnu: Add emacs-easy-kill.
      adds  db29e59   gnu: Add emacs-julia-mode.
      adds  a209907   gnu: emacs-ess: Update to 16.10.
      adds  d43210f   gnu: neomutt: Update to 20171013.
      adds  7ae282f   gnu: Add python-cbor.
      adds  3aa440c   gnu: Add python-py-ubjson.
      adds  f0f6f9f   gnu: Add python-pynacl.
      adds  b359368   gnu: Add python-pyqrcode.
      adds  96b44a9   gnu: cups-filters: Download over HTTPS.
      adds  9ced103   gnu: cups-minimal: Mark up description.
      adds  5838195   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.13.7.
      adds  dd46c16   gnu: fluidsynth: Update to 1.1.8.
      adds  a1add5b   gnu: python-cffi: Disable test that fails on aarch64.
      adds  cca55d5   gnu: python-cffi: Update to 1.11.2.
      adds  0751fdd   gnu: python-cffi: Move to libffi.scm
      adds  838b232   gnu: ruby-ffi: Move to libffi.scm.
      adds  b3b2efc   gnu: maxima: Update to 5.41.0.
      adds  791cfa6   gnu: propeller-development-suite: Use stable release.
      adds  dd2de28   emacs-build-system: Handle missing programs when patching.
      adds  4cb036d   emacs-build-system: Change how patch-el-files substitutes 
      adds  96acbc2   gnu: Add cinnamon-desktop.
      adds  0367c89   gnu: baobab: Update to 3.26.1.
      adds  7732cca   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.10.15.1.
      adds  8de5ca0   gnu: tmux: Update to 2.6.
      adds  8e2ae7e   gnu: Add emacs-org-contrib.
      adds  a97bfa4   gnu: totem: Disable parallel build due to
      adds  f41bb8d   gnu: libextractor: Update to 1.6.
      adds  ceba99e   gnu: emacs-ahungry-theme: Update to 1.6.0.
      adds  5f51f39   gnu: emacs-queue: Update to 0.2.
      adds  13869ff   gnu: emacs-adaptive-wrap: Update to 0.5.1.
      adds  d8ec1b7   gnu: emacs-tiny: Update to 0.2.1.
      adds  484a72a   gnu: emacs-org, emacs-org-contrib: Update to 20171016.
      adds  09748a3   gnu: wpa-supplicant: Fix "KRACK" key reinstallation 
attacks [security fixes].
      adds  4640a11   gnu: Add python2-neo4j-driver.
      adds  357ab93   gnu: Add python2-py2neo.
      adds  bb4b9f7   gnu: guix: Update development snapshot.
      adds  5efa0e4   guix: substitute: Report the last progress in the child 
      adds  1d48450   gnu: perf: Add dependency on libunwind and libnuma.
      adds  65dabe4   gnu: perf: Find 'tips.txt'.
      adds  c56c5e7   gnu: guix: Fix content hash.
      adds  8843373   gnu: java-jgit: Include properties files.
      adds  d991b05   gnu: Add Axoloti.
      adds  94b55ac   gnu: axoloti-runtime: Update home page.
      adds  7340fc5   gnu: r-curl: Update to 3.0.
      adds  dc6cb56   gnu: r-dplyr: Update to 0.7.4.
      adds  767ad2f   gnu: r-chron: Update to 2.3-51.
      adds  711e6cc   gnu: r-data-table: Update to 1.10.4-2.
      adds  c43db8d   gnu: r-rcpparmadillo: Update to
      adds  d8455fe   gnu: r-tidyselect: Update to 0.2.2.
      adds  e059bdc   gnu: r-tidyr: Update to 0.7.2.
      adds  790d33c   gnu: rofi: Update to 1.4.2.
      adds  b2850fd   gnu: nginx: Update to 1.12.2.
      adds  dd12d4a   gnu: protobuf: Update to 3.4.1.
      adds  bfd0733   gnu: Add protobuf-c.
      adds  dc1d06b   gnu: python-protobuf: Update to 3.4.0.
      adds  07dfc89   gnu: mupdf: Fix CVE-2017-15587.
      adds  ef5c40a   gnu: Add atool.
      adds  8cb537a   gnu: perl-crypt-random-source: Use 'perl-license'.
      adds  baa6790   gnu: mailutils: Update to 3.3.
      adds  3031b13   gnu: hplip: Update to 3.17.10.
      adds  2a86fec   gnu: btrfs-progs: Update to 4.13.3.
      adds  629f33e   gnu: python-pyatspi: Update to 2.26.0.
      adds  0a1a93b   gnu: eog: Update to 3.26.1.
      adds  39427f9   gnu: eog-plugins: Update to 3.26.1.
      adds  c0770fe   gnu: f-seq: Fix location of commons-cli.jar.
      adds  9d8796a   Revert "gnu: python-pyatspi: Update to 2.26.0."
      adds  7f92676   gnu: Add perl-libtime-parsedate.
      adds  a1777c7   gnu: Add perl-libtime-period.
      adds  0ff4425   gnu: Add dirvish.
      adds  909f02d   gnu: Order module imports in (gnu packages mate) 
      adds  ad3c61f   gnu: python-hy: Update to 0.13.0.
      adds  b376ec5   gnu: qemu: Enable spice usb redirection support.
      adds  c44dd0d   gnu: spice-gtk: Enable GObject introspection support.
      adds  8da7f79   gnu: virt-manager: Enable spice-gtk support.
      adds  9a187b3   gnu: qemu: Add OpenGL support.
      adds  b764a9f   gnu: virt-manager: Enable statistics graphing support.
      adds  4ad8fbd   gnu: virt-manager: Fix default URI check.
      adds  b79813a   gnu: speex: Build and install 'speexdec' and 'speexenc'.
      adds  d1c1141   gnu: emacs: Fix Man default C header file search path.
      adds  513885b   gnu: qemu: Build with libjpeg-turbo.
      adds  43dc47f   gnu: Add zathura-pdf-mupdf.
      adds  8c1db4f   gnu: yadifa: Update to 2.2.6.
      adds  a8401c4   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.1.45.
      adds  a7c3dfe   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.93.
      adds  7a40262   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.57.
      adds  b119620   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.13.8.
      adds  9b396c0   vm: Always use GRUB/i386.
      adds  b3ac341   download: Remove old-Guile leftovers.
      adds  347fa4a   download: Make 'http-fetch' public.
      adds  8c34882   Add (guix progress).
      adds  37ce440   download: Download a nar when a VCS checkout fails.
      adds  9ccce79   gnu: musl: Update to 1.1.17.
      adds  7f65202   gnu: python-sge-pygame: Update source URL.
      adds  47b85a6   gnu: cppcheck: Update to 1.81.
      adds  57473bf   gnu: speedtest-cli: Update to 1.0.7.
      adds  1e9433c   gnu: qtox: Update to 1.12.1.
      adds  378140e   gnu: neofetch: Update to 3.3.0.
      adds  fc62238   gnu: unbound: Update to 1.6.7.
      adds  8cccd09   gnu: colordiff: Use HTTPS home page.
      adds  46ba533   gnu: cowsay: Update to 3.04.
      adds  6c0c175   gnu: cowsay: Swap ‘build’ and ‘install’ phases.
      adds  3b2fa47   gnu: dos2unix: Update to 7.4.0.
      adds  49d3d1d   gnu: shellcheck: Update to 0.4.6.
      adds  6df2740   gnu: Add emacs-json-snatcher.
      adds  f71ce28   gnu: speexdsp: Fix building on aarch64-linux.
      adds  6779ae2   gnu: Add ffms2.
      adds  c812f46   gnu: Add aegisub.
      adds  77aa706   gnu: font-hack: Update to 3.000.
      adds  fa9ac83   gnu: ola: Build with address@hidden
      adds  5a740d0   gnu: dovecot: Update to
      adds  a6e70e1   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.10.20.
      adds  3890df5   gnu: webkitgtk: Update to 2.18.1.
      adds  48f8b07   gnu: mysql: Update to 5.7.20.
      adds  7827032   gnu: libvirt: Fix CVE-2017-1000256.
      adds  fd75eb6   gnu: Fix the hashes of mutated GitHub archives.
      adds  82bdcfe   gnu: schismtracker: Update to 20170910.
      adds  5713bbf   Use HTTPS for
      adds  b279911   gnu: perl-geo-ip: Update to 1.51.
      adds  4b9a65b   gnu: gnome-disk-utility: Update to 3.26.1.
      adds  a4194d1   gnu: rest: Update to 0.8.1.
      adds  079e679   gnu: python-sip: Update to 4.19.3.
      adds  28d0b52   gnu: python-pyqt: Update to 5.9.
      adds  3d679ab   gnu: lame: Update to 3.100.
      adds  07b4cd3   gnu: camlp5: install META file.
      adds  6e4da73   gnu: Update coq to 8.7.0.
      adds  b44f13e   gnu: Update coq-flocq to 2.6.0.
      adds  2e331c9   gnu: Update coq-mathcomp to 1.6.2.
      adds  3ffd180   gnu: Update coq-coquelicot to 3.0.1.
      adds  dbfb1a5   gnu: Add coq-bignums.
      adds  6efc999   gnu: Update coq-interval to 3.3.0.
      adds  1ab867b   gnu: Add r-pdist.
      adds  e206de6   gnu: Add r-rgraphviz.
      adds  a8bf6b9   gnu: raul-devel: Update to 0.8.9-4db870b2b.
      adds  ab8f4a7   gnu: ganv-devel: Update to 1.5.4-12f7d6b04.
      adds  5e30032   gnu: Add lv2-devel.
      adds  1974841   gnu: ingen: Update to 0.0.0-2.cc4a4db33.
      adds  a00403c   gnu: suil: Update to 0.10.0.
      adds  ed26b3a   doc: Clarify description of etc-service-type.
      adds  12a9f7b   gnu: kservice: Fix comment (number of failing tests).
      adds  03639d0   gnu: Add python-editdistance.
      adds  58f0a19   gnu: sddm: Fix FTBFS after Qt paths change.
      adds  d436c6b   gnu: rottlog: Remove hard-coded '/usr/sbin/sendmail' 
      adds  3e8daec   gnu: vim: Update to 8.0.1207.
      adds  b000294   gnu: qt: Set 'EffectiveSourcePaths' to 'qtbase' for 
      adds  7f7fadb   gnu: keepassxc: Update to 2.2.1.
      adds  69f7f04   gnu: python2-hypothesis: fix propagated inputs.
      adds  a54cb3c   gnu: python-chardet: Update to 3.0.4.
      adds  2566927   gnu: irssi: Update to 1.0.5 [security fixes].
      adds  65fc5bf   gnu: faust-2: Update to 2.1.0.
      adds  60e2933   gnu: glibc: Fix CVE-2017-15670, CVE-2017-15671.
      adds  ef7dd2e   gnu: python-chardet: Fix PyPi download location.
      adds  78d8b8f   gnu: Add ghc-errors.
      adds  c1274a0   gnu: Add ghc-vector-th-unbox.
      adds  bdd7e39   gnu: Add ghc-erf.
      adds  a51ba89   gnu: Add ghc-math-functions.
      adds  1a2a247   gnu: Add ghc-mwc-random.
      adds  30aede1   gnu: Add ghc-vector-algorithms.
      adds  897d4f2   gnu: Add ghc-language-haskell-extract.
      adds  e0195ea   gnu: Add ghc-test-framework-th.
      adds  97b2692   gnu: Add ghc-abstract-par.
      adds  5955188   gnu: Add ghc-monad-par-extras.
      adds  f978e2a   gnu: Add ghc-abstract-deque.
      adds  608bf27   gnu: Add ghc-monad-par.
      adds  8184b0f   gnu: ghc-base-orphans: Update to 0.6.
      adds  0c71728   gnu: Add ghc-statistics.
      adds  371ad40   gnu: Add ghc-chunked-data.
      adds  ac4cb8f   gnu: Add ghc-base-prelude.
      adds  e329bac   gnu: Add ghc-tuple-th.
      adds  4562c8c   gnu: Add ghc-contravariant-extras.
      adds  8712998   gnu: Add ghc-monadrandom.
      adds  16d4125   gnu: Add ghc-either.
      adds  933e780   gnu: Add ghc-entropy.
      adds  e2f6116   gnu: Add ghc-crypto-api.
      adds  83c79ea   gnu: Add ghc-crypto-api-tests.
      adds  f78ed5d   gnu: Add ghc-pretty-hex.
      adds  8155778   gnu: Add ghc-puremd5
      adds  caac210   gnu: Add ghc-cryptohash-md5.
      adds  0119f17   gnu: Add ghc-cryptohash-sha1.
      adds  6eda263   gnu: Add ghc-network-info.
      adds  b999b00   gnu: Add ghc-uuid-types.
      adds  24535a3   gnu: Add ghc-uuid.
      adds  33109c8   gnu: Add ghc-rebase.
      adds  1896a25   gnu: Add ghc-vector-builder.
      adds  f609485   gnu: Add ghc-foldl.
      adds  ed4cc0c   gnu: Add ghc-mono-traversable.
      adds  7bc18f4   gnu: ghc-conduit: Update to
      adds  463c39c   gnu: ghc-conduit: Fix lint error.
      adds  95fb25b   gnu: Add ghc-conduit-combinators.
      adds  3a78470   gnu: Add ghc-aws.
      adds  ed9b09e   gnu: impressive: Fix Python 2/3 dependency mismatch.
      adds  fc938a2   gnu: lxqt-common: Remove.
      adds  bb234ed   gnu: icecat: Add more fixes from upstream mozilla-esr52.
      adds  8e4a976   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.94.
      adds  1b635ca   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.58.
      adds  2f05dd6   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.13.9.
      adds  6e644cf   services: base: Add file->udev-rule function.
      adds  2890ad3   build: Factorize module compilation in (guix build 
      adds  3a9976b   build: Honor make's '-j' flag.
      adds  7a51c78   discovery: Move 'file-name->module-name' to (guix 
      adds  dedb512   gexp: Add 'file-union'.
      adds  d298c81   gexp: Add 'directory-union'.
      adds  de5308f   gnu: Add libnet.
      adds  fe42038   gnu: Add criu.
      adds  3bf94bc   gnu: criu: Add missing perl input.
      adds  1ee3079   gnu: cowsay: Run tests after install.
      adds  ce4dfde   gnu: miso: Update to 0.5.4.
      adds  f737d9f   gnu: python-pytest-django: Use address@hidden
      adds  2b1b279   gnu: python-graphene: Disable tests.
      adds  6a4ad78   gnu: python-graphviz: Update to 0.8.1.
      adds  afd8453   gnu: python-peewee: Update to 2.10.2.
      adds  57af0d1   gnu: python-lmdb: Update to 0.93.
      adds  cc14a90   gnu: borg: Update to 1.1.1.
      adds  1a6497d   gnu: Add python2-libmpsse.
      adds  90a127c   gnu: Add java-hdrhistogram.
      adds  9107228   gnu: Add java-tomcat.
      adds  339bef3   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-test-helper.
      adds  1f985e4   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-perf-helper.
      adds  1657d62   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-util.
      adds  5010671   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-util-9.2.
      adds  b510b7f   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-io.
      adds  b90012f   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-io-9.2.
      adds  4a1376d   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-http.
      adds  821869f   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-http-9.2.
      adds  4b17206   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-jmx.
      adds  812c712   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-jmx-9.2.
      adds  5d38f7e   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-server.
      adds  e36e2be   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-server-9.2.
      adds  8528e20   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-security.
      adds  fa2a23a   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-security-9.2.
      adds  fb680f8   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-servlet.
      adds  213bb98   gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-servlet-9.2.
      adds  5d104a2   gnu: Add java-aopalliance.
      adds  454536e   gnu: Add java-javax-inject.
      adds  5766984   gnu: Add java-guice.
      adds  ec4e8ad   gnu: Add java-guice-servlet.
      adds  b12fe1e   gnu: Add java-assertj.
      adds  6768e0a   gnu: Add java-jboss-javassist.
      adds  3b69580   gnu: Add perl-xml-xpathengine.
      adds  9e1c358   gnu: Add perl-tree-xpathengine.
      adds  b7c5919   gnu: Add perl-xml-filter-buffertext.
      adds  33b592e   gnu: Add perl-xml-sax-writer.
      adds  9e88b21   gnu: Add perl-xml-handler-yawriter.
      adds  efc8f7d   gnu: Add perl-lwp-online.
      adds  0a9bdd9   gnu: Add tidyp.
      adds  7a04ddd   gnu: Add perl-html-tidy.
      adds  ce33c3a   pull: Add (guix build compile) to the mix.
      adds  2900665   pull: Hide compilation warnings.
      adds  2809a35   gnu: Add papagayo.
      adds  3065565   gnu: Add sorcer.
      adds  62d4823   gnu: git: Update to 2.14.3.
      adds  fc9a93c   gnu: claws-mail: Re-enable vcalendar.
      adds  91f2daa   gnu: curl: Update replacement to 7.56.1 [fixes 
      adds  85f225f   gnu: Add perl-xml-twig.
      adds  db4411b   gnu: python-docutils: Update to 0.14.
      adds  6ee4fd2   gnu: borg: Split up the monolithic man page.
      adds  5aeb661   gnu: Add perl-gnupg-interface.
      adds  b44ecca   gnu: Add perl-archive-extract.
      adds  b6cd890   gnu: Add perl-proc-invokeeditor.
      adds  8ae0558   gnu: Add perl-sort-naturally.
      adds  a1798ee   gnu: Add perl-devel-hide.
      adds  fcbc997   gnu: Add perl-term-size-perl.
      adds  cb2f48e   gnu: Add perl-term-size-any.
      adds  237edb6   gnu: Add perl-test-taint.
      adds  35aaf4b   gnu: Add perl-type-tiny-xs.
      adds  22473f6   gnu: Add perl-types-path-tiny.
      adds  1c37f83   build-system/go: Strip the Go binaries with the native 
      adds  c10851c   build-system/go: Parameterize installing the source code.
      adds  1899ef0   gnu: syncthing: Use install-source? to disable installing 
the source code.
      adds  c330c27   gnu: syncthing: Split into two outputs.
      adds  6dcc823   gnu: icu4c: Fix CVE-2017-14952.
      adds  ae7e24c   gnu: mupdf: Fix CVE-2017-{14685,14686,14687}.
      adds  648c896   gnu: screen: Update to 4.6.2.
      adds  6bf2492   gnu: gnurl: Update to 7.56.1.
      adds  0de1e5e   gnu: Add perl-data.
      adds  857d753   gnu: Add perl-clone-pp.
      adds  8dca3bd   gnu: Add perl-data-printer.
      adds  987232e   gnu: Add perl-data-record.
      adds  180411e   gnu: Add perl-file-configdir.
      adds  544dc8d   gnu: Add perl-libintl-perl.
      adds  189bfb1   gnu: Add perl-list-moreutils-xs.
      adds  b547ef1   gnu: perl-list-moreutils: Update to 0.426.
      adds  658a497   gnu: Add perl-moox-cmd.
      adds  8df39f5   gnu: Add perl-moox-file-configdir.
      adds  b936ddf   gnu: Add perl-moox-configfromfile.
      adds  68998ab   gnu: perl-getopt-long-descriptive: Update to 0.100.
      adds  85c991b   gnu: Add perl-moox-options.
      adds  ae6e00f   gnu: bwa: Change source URL to GitHub.
      adds  6f141ef   gnu: bwa: Update to 0.7.17.
      adds  6fec298   gnu: petsc: Update to 3.8.0.
      adds  958b5a1   gnu: slepc: Update to 3.8.0.
      adds  9ce587f   gnu: libhilbert: Remove package.
      adds  4150da6   gnu: p4est: Update to 2.0.
      adds  24404ea   gnu: dealii: Update to 8.5.1.
      adds  a372c4d   gnu: Add perl-net-dbus.
      adds  fc4083c   gnu: Add perl-net-dbus-glib.
      adds  2a013d0   gnu: Add perl-carp-always.
      adds  65f7f60   gnu: Add perl-b-keywords.
      adds  985c414   gnu: Add perl-browser-open.
      adds  15b0844   gnu: Add parcimonie.
      adds  412d007   gnu: Add qjson.
      adds  60b7ed9   gnu: Add libechonest.
      adds  de98f4e   gnu: Add crypto++.
      adds  6a23c8b   gnu: Add sqlite-with-fts3.
      adds  4c77abc   gnu: Add r-forcats.
      adds  c633b91   gnu: perl-moox-file-configdir: Fix source URL.
      adds  dda785f   gnu: address@hidden: Limit supported systems.
      adds  a6e67d8   gnu: r-ff: Remove aarch64-linux from supported-systems.
      adds  3d96f23   gnu: ding-libs: Update to 0.6.1.
      adds  06c1304   gnu: sssd: Update to 1.16.0.
      adds  65808ba   gnu: sssd: Add missing word to description.
      adds  c61cac6   gnu: tor: Update to
      adds  63bbf38   gnu: expat: Update replacement to 2.2.4 [security fixes].
      adds  c4b542f   gnu: parallel: Update to 20171022.
      adds  a23dbbf   gnu: calcurse: Used the "fixed" test-only tzdata for 
      adds  1765056   gnu: Fix Leo Famulari's copyright statement in (gnu 
packages calcurse).
      adds  44c6a87   guix package: '--list-available' does not show superseded 
      adds  d213cc8   substitute: Don't send more than 1000 requests in a row.
      adds  bf7dfb1   challenge: Display an overall summary.
      adds  92eb9a3   gnu: Add python-humanfriendly.
      adds  2a81537   gnu: Add python-capturer.
      adds  7d41476   gnu: Add python-verboselogs.
      adds  0046309   gnu: Add python-coloredlogs.
      adds  7756eab   gnu: Add python2-pgpdump.
      adds  60e9529   gnu: Add python2-roca-detect.
      adds  f023685   gnu: virt-manager: Wrap with GSettings schema and GIO 
modules search paths.
      adds  b1e9837   gnu: virt-manager: Enable persistent configuration 
      adds  e5af1f4   gnu: sorcer: Fix building on non-Intel hardware.
      adds  8ba3f75   gnu: r-nloptr: Update package hash.
      adds  ed5e9a3   gnu: vsearch: Update to 2.5.1.
      adds  bc709e0   gnu: node: Update to 8.7.0.
      adds  436594c   gnu: ffmpeg: Update to 3.4.
      adds  0cbcab7   gnu: go: Update to 1.9.2.
      adds  552ee77   build-system/go: Fix installation path of executable 
      adds  9c43f43   doc: Document the installation of Go source code.
      adds  2e205c6   gnu: openrct2: Fix a few paths.
      adds  6b88912   gnu: wget: Update to 1.19.2 [fixes CVE-2017-13089 and 
      adds  b1c0150   gnu: Add address@hidden and use it on packages that fail 
with 3.4.
      adds  1c2adcd   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 3.3.5.
      adds  256ecba   gnu: ansible: Update to
      adds  750e9f1   gnu: xpra: Update to 2.1.3.
      adds  b89e3c7   gnu: python-configargparse: Update to 0.12.0.
      adds  9d0866c   gnu: Add python-ratelimiter.
      adds  3414ce9   gnu: snakemake: Update to 4.2.0.
      adds  ba2cd6c   gnu: synergy: Update repository URI and hash.
      adds  4119376   gnu: exiv2: Add upstream security fixes.
      adds  58a308e   gnu: Add gwl.
      adds  635f981b  gnu: Add gst-transcoder.
      adds  c50fe6c   gnu: Add python-pycanberra.
      adds  e37bdc0   gnu: Add gavl.
      adds  d3f9589   gnu: freehdl: Fix gvhdl and freehdl-gennodes scripts.
      adds  085bcca   gnu: Add hunspell-dict-en*.
      adds  99b9857   gnu: Add Catalan dictionary for Aspell.
      adds  b887ede   gnu: gcc: Add unversioned 'gcc-toolchain' variable.
      adds  40a99ca   gnu: freehdl: Depend on the current 'gcc-toolchain'.
      adds  c31b61e   gnu: Add qucs.
      adds  c16fabf   gnu: kicad-library: Update to 4.0.6.
      adds  c48799c   gnu: kicad: Update to commit 5f4599f.
      adds  50942a6   gnu: kicad: Build with ngspice support.
      adds  efff3dd   scripts: Use 'args-fold*' for command that do not honor 
build flags.
      adds  e13a63d   gnu: perl-xml-libxml: Update to 2.0131.
      adds  ed1f071   gnu: perl-net-dns: Update to 1.13.
      adds  a1ff7e1   scripts: Factorize option parsing sans 
      adds  4b879e0   lint: Extract network-related exception handling.
      adds  6d6d193   lint: 'refresh' gracefully handles lack of networking 
      adds  9029781   import: github: Gracefully handle multiple-URL origins.
      adds  0a2ce1e   import: elpa: Do not abort when failing to download the 
      adds  34b1f33   graph: Remove mention of Graphviz from the summary line.
      adds  c00233a   gnu: Add ocaml-jbuilder.
      adds  cd4abd2   gnu: Add ocaml-zed.
      adds  e88ff71   gnu: Add ocaml-lambda-term.
      adds  50856b7   gnu: Add ocaml-findlib-1.7.3.
      adds  90ab26f   gnu: Add ocaml-utop.
      adds  c54a8fd   gnu: Update php to 7.1.11.
      adds  4e42558   gnu: emacs-s: Update to 1.12.0.
      adds  2b0ddaa   gnu: emacs-f: Update to 0.19.0.
      adds  9932dab   gnu: emacs-hydra: Update to 0.14.0.
      adds  8a0d454   gnu: emacs-elfeed: Update to 2.2.0.
      adds  bf1264a   gnu: emacs-yasnippet: Update to 0.12.2.
      adds  7de23b0   gnu: neomutt: Update to 20171027.
      adds  32fc1ec   gnu: neomutt: Do not inherit mutt.
      adds  4b86f04   gnu: neomutt: Remove obsolete configure switches.
      adds  c178aa3   gnu: gavl: Fix building on armhf and aarch64.
      adds  813b445   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.95.
      adds  88deca1   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.59.
      adds  0f27666   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.13.10.
      adds  9de52b5   gnu: perl-sys-cpu: Skip cpu_clock and cpu_type tests.
      adds  2305542   import: cpan: Propagate imported dependencies.
      adds  e4bc172   import: cpan: Add trailing "/" on home-page.
      adds  4a8bd55   gnu: scribus: Update to 1.5.3. Add inputs.
      adds  53a3f5d   gnu: giac-xcas: Update to 1.4.9-17.
      adds  11e5e93   gnu: conkeror: Update to 1.1.0.
      adds  6a2c510   gnu: perl-net-dns: Update to 1.13.
      adds  37fcabf   gnu: perl-business-ismn: Update to 1.131.
      adds  dbbc8f5   gnu: perl-file-sharedir-dist: Update to 0.05.
      adds  384dec0   gnu: perl-log-log4perl: Update to 1.49.
      adds  c97dadc   gnu: perl-safe-isa: Update to 1.000008.
      adds  ec4e2b2   gnu: perl-text-table: Update to 1.133.
      adds  adce670   gnu: perl-tie-cycle: Update to 1.225.
      adds  73f33b9   import: cpan: Add trailing "/" to CPAN-HOME.
      adds  6d176ad   import: cpan: Actually use CPAN-HOME.
      adds  29f7bf5   import: cpan: Use HTTPS for home pages.
      adds  801eb74   gnu: perl-email-sender: Update to 1.300031.
      adds  25adc00   gnu: perl-email-simple: Update to 2.214.
      adds  9b5fc20   gnu: perl-email-mime-contenttype: Update to 1.022.
      adds  4f50fd7   gnu: perl-email-mime: Update to 1.946.
      adds  c2d1b93   gnu: perl-uri-find: Update to 20160806.
      adds  303c685   gnu: perl-test-www-mechanize: Update to 1.48.
      adds  be03120   gnu: perl-test-www-mechanize-psgi: Update to 0.37.
      adds  8281f82   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.10.29.
      adds  8de5494   gnu: offlineimap: Update to 7.1.4.
      adds  d59ec12   gnu: mu: Use Guile 2.2.
      adds  c9dc457   gnu: mu: Add build phase to fix library reference.
      adds  f7ddf99   gnu: icecat: Add more fixes from upstream mozilla-esr52.
      adds  0c6f4be   gnu: Add newsboat.
      adds  73f71bc   gnu: tig: Update to 2.3.0.
      adds  91496df   tests: install: Estimate the installation system disk 
      adds  491dc2f   gnu: java: Fix linkage problem in icedtea-7.
      adds  7941d1e   gnu: Add r-tgstat.
      adds  1f6f4c4   gnu: Add r-tgconfig.
      adds  49e1d76   gnu: Add frei0r-plugins.
      adds  8fd4320   gnu: ffmpeg: Configure with frei0r.
      adds  faffd82   gnu: wine: Update to 2.0.3.
      adds  58ade30   gnu: perl-xml-libxml: Update to 2.0132.
      adds  d284f01   gnu: perl-http-cookies: Update to 6.04.
      adds  922814a   gnu: perl-html-lint: Update to 2.26.
      adds  caa7ada   gnu: perl-sub-exporter-progressive: Update to 0.001013.
      adds  72ef03b   gnu: perl-json-any: Update to 1.39.
      adds  7e5132a   gnu: perl-extutils-pkgconfig: Update to 1.16.
      adds  2fb83ca   gnu: perl-class-tiny: Update to 1.006.
      adds  b5c7574   Revert "import: cpan: Use HTTPS for home pages."
      adds  59261eb   gnu: ethtool: Update to 4.13.
      adds  484a1c0   gnu: ola: Update to 0.10.5.
      adds  8ff5b8a   gnu: perl-http-cookies: Fix source uri.
      adds  c2eb8cd   gnu: xorg-server: Build reproducibly.
      adds  8b17ee4   gnu: webkitgtk: Update to 2.18.2.
      adds  44b8823   gnu: quagga: Update to 1.2.2 [fix CVE-2017-16227].
      adds  3022680   gnu: mpd: Update to 0.20.11.
      adds  b614c48   gnu: apr: Update to 1.6.3 [fixes CVE-2017-12613].
      adds  b275cd2   gnu: apr-util: Update to 1.6.1 [fixes CVE-2017-12618].
      adds  7bf59f7   gnu: Remove cufflinks.
      adds  2e4bb8c   gnu: Add emacs-helm-make.
      adds  56295c5   gnu: lxc: Update to 2.1.1.
      adds  016590a   gnu: Add emacs-company-quickhelp.
      adds  90bf260   gnu: Add sakura.
      adds  cd5c397   gnu: Add emacs-ggtags.
      adds  bc8bd40   gnu: ncmpcpp: Update to 0.8.1.
      adds  63ae480   download: Refresh the mirror list.
      adds  78ab71c   gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.939.
      adds  9b5db24   gnu: gnome-mpv: Update to 0.13.
      adds  e6ee135   gnu: libfilezilla: Update to 0.11.1.
      adds  e126b79   gnu: diamond: Update to 0.9.11.
      adds  03d6e9d   gnu: vsearch: Update to 2.5.2.
      adds  5010d0e   gnu: wine64: Add aarch64-linux to supported-systems.
      adds  6b52015   gnu: Add perl-test-command.
      adds  83a7a88   gnu: feh: Enable tests.
      adds  0ab59dd   system: Test for interactive shell instead of `cat` in 
skeleton '.bashrc'.
      adds  2c16be5   system: Return early in skeleton '.bashrc' when the shell 
is non-interactive.
      adds  5d7141c   tests: ssh: Make sure we can run executables from PATH.
      adds  449ad88   gnu: libass: Update to 0.14.0.
      adds  61e1d6a   gnu: imagemagick: Update to 6.9.9-21.
      adds  88b3501   gnu: git: Update to 2.15.0.
      adds  fff236a   doc: Fix typo in documentation of 'guix graph'.
      adds  55ed15b   gnu: gnome-mines: Update to 3.26.0.
      adds  f11d284   gnu: units: Update to 2.16.
      adds  0498d24   gnu: units: Add python input.
      adds  a254971   gnu: units: Add readline input.
      adds  50e3f2a   gnu: emacs-helm-make: Update to 0.1.0-1.21c1bfa.
      adds  30ee6bf   gnu: dejagnu: Update to 1.6.1.
      adds  2524a2a   gnu: five-or-more: Update to 3.26.0.
      adds  a6dd06d   gnu: Add java-jcommander.
      adds  11bc385   gnu: Add java-bsh.
      adds  045124a   gnu: Add java-jmock.
      adds  25436c6   gnu: Add java-jmock-junit4.
      adds  e84b899   gnu: Add java-jmock-legacy.
      adds  7a343e9   gnu: Add java-fest-util.
      adds  3c6c835   gnu: Add java-fest-test.
      adds  ca98e44   gnu: Add java-fest-assert.
      adds  0442d89   gnu: Add java-testng.
      adds  1717a7d   gnu: Add java-jnacl.
      adds  eaf3cb7   gnu: Add java-mvel2.
      adds  d54d7d3   gnu: Add java-lz4.
      adds  6231586   gnu: Add java-bouncycastle-bcprov.
      adds  3120836   gnu: Add java-bouncycastle-bcpkix.
      adds  a53d9ac   gnu: Add java-lmax-disruptor.
      adds  5619556   gnu: Add java-xerial-core.
      adds  8d6a481   gnu: Add java-powermock-reflect.
      adds  d4a4d5d   gnu: Add java-powermock-core.
      adds  2d5d65d   gnu: Add java-powermock-api-support.
      adds  6c21d46   gnu: Add java-powermock-modules-junit4-common.
      adds  33db168   gnu: Add java-powermock-modules-junit4.
      adds  4d50897   gnu: Add java-powermock-api-easymock.
      adds  bb27eb0   gnu: Add java-plexus-classworlds.
      adds  4dd137d   gnu: libgweather: Update to 3.26.0.
      adds  67bd376   gnu: gnome-maps: Update to 3.26.2.
      adds  13fbd17   gnu: itstool: Update to 2.0.4.
      adds  3440f12   gnu: mpv: enable Wayland support.
      adds  73b80ff   gnu: miniupnpc: Update to 2.0.20171102.
      adds  03e775d   gnu: knot: Update to 2.6.1.
      adds  46994d0   gnu: aisleriot: Update to 3.22.4.
      adds  1b59d45   gnu: file-roller: Update to 3.26.2.
      adds  b39e612   gnu: gnome-clocks: Update to 3.26.1.
      adds  92c9392   gnu: dconf-editor: Update to 3.26.2.
      adds  5299594   gnu: gnome-todo: Update to 3.26.2.
      adds  bc18396   gnu: vte-ng: Update to 0.50.2.a.
      adds  41b5408   gnu: efl: Update to 1.20.5.
      adds  22bf67d   gnu: enlightenment: Update to 0.22.0.
      adds  1df4f5c   gnu: address@hidden: Replace with 1.0.2m [fixes 
CVE-2017-3735, CVE-2017-2736].
      adds  77576be   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 1.1.0g [fixes 
CVE-2017-3735, CVE-2017-2736].
      adds  ada53b1   Revert "gnu: itstool: Update to 2.0.4."
      adds  1d84500   gnu: conda: Fix environment scripts.
      adds  72df48d   gnu: Add kodi-cli.
      adds  15d44df   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.96.
      adds  336b8d4   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.60.
      adds  0f3142e   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.13.11.
      adds  81e0b62   gnu: Add r-ggrepel.
      adds  6b968c4   gnu: Add r-corrplot.
      adds  bc409c8   gnu: r-lazyeval: Update to 0.2.1.
      adds  b5a2f37   gnu: r-pryr: Update to 0.1.3
      adds  0a123e0   gnu: r-data-table: Update to 1.10.4-3.
      adds  fde66e3   gnu: r-multitaper: Update to 1.0-14.
      adds  116e983   gnu: r-checkmate: Update to 1.8.5.
      adds  c8818f5   gnu: r-irlba: Update to 2.3.1.
      adds  1fb415c   gnu: r-purrr: Update to 0.2.4.
      adds  1fe7566   gnu: r-robustbase: Update to 0.92-8.
      adds  fd9afcf   gnu: r-quantreg: Update to 5.34.
      adds  a6ec5b7   gnu: r-withr: Update to 2.1.0.
      adds  a8a2871   gnu: r-glue: Update to 1.2.0.
      adds  1a1b4f0   gnu: r-proxy: Update to 0.4-19.
      adds  8407822   gnu: r-bbmle: Update to 1.0.20.
      adds  b12c6a6   gnu: r-ape: Update to 5.0.
      adds  416ad6f   gnu: iso-codes: Update to 3.76.
      adds  66865ab   gnu: multiqc: Update to 1.3.
      adds  1695bd7   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 1.5.3.
      adds  d94c679   gnu: re2: Update to 2017-11-01.
      adds  ad25310   gnu: ldb: Update to 1.3.0.
      adds  f1ae27b   gnu: samba: Update to 4.7.1.
      adds  d3f1402   gnu: sssd: Disable failing test.
      adds  171ba24   gnu: diamond: Update to 0.9.12.
      adds  46dea12   gnu: icedtea: Update to 3.6.0 [security fixes].
      adds  9f5bd38   gnu: extra-cmake-modules: Install pri-files into lib/qt5/.
      adds  6211aad   gnu: kde-frameworks: Update to 5.39.0.
      adds  fa274ab   gnu: kimageformats: Update comment.
      adds  5bc1efd   gnu: kdelibs4support: Make test kstandarddirstest pass.
      adds  b1beb16   gnu: krunner: Make some tests pass.
      adds  e873773   gnu: solid: Enable building interface for qml.
      adds  571f1fa   gnu: libksysguard: Update to 5.11.2.
      adds  39d1a42   gnu: kactivities: Move to tier 2.
      adds  a7dc855   gnu: kdewebkit: Move to be in alphabetical order.
      adds  1289001   gnu: prison: Move to be in alphabetical order.
      adds  50c229c   gnu: fio: Update to 3.1.
      adds  6692d84   guix: records: Add match-record.
      adds  b6d2930   services: Add murmur.
      adds  21b71b0   services: Add 'description' fields.
      adds  3c41b99   gnu: feh: Update to 2.22.
      adds  7561be8   gnu: fio: Update to 3.2.
      adds  68488f2   gnu: vte: Update to 0.50.2.
      adds  08d6139   gnu: gnome-terminal: Update to 3.26.2.
      adds  8d2bde8   gnu: lollypop: Update to 0.9.304.
      adds  ca1ddce   gnu: weston: Update to 3.0.0.
      adds  540dd1c   gnu: retroarch: Enable Wayland support.
      adds  7ed93a6   gnu: calibre: Update to 3.11.1.
      adds  2e15906   gnu: Add python-dukpy, python2-dukpy.
      adds  bf4a40d   gnu: calibre: Add python2-dukpy as an input.
      adds  9132212   gnu: calibre: Add optipng as an input.
      adds  743d3f6   gnu: calibre: Install mimetypes.
      adds  e55c46b   gnu: python-decorator: Update to 4.1.2.
      adds  7c5cc40   gnu: add disorderfs.
      adds  39f2433   gnu: sdl2: Update to 2.0.7 and enable Wayland backend.
      adds  aa70cf8   gnu: redis: Update to 4.0.2.
      adds  9505877   gnu: emacs-neotree: Update to 0.5.2.
      adds  5fa1b41   gnu: emacs-which-key: Update to 3.0.2.
      adds  77a7891   gnu: emacs-undo-tree: Update to 0.6.6.
      adds  db574f7   gnu: emacs-slime: Use correct Texinfo commands in the 
      adds  511d8a0   gnu: emacs-evil: Update to 1.2.13.
      adds  bf56082   gnu: netsurf-buildsystem: Update to 1.6.
      adds  84dec7a   gnu: hubbub: Update to 0.3.4.
      adds  e33f6ef   gnu: libwapcaplet: Update to 0.4.0.
      adds  036f47a   gnu: libdom: Update to 0.3.2.
      adds  b20d97f   gnu: libsvgtiny: Update to 0.1.6.
      adds  f379c52   gnu: libnsgif: Update to 0.2.0.
      adds  772588b   gnu: libnspsl: Update to 0.1.2.
      adds  d8799bd   gnu: netsurf: Update to 3.7.
      adds  73cd402   gnu: borg: Update to 1.1.2.
      adds  08e1f38   gnu: emacs-undo-tree: Parameterize source uri.
      adds  8f4e3b9   gnu: aria2: Update to 1.33.0.
      adds  fd592a1   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.11.06.
      adds  9371600   gnu: libxres: Update to 1.2.0.
      adds  ab8757c   gnu: dtc: Update to 1.4.5.
      adds  12c613b   gnu: dtc: Build python bindings.
      adds  d298e76   gnu: perl-test-www-mechanize-psgi: Update source uri.
      adds  2ac42fe   gnu: uboot: Fix same-arch? check.
      adds  f694818   linux: Add omap2plus generic kernel.
      adds  dd208b9   bootloaders: uboot: Add .img and MLO files to binary 
      adds  b1a3079   system: vm: Use 2^32 - 1 as hash size.
      adds  10b159a   gnu: u-boot: Only install 'MLO' output if it exists.
      adds  6a53490   gnu: libuninameslist: Update to 20170807.
      adds  913027f   gnu: nnn: Update to 1.5.
      adds  0ad5f80   Fix ambiguous imports.
      adds  c9405c4   compile: Fix VPATH builds.
      adds  96dc8f3   packages: 'fold-packages' takes #:select? parameter.
      adds  8e57e41   refresh: Account for hidden packages.
      adds  ea0421b   gnu: Add python-jsonrpclib-pelix.
      adds  47bd32d   gnu: electrum: Update to 3.0.
      adds  d935e6a   gnu: Add faba-icon-theme.
      adds  8b0e417   gnu: moka-icon-theme: Simplify package definition.
      adds  550281f   gnu: moka-icon-theme: Add faba-icon-theme as propagated 
      adds  fedde43   gnu: moka-icon-theme: Fix license.
      adds  a0e4b41   gnu: guile-git: Update snapshot.
      adds  89618fa   build: Conditionally build json importer.
      adds  6b46b04   import: utils: Add string helpers.
      adds  84dfdc5   import: cran: Add support for Bioconductor 3.6.
      adds  27baf50   import: cran: Use Bioconductor 3.6 helpers.
      adds  25e51b1   guix: Add archive support for bioconductor-uri.
      adds  8ca2b2b   gnu: r-rgraphviz: Update to 2.22.0.
      adds  a40a04f   gnu: Add r-stringdist.
      adds  7373b41   gnu: r-bioccheck: Update to 1.14.0.
      adds  c7782c3   gnu: r-biocviews: Update to 1.46.0.
      adds  94fd86e   gnu: r-dnacopy: Update to 1.52.0.
      adds  2d4e887   gnu: r-annotate: Update to 1.56.0.
      adds  cb4d3ff   gnu: r-geneplotter: Update to 1.56.0.
      adds  554fac7   gnu: r-genefilter: Update to 1.60.0.
      adds  0166dc0   gnu: r-deseq2: Update to 1.18.0.
      adds  3fd010f   gnu: r-dexseq: Update to 1.24.0.
      adds  727706a   gnu: r-annotationforge: Update to 1.20.0.
      adds  c25154e   gnu: r-rbgl: Update to 1.54.0.
      adds  1d0263b   gnu: r-rhtslib: Update to 1.10.0.
      adds  5c18470   gnu: r-zlibbioc: Update to 1.24.0.
      adds  da153b7   gnu: r-bamsignals: Update to 1.10.0.
      adds  19e8929   gnu: r-tximport: Update to 1.6.0.
      adds  e6b332d   gnu: r-rhdf5: Update to 2.22.0.
      adds  598dacf   gnu: r-annotationfilter: Update to 1.2.0.
      adds  c126ba6   gnu: r-copywriter: Update to 2.10.0.
      adds  91e1867   gnu: r-methylkit: Update to 1.4.0.
      adds  fad7c0c   gnu: r-sva: Update to 3.26.0.
      adds  9f52e53   gnu: r-gseabase: Update to 1.40.0.
      adds  b537552   gnu: r-systempiper: Update to 1.12.0.
      adds  843826e   gnu: r-shortread: Update to 1.36.0.
      adds  704fe4d   gnu: r-grohmm: Update to 1.12.0.
      adds  d61fc4e   gnu: r-biocgenerics: Update to 0.24.0.
      adds  3241461   gnu: r-biocinstaller: Update to 1.28.0.
      adds  2167eaf   gnu: r-biocstyle: Update to 2.6.0.
      adds  41f0f94   gnu: r-s4vectors: Update to 0.16.0.
      adds  9e482c2   gnu: r-iranges: Update to 2.12.0.
      adds  8aab023   gnu: r-genomeinfodb: Update to 1.14.0.
      adds  7f1bac3   gnu: r-variantannotation: Update to 1.24.0.
      adds  f642c0e   gnu: r-limma: Update to 3.34.0.
      adds  2b6ae8b   gnu: r-xvector: Update to 0.18.0.
      adds  aa5c1f6   gnu: r-genomicranges: Update to 1.30.0.
      adds  ca52123   gnu: r-biobase: Update to 2.38.0.
      adds  0f8d98f   gnu: r-annotationdbi: Update to 1.40.0.
      adds  b719435   gnu: r-biostrings: Update to 2.46.0.
      adds  f806841   gnu: r-rsamtools: Update to 1.30.0.
      adds  cb0a9a7   gnu: r-delayedarray: Update to 0.4.1.
      adds  6fcbed7   gnu: r-summarizedexperiment: Update to 1.8.0.
      adds  96fb465   gnu: r-genomicalignments: Update to 1.14.0.
      adds  aeb7387   gnu: r-graph: Update to 1.56.0.
      adds  d13a3fe   gnu: r-topgo: Update to 2.30.0.
      adds  e67850b   gnu: r-bsgenome: Update to 1.46.0.
      adds  0f948b1   gnu: r-seqpattern: Update to 1.10.0.
      adds  e6ce4bf   gnu: r-impute: Update to 1.52.0.
      adds  e127c91   gnu: r-genomation: Update to 1.10.0.
      adds  6177008   gnu: r-seqlogo: Update to 1.44.0.
      adds  9a665df   gnu: r-protgenerics: Update to 1.10.0.
      adds  dad5f83   gnu: r-affy: Update to 1.56.0.
      adds  8a8138d   gnu: r-affyio: Update to 1.48.0.
      adds  a998c9a   gnu: r-pcamethods: Update to 1.70.0.
      adds  531e809   gnu: r-aroma-light: Update to 3.8.0.
      adds  8140f68   gnu: r-deseq: Update to 1.30.0.
      adds  22752be   gnu: r-msnid: Update to 1.11.0.
      adds  0096127   gnu: r-edaseq: Update to 2.12.0.
      adds  1567c8d   gnu: r-interactivedisplaybase: Update to 1.16.0.
      adds  87fa5af   gnu: r-fastseq: Update to 1.24.0.
      adds  98791c2   gnu: r-qvalue: Update to 2.10.0.
      adds  ce59d62   gnu: r-motifrg: Update to 1.22.0.
      adds  007424b   gnu: r-motifrg: Rename input label.
      adds  1be0f53   gnu: r-vsn: Update to 3.46.0.
      adds  aced057   gnu: r-rlang: Update to 0.1.4.
      adds  ecfe98a   gnu: r-openssl: Update to 0.9.8.
      adds  e7f680f   gnu: r-r-utils: Update to 2.6.0.
      adds  689edf1   gnu: r-preprocesscore: Update to 1.40.0.
      adds  65a8cd6   gnu: r-lubridate: Update to 1.7.1.
      adds  2404cc4   gnu: r-category: Update to 2.44.0.
      adds  eb3f5cc   gnu: r-gostats: Update to 2.44.0.
      adds  010ab2f   gnu: r-edger: Update to 3.20.1.
      adds  42e11d3   gnu: r-biomart: Update to 2.34.0.
      adds  a044c7f   gnu: r-biocparallel: Update to 1.12.0.
      adds  4dd469e   gnu: r-rtracklayer: Update to 1.38.0.
      adds  74248d2   gnu: Add r-rmysql.
      adds  158b674   gnu: r-genomicfeatures: Update to 1.30.0.
      adds  eeaa696   gnu: r-chipseq: Update to 1.28.0.
      adds  b500dbc   gnu: r-mzid: Update to 1.16.0.
      adds  34b9675   gnu: r-mzr: Update to 2.12.0.
      adds  15ca195   gnu: r-mzr: Remove bundled copy of boost.
      adds  14b3c71   gnu: r-annotationhub: Update to 2.10.0.
      adds  39d9098   gnu: r-mutationalpatterns: Update to 1.4.0.
      adds  baa00ee   gnu: r-msnbase: Update to 2.4.0.
      adds  60ec9da   gnu: r-tidyselect: Update to 0.2.3.
      adds  9ecc4c6   gnu: r-servr: Update to 0.8.
      adds  a954010   gnu: antlr3-3.3: Prettify build phases.
      adds  3121814   gnu: Add r-keggrest.
      adds  e160aa1   gnu: Add r-gage.
      adds  ad54924   gnu: expect: Change home-page to
      adds  b5033c5   hydra: Factorize package list creation.
      adds  25a5b18   hydra: Build hidden packages.
      adds  950d8e5   gnu: gdm: Fix config file path.
      adds  51bc835   gnu: gdm: Add configure flags for better defaults.
      adds  3eda8dd   services: gdm: Add environment variables.
      adds  db0164b   gnu: awesome: Update to 4.2.
      adds  63b7fbe   gnu: diffoscope: Update to 88.
      adds  fd23d25   gnu: Add PSM.
      adds  7bc05ef   gnu: libfabric: Add dependency on PSM.
      adds  f4433d0   gnu: openmpi: Add dependency on PSM.
      adds  b574cee   hydra: Add jobs for all of '%final-inputs'.
      adds  6541673   gnu: linux: Fix kconfig selection.
      adds  2f17187   gnu: mediainfo: Change order of custom phases.
      adds  174807b   gnu: gnupg: Update to 2.2.2.
      adds  b516b78   gnu: psm: Limit supported systems.
      adds  9129804   gnu: psm: Only use as an input on supported-systems.
      adds  31a963f   gnu: notmuch: Update to 0.25.2.
      adds  4a30c1c   gnu: vim: Update to 8.0.1274 [fixes CVE-2017-1000382].
      adds  38ad27d   gnu: mercurial: Update to 4.4.1.
      adds  2b295f5   gnu: Add python-pydot.
      adds  75d342f   gnu: Add python-networkx2.
      adds  a67f094   gnu: Add websockify.
      adds  625492e   gnu: gcc-4.7: Resurrect building with gcc-5.4.0.
      adds  d469bc0   gnu: feh: Update to 2.22.2.
      adds  cd21587   gnu: bdftopcf: Update to 1.1.
      adds  902fb15   gnu: Add r-genomicfiles.
      adds  3af149f   gnu: Add r-complexheatmap.
      adds  04e2a2e   gnu: Add r-dirichletmultinomial.
      adds  763e981   gnu: Add r-annotationfilter.
      adds  aa30ab5   gnu: Add r-ensembldb.
      adds  2f6f61f   gnu: Add r-organismdbi.
      adds  7af1f40   gnu: Add r-biovizbase.
      adds  60faf94   gnu: Add r-ggbio.
      adds  96a392a   gnu: Add r-gprofiler.
      adds  e2b9279   gnu: Add r-gqtlbase.
      adds  dd5fc8b   gnu: Add r-snpstats.
      adds  b52a866   gnu: Add r-org-hs-eg-db.
      adds  421c68e   gnu: Add r-homo-sapiens.
      adds  15f98b0   gnu: Add r-erma.
      adds  66c3910   gnu: Add r-ldblock.
      adds  10e16fa   gnu: Add r-mice.
      adds  7fd5f60   gnu: Add r-hardyweinberg.
      adds  794ff34   gnu: Add r-gqtlstats.
      adds  4272000   gnu: Add r-gviz.
      adds  2e4ce60   gnu: Add r-gwascat.
      adds  3a22732   gnu: Add r-sm.
      adds  9232cac   gnu: Add r-vioplot.
      adds  fbf5440   gnu: Add r-sushi.
      adds  30eb4e3   gnu: Add r-fithic.
      adds  c49102e   gnu: Add r-hitc.
      adds  7b0569c   gnu: Add r-rsofia.
      adds  738dda8   gnu: Add r-bbmle.
      adds  14e5f6b   gnu: r-fdrtool: Update description.
      adds  2e648d2   gnu: r-prabclus: Update description.
      adds  12a24ee   gnu: Add glusterfs.
      adds  dd00e09   gnu: time: Update to 1.8.
      adds  c8b38f8   gnu: time: Update license.
      adds  88fb156   gnu: pcb: Update to 4.0.2.
      adds  5a80c15   gnu: Remove "open source" from descriptions.
      adds  3699383   gnu: Add r-xts.
      adds  b72b42c   gnu: Add r-performanceanalytics.
      adds  7e3aca2   gnu: librecad: Fix build.
      adds  697e341   gnu: fastcap: Use texlive-tiny.
      adds  308c08d   doc: Move paragraph about signature verification to the 
      adds  018cf27   gnu: Add r-laeken.
      adds  e5c17b8   gnu: Add r-vcd.
      adds  34260a1   gnu: miso: Use pypi-uri.
      adds  c828969   build: Use overlayfs instead of unionfs.
      adds  d9565f7   install: Use overlayfs instead of unionfs.
      adds  0af94ad   gnu: service: Update comment.
      adds  37eed37   ui: Introduce (guix i18n).
      adds  2373513   ui: Define and honor '&error-location' and '&fix-hint' 
      adds  a3d37f3   services: 'fold-service-types' honors its seed.
      adds  3943913   services: 'fold-service-types' includes (gnu services).
      adds  49483f7   services: Add 'lookup-service-types'.
      adds  c5a4a92   gnu: Improve error reporting of the use-.*modules macros.
      adds  f44169c   gnu: Add go-github-com-tjfoc-gmsm-sm4.
      adds  4cf6827   gnu: go-github-com-audriusbutkevicius-kcp-go: Update to 
      adds  52ff28e   gnu: Add go-github-com-zillode-notify.
      adds  03b154f   gnu: syncthing: Update to 0.14.40.
      adds  7df4194   gnu: python-icalendar: Update to 4.0.0.
      adds  a3dd13a   gnu: rpm: Update to [fixes CVE-2017-{7500,7501}].
      adds  ea1f073   gnu: slurm: Update to 16.05.11 [fixes CVE-2017-15566].
      adds  8f220b7   gnu: tremc: Update to 0.9.0-1.9755b50.
      adds  e5f748a   gnu: totem: Enable parallel build.
      adds  da4a707   gnu: roary: Update to 3.11.0.
      adds  5475749   system: Do not set 'TZ'.
      adds  ad9b898   gnu: libwnck: Update to 3.24.1.
      adds  3694a9b   gnu: chromaprint: Update to 1.4.2.
      adds  cfbe7b7   gnu: linux: Add linux-libre arm kernel.
      adds  d8f075c   gnu: %intel-compatible-systems: Re-add variable.
      adds  935542f   ui: Add 'display-hint'.
      adds  a2985bb   ui: Provide hints for unbound-variable errors.
      adds  dc85622   ui: Add an 'unbound-variable' exception printer.
      adds  f021382   gnu: Add nxbelld.
      adds  d315073   gnu: emacs-ahungry-theme: Update to 1.8.0.
      adds  e99f045   gnu: Add r-directlabels.
      adds  b70d72a   tests: Adjust to unbound-variable exception printer.
      adds  1d8e73b   gnu: postgresql: Update to 10.1 [security fixes].
      adds  3c3d20c   gnu: libpsl: Update to 0.19.1.
      adds  f8071be   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.1.46.
      adds  3a79bd0   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.97.
      adds  4cacbf3   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.61.
      adds  74bea6a   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.13.12.
      adds  179b7ac   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 9.6.6 [security fixes].
      adds  195f0d0   git: Work around wrong default argument of 'clone'.
      adds  011f576   gnu: Add Epson escpr printer driver.
      adds  177475c   gnu: password-store: Install passmenu script.
      adds  ae451b9   gnu: synergy: Fix minor problems with the package 
      adds  0af4df7   gnu: cutadapt: Update to 1.14.
      adds  d4d7d70   gnu: Fix hunspell-dict-en-* dictionary installation.
      adds  adf7e69   gnu: qemu: Fix CVE-2017-{15038,15268,15289}.
      adds  74c0aeb   gnu: webkitgtk: Update to 2.18.3 [fixes 
      adds  59da6f0   download: Work around bogus HTTP handling in Guile 2.2 <= 
      adds  7c08715   gnu: vsearch: Update to 2.6.0.
      adds  11ed410   gnu: methylkit: Use new home page.
      adds  9629c6b   gnu: cyrus-sasl: Use new home page.
      adds  795ec76   install: Fix typo.
      adds  8d688cd   gnu: python-sqlparse: Update to 0.2.4.
      adds  e077e7d   gnu: python-sqlparse: Fix syntax error.
      adds  e65acb3   gnu: python-sympy: Update to 1.1.1.
      adds  ce1ac8e   gnu: python2-rpython: Update to 0.2.1.
      adds  074ff55   gnu: libreoffice: Update to and enable GTK3.
      adds  7a9283a   gnu: libetonyek: Update to 0.1.7.
      adds  45d5c80   gnu: libvisio: Update to 0.1.6.
      adds  ec03062   gnu: libstaroffice: Update to 0.0.5.
      adds  56f35d9   gnu: lvm2: Update to 2.02.176.
      adds  65a19ab   download: Work around more bogus HTTP handling in Guile 
2.2 <= 2.2.2.
      adds  4ad3a3f   tests: Refer to "address@hidden".
      adds  ae0307f   tests: Adjust to new unbound-variable error message.
      adds  4564782   gnu: nvi: Build with support for Unicode text.
      adds  b1488c7   git: Check whether 'clone-init-options' is defined.
      adds  327df26   gnu: nyacc: Update to 0.82.4.
      adds  cda2e2c   gnu: emacs-emms: Update to 4.4.
      adds  f9035ef   gnu: mailutils: Update to 3.4.
      adds  6862e4b   gnu: perl-mime-types: Update to 2.14.
      adds  9c2917f   gnu: lynx: Use new home page.
      adds  d1b5043   gnu: fcgi: Use archived home page fork.
      adds  5ade9bc   gnu: fcgi: Fix typo in description.
      adds  07cc924   gnu: libusb-compat: Use the same home page as libusb.
      adds  882d921   gnu: mupdf: Actually fix CVE-2017-15587.
      adds  b7ca42a   gnu: w3m: Find an editor in the environment.
      adds  7e0d513   gnu: mupdf: Use Texinfo for the description.
      adds  1e2a36e   gnu: ffmpeg: Reduce the size of the closure.
      adds  c7b433d   gnu: glib-networking: Update to 2.54.1.
      adds  44df780   gnu: lash: Don't build lashd.
      adds  b07bfd0   gnu: lash: Don't build static libraries.
      adds  31f248f   gnu: pdf.scm: Arrange modules alphabetically.
      adds  76379dc   gnu: mupdf: Use https.
      adds  89ba894   gnu: Add mujs.
      adds  1650cf9   gnu: mupdf: Unbundle mujs.
      adds  8420c7a   gnu: linux-libre: Change URL to HTTPS.
      adds  2560aa7   gnu: Remove unrar.
      adds  6a98b9f   doc: Better explain GC roots.
      adds  b8f59cd   list-runtime-roots: Do not use 'lsof'.
      adds  fb17a89   list-runtime-roots: Canonicalize store items.
      adds  c0d1fa6   gnu: imagemagick: Update to 6.9.9-23.
      adds  ecc5857   download: Try FTP servers last.
      adds  d0b8777   download: Use HTTPS for the first ImageMagick mirror.
      adds  856b68b   list-runtime-roots: Ignore PIDs we cannot access.
      adds  f35bb07   gnu: libsoup: Update to 2.60.2.
      adds  ce12b31   gnu: ibus: Enable wayland support.
      adds  6b7490b   gnu: ibus: Update to 1.5.17.
      adds  ff23b47   tests: '' passes even when 'out' or 'drv' are 
defined as env vars.
      adds  b918473   gnu: guix: Update snapshot.
      adds  a0fea77   services: guix: Remove dependency on 'lsof'.
      adds  62f0806   Revert "gnu: totem: Enable parallel build."
      adds  d4735e8   gnu: cd-hit: Update source tarball hash.
      adds  a06b9b5   gnu: Move testing packages from haskell to haskell-check.
      adds  44b7374   gnu: Move web packages from haskell to haskell-web.
      adds  f24eba8   gnu: Move crypto packages from haskell to haskell-crypto.
      adds  587d175   gnu: ghc-tls: Move to (gnu packages tls).
      adds  5ccde20   gnu: Move test packages from perl to perl-check.
      adds  a68e586   gnu: diamond: Update to 0.9.13.
      adds  1b2f753   gnu: Move web packages from python to python-web.
      adds  58b8d1b   gnu: iproute2: Update to 4.14.0.
      adds  85a9ffc   gnu: exim: Use HTTPS for home page.
      adds  a5a22d7   gnu: gnome-system-monitor: Update to 3.26.0.
      adds  31d9e45   gnu: gnome-calculator: Update to 3.26.0.
      adds  52b617f   gnu: Update awscli to 1.11.185.
      adds  412716e   grafts: Clarify the status of the workaround for 
      adds  5724a14   tests: install: Increase target-size.
      adds  9f86059   download: Pass the timeout to 'ftp-retr'.
      adds  1697307   gnu: Add guile-wiredtiger.
      adds  8c2dced   gnu: devhelp: Update to 3.26.0.
      adds  bd2eedd   gnu: smartmontools: Update to 6.6.
      adds  c115b2d   gnu: smartmontools: Mark up description.
      adds  06d2a63   gnu: aria2: Update to 1.33.1.
      adds  dba7028   gnu: geoclue: Update to 2.4.7.
      adds  99adfd7   gnu: geoclue: Use HTTPS for home page.
      adds  c27f485   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.11.15.
      adds  471ce31   gnu: gnucash: Update to 2.6.18.
      adds  7c1adf0   gnu: gnucash: Use HTTPS for
      adds  ed0f9f5   gnu: iproute2: Update to 4.14.1.
      adds  6a71fa6   gnu: icecat: Label patches to reflect CVE assignments.
      adds  f1e3214   gnu: icecat: Add more fixes from upstream mozilla-esr52.
      adds  6f0e2c2   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.98.
      adds  811a24c   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.62.
      adds  c114c9c   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.14.
      adds  866f37f   download: Improve efficiency of 'write-request' over TLS.
      adds  7482b98   cve: Use 'http-fetch/cached' instead of having custom 
      adds  cc6f491   gnu: Move crypto packages from python to python-crypto.
      adds  b95c17c   gnu: Move Python packages from crypto to python-crypto.
      adds  589e3f4   gnu: Move more packages from python to python-web.
      adds  304a53f   ui: Add source file name to the package search metrics.
      adds  0d549f6   gnu: messaging: Add libsignal-protocol-c.
      adds  d9cd1c2   gnu: messaging: Enable OMEMO for dino.
      adds  42e5260   gnu: xpra: Fix paths.
      adds  15712cc   gnu: spectrwm: Update to 3.1.0.
      adds  afc4382   gnu: wget: Add wget2.
      adds  0b4dbb4   gnu: syslinux: Add explicit dependency on mtools.
      adds  ef2c6b4   gnu: Add qucs-s.
      adds  232b3d3   workers: 'pool-idle?' returns true only if the workers 
are idle.
      adds  19fd722   workers: Add test with exceptions.
      adds  d5ce7bc   workers: Display backtrace in pre-unwind handler.
      adds  284d7da   gnu: libnftnl: Update to 1.0.8.
      adds  64a4d39   gnu: nftables: Update to 0.8.
      adds  cf8ec42   gnu: gnome-disk-utility: Update to 3.26.2.
      adds  9bc646d   gnu: eog: Update to 3.26.2.
      adds  669be6a   gnu: cool-retro-term: Fix qml path.
      adds  3fe4c9d   gnu: Add emacs-transmission.
      adds  fc8d695   gnu: cheese: Update to 3.26.0.
      adds  ff49437   gnu: Add qmidiroute.
      adds  ac257f1   gnu: Move testing packages from python.scm to check.scm.
      adds  98c6a02   gnu: Move more web packages from python.scm to 
      adds  be6eb2f   gnu: python-scikit-learn: Move from python.scm to 
      adds  a8714bf   gnu: Move database packages from python.scm to 
      adds  45eee2d   doc: Write "file system" instead of "partition" as 
      adds  d72f76d   gnu: eolie: Update to 0.9.12.
      adds  8710d4d   gnu: java-swt: Update to 4.7.1a.
      adds  40f372a   gnu: tuxguitar: Build with icedtea-8.
      adds  2581188   gnu: vim: Update to 8.0.1300.
      adds  d8e2571   build-system/go: Don't let Go executables refer to the Go 
      adds  b3b07df   gnu: dino: Update to 0.0-2-2a514d096.
      adds  f10120d   gnu: linux-libre: Remove Nouveau from arm configuration.
      adds  b9f2370   gnu: linux-libre: Remove Tegra DRM from arm configuration.
      adds  ccedfd3   gnu: r-org-hs-eg-db: Remove duplicate package definition.
      adds  d595fed   gnu: r-org-hs-eg-db: Update to 3.5.0.
      adds  676507e   gnu: r-org-hs-eg-db: Clarify description.
      adds  4982d0a   gnu: Remove duplicates from (gnu packages java).
      adds  c151b0b   gnu: Remove duplicate from (gnu packages cran).
      adds  90dbd98   gnu: Remove duplicate from (gnu packages bioinformatics).
      adds  9c2d0a0   gnu: Remove duplicate from (gnu packages gnupg).
      adds  9ef9c64   gnu: Remove duplicates from (gnu packages statistics).
      adds  57dc9b5   gnu: r-genomationdata: Update to 1.10.0.
      adds  f3569f5   gnu: r-org-mm-eg-db: Update to 3.5.0.
      adds  19fc299   gnu: r-org-dm-eg-db: Update to 3.5.0.
      adds  e466429   gnu: r-org-ce-eg-db: Update to 3.5.0.
      adds  592f4a9   gnu: r-go-db: Update to 3.5.0.
      adds  261b38a   gnu: r-genomeinfodbdata: Update to 0.99.1.
      adds  c5a8ecb   gnu: Remove duplicates from (gnu packages tex).
      adds  82af2c2   build-system: texlive: Only make a union of directories.
      adds  9869bb1   gnu: Add bitshuffle.
      adds  cea8346   gnu: Add java-snappy.
      adds  823997e   gnu: Add java-iq80-snappy.
      adds  965ba54   licenses: Add cddl1.1.
      adds  5fb3e82   gnu: Add java-jboss-jms-api-spec.
      adds  3ff47c6   gnu: Add java-mail.
      adds  217b20e   gnu: Add java-jeromq.
      adds  51263ff   gnu: Add java-commons-csv.
      adds  229a986   gnu: Add java-commons-collections.
      adds  5aa2f3f   gnu: Add java-commons-beanutils.
      adds  46c6905   gnu: Add java-kafka-clients.
      adds  dfef423   gnu: Add java-log4j-core.
      adds  2caf873   gnu: Add java-log4j-1.2-api.
      adds  0b54e19   gnu: Add java-jdom.
      adds  78745d3   gnu: Add java-geronimo-xbean-reflect.
      adds  b80027e   gnu: Add java-tukaani-xz.
      adds  0726d4e   gnu: Add java-plexus-container-default-bootstrap.
      adds  0858b9d   gnu: Add java-plexus-io.
      adds  b51df3c   gnu: Add java-plexus-archiver.
      adds  a083729   gnu: Add java-plexus-container-default.
      adds  762b5a8   gnu: Move more testing packages from python.scm to 
      adds  33dc54b   gnu: Move date/time packages from python.scm to time.scm.
      adds  653f2b9   gnu: python-pylast: Update to 2.0.0.
      adds  b8e2af9   gnu: bitshuffle: Let build phase return #t.
      adds  04e9113   gnu: bitshuffle-for-snappy: Simplify.
      adds  218d1dd   gnu: java-mail: Let build phase return boolean.
      adds  3182a1d   gnu: audacity: Update to 2.2.0.
      adds  05c80e6   gnu: mes: Update to 0.11.
      adds  a7963b4   gnu: libassuan: Update to 2.4.4.
      adds  42ca84b   gnu: libreoffice: Remove GTK+ 2.
      adds  6563d58   gnu: owncloud-client: Don't check for updates.
      adds  5af27a8   gnu: owncloud-client: Update to 2.3.4.
      adds  84bd924   gnu: nano: Update to 2.9.0.
      adds  f4dd303   gnu: Patch ikiwiki to set PERL5LIB in the CGI wrapper.
      adds  c146314   Update email address for ng0.
      adds  a0e52af   gnu: tevent: Update to 0.9.34.
      adds  baba4d6   gnu: samba: Update to 4.7.2.
      adds  53bbafd   gnu: strace: Update to 4.20.
      adds  0632c6a   gnu: bitcoin: Update to 0.15.1.
      adds  a93447b   gnu: nss, nss-certs: Update to 3.34.
      adds  118a8ec   gnu: audacity: Fix building on non-Intel systems.
      adds  52d174d   ssh: Use (guix i18n).
      adds  85f4f7b   zlib: Fix race condition when closing gzip ports.
      adds  27015d6   gnu: c-toxcore: Update to 0.1.10.
      adds  0ce5cb0   gnu: qtox: Add filteraudio to inputs.
      adds  0b4c385   gnu: gajim: Add python2-axolotl to inputs.
      adds  485e006   gnu: guix: Update snapshot.
      adds  aace9be   gnu: address@hidden: Respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in 
__DATE__ and __TIME__ macros.
      adds  08cc0ef   gnu: kodi: Update snapshot.
      adds  036f1ee   gnu: Add python-clf.
      adds  4bee904   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.99.
      adds  92be9ee   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.63.
      adds  aa6ae8d   gnu: scribus: Fix No module named _sysconfigdata_nd.
      adds  4b1ba80   gnu: wget2: Switch to official URL.
      adds  bd7e136   Add semicolon in commands that set GUIX_PROFILE.
      adds  41916be   gnu: Add python-pyodbc.
      adds  a5792de   compile: Put an upper bound on the number of workers.
      adds  ebde40a   gnu: musl: Update to 1.1.18.
      adds  74a8308   gnu: eid-mw: Update to 4.3.4.
      adds  e26e55c   gnu: nss: Mark up description.
      adds  733f94b   gnu: btrfs-progs: Update to 4.14.
      adds  ac1f1aa   gnu: perl-devel-stacktrace: Update to 2.03.
      adds  ffe7eee   gnu: protobuf: Add ‘static’ output.
      adds  7d9935b   gnu: Add fstrm.
      adds  7e685de   gnu: Use ‘license:’ prefix in (gnu packages protobuf).
      adds  023ef01   gnu: knot: Support dnstap query logging.
      adds  0056f4c   gnu: knot: Update licence information.
      adds  a0fe7c0   gnu: Patch path to locale in gnome-desktop.
      adds  760e504   gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.964.
      adds  cb9b1a0   gnu: procenv: Update to 0.50.
      adds  7bd4103   gnu: cdogs-sdl: Update to 0.6.6.
      adds  9a87aa8   gnu: retroarch: Update to 1.6.8.
      adds  40e89f5   gnu: guix: Disable test that fails on Btrfs.
      adds  3151345   gnu: signify: Update to 23.
      adds  b63466f   gnu: samba: Update to 4.7.3 [fixes CVE-2017-14746 and 
      adds  0c417d9   gnu: orc: Update to 0.4.28.
      adds  a28835a   gnu: gnupg: Update to 2.2.3.
      adds  d280a0f   gnu: retroarch: Update to 1.6.9.
      adds  d1451fa   gnu: taglib: Update to 1.11.1 and fix home page.
      adds  953c2de   tests: Disable test for freed disk space that fails on 
      adds  5c1f38b   gnu: guix: Update snapshot.
      adds  5952342   union: Parametrize the symlink procedure .
      adds  de98b30   gexp: 'directory-union' has a #:quiet? parameter.
      adds  a659138   pull: Trim import list.
      adds  fe9b3ec   git: Do not add '.git' to the store.
      adds  5f93d97   Add (guix self) and use it when pulling.
      adds  4996195   hydra: 'evaluate' passes an alist to the entry point.
      adds  11a54b3   hydra: Add jobs for the modular Guix.
      adds  40590ca   gnu: idr: Correct license.
      adds  aa33cc2   gnu: idr: Update to 2.0.3.
      adds  cd295fb   Revert "Add (guix self) and use it when pulling."
      adds  ab2ccf4   gnu: lmms: Fix build.
      adds  1dc37cf   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.100.
      adds  86f914e   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.64.
      adds  3ebbf6d   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.14.1.
      adds  c297e96   gnu: procmail: Fix CVE-2017-16844.
      adds  77f9215   doc: Split the "Substitutes" section into subsections.
      adds  f61aaaf   gnu: emacs-hl-todo: Update to 1.8.0.
      adds  09f7c41   gnu: emacs-magit-popup: Update for the new source.
      adds  f137f84   gnu: vlc: Update to 2.2.8 [fixes CVE-2017-9300, 
      adds  8d6c745   gnu: libzip: Use new home page.
      adds  77e62ee   gnu: libzip: Update to 1.3.2.
      adds  26ac92d   gnu: goffice: Update to 0.10.36.
      adds  d655f39   gnu: gnumeric: Update to 1.12.36.
      adds  0cb9c9d   shepherd: Include /etc/group in service containers.
      adds  9e549ad   services: dicod: Run in a container.
      adds  5aa6e0d   gnu: emacs-org: Update to 9.1.3.
      adds  e6debca   gnu: subread: Update to 1.6.0.
      adds  e57e3dc   gnu: knot: Update to 2.6.2.
      adds  d868cf4   gnu: fish: Update to 2.7.0.
      adds  7044b92   linux-libre: Adapt some arm options to match intel conf.
      adds  be07cc4   bootloader: extlinux: Fix device tree path.
      adds  be10e4a   doc: Update package count.
      adds  0dcad04   gnu: pcmanfm: Add missing inputs. Remove comment.
      adds  327620d   gnu: pcmanfm: Fix CVE-2017-8934.
      adds  5864f1c   gnu: higan: Update to 106.
      adds  17c3f77   gnu: supertuxkart: Update to 0.9.3.
      adds  d7c64ad   gnu: Add MASSCAN.
      adds  907ab9e   gnu: utox: Update to 0.16.1.
      adds  06378ce   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 5.9.3.
      adds  7997d37   gnu: qt: Update to 5.9.3.
      adds  9c3c2ca   gnu: parallel: Update to 20171122.
      adds  b5bfa47   ui: 'known-variable-definition' protects against module 
      adds  f7f8930   gnu: coq-interval: Fix source URL for 3.3.0.
      adds  026f6a4   gnu-maintenance: Relax recursion cutoff in 
      adds  70c68ed   gnu: system->defconfig: Fix typo.
      adds  68b4910   doc: Fix typo.
      adds  77e3ce3   gnu: emacs-org-contrib: Fix typo in description.
      adds  cc558bd   gnu: knot: Update to 2.6.3.
      adds  01e9bc4   gnu: python-pytz, python-pytzdata: Update to 2017.3.x.
      adds  dd0134f   gnu: gcl: Update snapshot.
      adds  202e235   gnu: php: Update to 7.1.12.
      adds  b2383e5   gnu: java-fasterxml-jackson-annotations: Update to 2.9.2.
      adds  bd614de   gnu: java-fasterxml-jackson-core: Update to 2.9.2.
      adds  37cf071   gnu: java-fasterxml-jackson-databind: Update to 2.9.2.
      adds  7cee3cb   gnu: java-fasterxml-jackson-modules-base-jaxb: Update to 
      adds  abe5347   gnu: java-fasterxml-jackson-dataformat-yaml: Update to 
      adds  8cc1fce   gnu: java-fasterxml-jackson-dataformat-xml: Update to 
      adds  7a45268   gnu: Add emacs-highlight-stages.
      adds  17dc2a0   gnu: django: Fix building python-django-allauth.
      adds  ea3b9f7   gnu: mail: Remove python-django-mailman3.
      adds  e9291ea   gnu: Add guile-dsv.
      adds  749164c   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.102.
      adds  b2785c5   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.65.
      adds  a93ac4c   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.14.2.
      adds  1e0ea1d   gnu: utox: Make CHECK a native-input.
      adds  4aac8d0   syscalls: Adjust utmpx test.
      adds  33b02e0   gnu: efl: Update to 1.20.6.
      adds  7989ba2   gnu: enlightenment: Update to 0.22.1.
      adds  68cb962   gnu: guile-emacs: Resurrect, fixes #29186.
      adds  5ea35b4   gnu: qtsensors: Disable parallel tests.
      adds  2af6be9   gnu: diffoscope: Fix error messages related to comparison 
      adds  f1c49e7   gnu: mongodb: Update to 3.4.10.
      adds  29cfbfc   gnu: mongodb: Build without wiredtiger on 32-bit systems.
      adds  319b52c   gnu: mongodb: Use system wiredtiger when available.
      adds  51b0f09   gnu: mongodb: Remove some bundled sources.
      adds  a0bd6ff   gnu: tidy-html: Update to 5.6.0.
      adds  64047c8   gnu: qtox: Update to 1.13.0.
      adds  b8e7781   vm: Use os-defined initrd intead of base-initrd.
      adds  93bfc96   gnu: prosody: Update to 0.10.0.
      adds  cb31a52   gnu: Add lua5.1-bitop.
      adds  3ba5010   gnu: prosody: Add lua5.1-bitop to inputs.
      adds  5cc6dcd   services: prosody: Adapt to Prosody 0.10.0.
      adds  f59de6b   services: prosody: Add support for http-external-url.
      adds  1f6f1a0   services: prosody: Add support for http-max-content-size.
      adds  274b950   services: prosody: Allow to add raw content to the config 
      adds  e30038d   services: prosody: Add support for 
      adds  5c22f37   tests: messaging: Enable Prosody DIGEST-MD5 auth 
      adds  9b07130   list-runtime-roots: Ignore ESRCH while reading from /proc.
      adds  1ee13e0   gnu: image: Rename pngcrunch to pngcrush and update it.
      adds  5b327a2   gnu: exim: Fix CVE-2017-16943.
      adds  6dbad37   gnu: openntpd: Update to 6.2p3.
      adds  6438a46   gnu: crawl: Update to 0.20.1.
      adds  66e4791   gnu: python-pycanberra: Switch to new download URL.
      adds  f953aa5   gnu: fish-guix: Use new URL.
      adds  9221979   Update e-mail for ng0.
      adds  9071581   gnu: shotwell: Update to 0.27.1.
      adds  35e78aa   gnu: r-rhdf5: Fix build phase.
      adds  9cc51d1   gnu: librecad: Ensure that icons are found at runtime.
      adds  933ad80   gnu: Add java-snappy-1.
      adds  fc8d100   gnu: Add javacc.
      adds  6688c41   gnu: Add javacc-4.
      adds  9e325e8   gnu: Add java-commons-jexl-2.
      adds  bd94b6f   gnu: java-htsjdk: Update to 2.3.0.
      adds  d7fed31   gnu: Add java-picard.
      adds  c5ff11d   gnu: Add java-cofoja.
      adds  5e3abfc   gnu: Add java-commons-bcel.
      adds  9ce7ac9   gnu: Add ant-apache-bcel.
      adds  fa6c421   gnu: Add ant-junit.
      adds  d7f2477   gnu: Add java-picard-1.113.
      adds  776d2fb   gnu: Add java-jbzip2.
      adds  e084090   gnu: guile-wisp: Update to 0.9.8.
      adds  89c4bfe   gnu: guile-wisp: Switch to Guile 2.2.
      adds  e8374e6   gnu: guile-wisp: Move .go files to 
      adds  216614a   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.11.26.
      adds  5f16901   gnu: borg: Update to 1.1.3 [fixes CVE-2017-15914].
      adds  36c5cf7   gnu: rapicorn: Update home page.
      adds  d152d93   gnu: python-pyicu: Update to 1.9.8.
      adds  8fab029   gnu: python-pyicu: Update home page.
      adds  b46ea39   gnu: python-prompt-toolkit: Update to 1.0.15.
      adds  18533bc   gnu: borg: Use new home page.
      adds  26ff9cb   gnu: libzip: Run all tests.
      adds  ac25f59   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 3.20.2.
      adds  47aba9d   gnu: libgweather: Update to 3.26.1.
      adds  778c4a2   gnu: rhythmbox: Update to 3.4.2.
      adds  7832785   gnu: steghide: Fix description.
      adds  14e09e9   gnu: monero: Update to
      adds  12a130b   gnu: monero-core: Update to
      adds  080e023   gnu: openntpd: Enable use of TLS-based time constraints.
      adds  5823396   services: desktop: Create /var/run/udisks2 for the udisks 
      adds  03800de   gnu: Patch udisks to directly reference cryptsetup and 
      adds  b200ecd   gnu: Add gama.
      adds  aad2dbf   gnu: Add vim-fugitive.
      adds  1aace3d   gnu: gnurl: Update to 7.56.1-2.
      adds  149b2c4   gnu: lua-lpeg: Avoid code repetition.
      adds  19ff1f2   services: configuration: Show default values of list 
      adds  769e715   gnu: emacs-org-contrib: Fix sha256 checksum due to 
emacs-org update.
      adds  62028e9   gnu: nano: Update to 2.9.1.
      adds  ff6dcc1   gnu: libmicrohttpd: Update to 0.9.57.
      adds  797d238   gnu: node: Update to 8.9.1.
      adds  0d2ecf8   ui: Avoid "pkg:out" syntax when reporting collisions.
      adds  b32596e   gnu: Add perl-file-basedir.
      adds  825cebd   gnu: Add perl-file-desktopentry.
      adds  d0ce96b   gnu: Add perl-file-mimeinfo.
      adds  04c3573   gnu: xdg-utils: Add perl-file-mimeinfo as an input.
      adds  d344f5a   services: xorg: Allow users to specify a list of modules.
      adds  94b9abd   services: slim: Remove unused 'bash' configuration field.
      adds  b37f86d   services: xorg: Document 'slim-configuration' and 
deprecate 'slim-service'.
      adds  65c0f43   services: xorg: Remove WindowMaker as a default fallback.
      adds  91c619e   gnu: guix: Provide the correct version string.
      adds  dd1640e   gnu: guix: Add guile-bytestructures to the search path.
      adds  c397dfc   build: Explicitly flush the "LOAD" and "GUILEC" lines.
      adds  1da3d2a   gnu: perl-markdown-discount: Use a shorter patch file 
      adds  eef01cf   lint: 'patch-file-names' checks for file name length.
      adds  0a154c1   lint: Adjust file-name length test for out-of-tree file 
      adds  07f3b37   gnu: Add roguebox-adventures.
      adds  a6d02fc   gnu: Add eless.
      adds  e463a94   gnu: guix: Update snapshot to 0a154c1.
      adds  25fa22a   gnu: python-internetarchive: Update to 1.7.4.
      adds  2cdf78d   gnu: python-internetarchive: Enable tests.
      adds  142535c   gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.985.
      adds  fbf5ca3   gnu: libressl: Update to 2.6.3.
      adds  4440e40   gnu: zsh: Update to 5.4.2.
      adds  27a1077   gnu: Add font-dosis.
      adds  4eb4742   gnu: Add font-lato.
      adds  0ee27df   gnu: add font-fira-sans.
      adds  427a51f   gnu: Add python2-ufolib.
      adds  9b3c752   gnu: Add python-setuptools-scm-git-archive.
      adds  a39211f   gnu: Add python-pyclipper.
      adds  76040f7   gnu: Add python2-booleanoperations.
      adds  3715aff   gnu: Add python2-defcon.
      adds  20d2c6e   gnu: Add nototools.
      adds  f612992   build: Add missing patch.
      adds  1115f14   services: Add certbot service.
      adds  05f1cb3   doc: Create "Version Control Services" section.
      adds  4103493   services: Add Git HTTP(S) service support.
      adds  e755692   tests: cgit: Add a file to the test repository.
      adds  87dad87   tests: Add 'git-http' test.
      adds  a222b73   services: cgit, git-daemon: Add description and default 
      adds  3af03e5   services: certbot: Add default value and description.
      adds  38faa2b   gnu: qemu: Fix CVE-2017-{15118,15119}.
      adds  48adc61   gnu: exim: Fix CVE-2017-16944.
      adds  d2bdee8   gnu: synergy: Fix install test/install error.
      adds  3519f28   gnu: libtorrent-rasterbar: Update to 1.1.4.
      adds  94989d4   gnu: cran: Add r-rmpi.
      adds  efa6a1d   gnu: Add r-copynumber.
      adds  0e7fb0c   gnu: optipng: Fix CVE-2017-1000229.
      adds  4fc61da   gnu: libxcursor: Replace with 1.1.15 [fixes 
      adds  1ec0b74   gnu: address@hidden: Update replacement to 2.0.3 [fixes 
      adds  b3e53aa   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 1.5.4 [fixes 
      adds  d5feb09   gnu: limnoria: Update to 2017.10.01.
      adds  60c8a14   gnu: ghc-tasty-rerun: Update to 1.1.7.
      adds  1fd904f   gnu: Update r-mutationalpatterns to 1.4.1.
      adds  56f0feb   gnu: grub: Disable tests on ARM platforms.
      adds  06d91fd   gnu: Add vpnc-scripts.
      adds  101e67a   gnu: vpnc: Use newer vpnc-scripts.
      adds  a6d06e8   gnu: openconnect: Use only vpnc-scripts.
      adds  748d4a8   linux-boot: Ensure /etc exists on the root file system.
      adds  15c2ddc   vm: ISO9660 images include /etc and other standard files.
      adds  a912c72   gexp: 'compiled-modules' disables deprecation warnings by 
      adds  6308772   gnu: grub :Disable tests on aarch64.
      adds  2c646b7   gnu: libtorrent-rasterbar: Update to 1.1.5.
      adds  e6e8352   gnu: curl: Update to 7.57.0 [fixes 
      adds  ead48d0   gnu: ghc-happy: Update to 1.19.8.
      adds  32008a7   gnu: spectrwm: Fix description.
      adds  6ee797f   gexp: Default to 'guile-2.2' for 'program-file'.
      adds  53d2616   gnu: libgit2: Avoid dependency on cURL.
      adds  3e90135   gnu: exim: Update to 4.89.1.
      adds  46ff2db   gnu: grub-efi: Disable tests on all platforms.
      adds  d65d775   doc: Give the absolute file name of '' 
in snippets.
      adds  8833a64   gnu: guix: Move 'bootstrap' phase after 'unpack'.
      adds  cbe1314   gnu: Update r-minimal to 3.4.3.
      adds  c71558f   gnu: Update r-cluster to 2.0.6.
      adds  8937abe   gnu: Update r-matrix to 1.2-12.
      adds  c5b2905   gnu: dtc: Fix build on 32 bits platforms.
      adds  bf63027   gnu: scons: Update to 3.0.1.
      adds  3d0aa7f   build-system: Add scons-build-system.
      adds  2b1a5ed   gnu: linuxdcpp: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  2235abb   gnu: gpick: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  82cc825   gnu: serf: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  9364a52   gnu: metabat: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  92b51d1   gnu: godot: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  3f3f8f4   gnu: pingus: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  bc27eb3   gnu: klick: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  6e385b7   gnu: mongodb: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  cdc129d   gnu: Add r-psych.
      adds  6c8c8c6   gnu: Add r-broom.
      adds  18a11c6   gnu: r-recipes: Update to 0.1.1.
      adds  6c84c73   gnu: r-dendextend: Update to 1.6.0.
      adds  09c0107   gnu: r-hms: Update to 0.4.0.
      adds  b796f9e   gnu: r-openssl: Update to 0.9.9.
      adds  c8fb593   gnu: r-sn: Update to 1.5-1.
      adds  a0a3184   gnu: r-car: Update to 2.1-6.
      adds  6d4aed8   gnu: r-rcppeigen: Update to
      adds  20b0f8a   gnu: r-mclust: Update to 5.4.
      adds  3e11bdd   gnu: r-devtools: Update to 1.13.4.
      adds  87313f6   gnu: r-stringi: Update to 1.1.6.
      adds  26007cd   gnu: r-timedate: Update to 3042.101.
      adds  d76f987   gnu: r-rcpp: Update to 0.12.14.
      adds  814fd32   gnu: r-circlize: Update to 0.4.2.
      adds  654c29a   gnu: r-annotate: Update to 1.56.1.
      adds  058644c   gnu: r-deseq2: Update to 1.18.1.
      adds  d259932   gnu: r-dexseq: Update to 1.24.1.
      adds  4220ab0   gnu: r-gseabase: Update to 1.40.1.
      adds  d2081a1   gnu: r-getopt: Update to 1.20.1.
      adds  8131cf4   gnu: r-variantannotation: Update to 1.24.2.
      adds  1ce5d32   gnu: r-limma: Update to 3.34.2.
      adds  06e8e0f   gnu: r-genomicalignments: Update to 1.14.1.
      adds  4394926   gnu: r-maldiquant: Update to 1.17.
      adds  87e91a9   gnu: r-msnid: Update to 1.12.1.
      adds  9b8d020   gnu: r-annotationhub: Update to 2.10.1.
      adds  05fd8e6   gnu: r-pracma: Update to 2.1.1.
      adds  e35cac9   gnu: r-batchjobs: Update to 1.7.
      adds  0382d37   gnu: r-rmarkdown: Update to 1.8.
      adds  a3ae2fa   gnu: r-rcppprogress: Update to 0.4.
      adds  b50a4b1   gnu: r-cowplot: Update to 0.9.1.
      adds  f1b90a2   gnu: r-bigmemory: Update to 4.5.31.
      adds  117d8cc   gnu: jellyfish: Update to 2.2.7.
      adds  e42f026   ui: Present 'use-modules' hints with a question mark.
      adds  1d752e4   gnu: Add xautolock.
      adds  1d0865c   gnu: monero-core: Fix missing dependency.
      adds  f00515b   vm: Filter out file systems that refer to UUIDs or labels.
      adds  e339043   gnu: fish-guix: Update to
      adds  34a28c1   gnu: qemu: Enable seccomp support.
      adds  9ce07f2   doc: Update the example VCS snapshot package definition.
      adds  8b86000   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.103.
      adds  6850c9c   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.66.
      adds  1776d5c   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.14.3.
      adds  f8446df   gnu: elogind: Remove "uaccess" tag usage in "seat-late" 
      adds  c03ba83   gnu: git: Run tests sequentially.
      adds  491cbd3   gnu: Add emacs-evil-matchit.
      adds  6101cad   gnu: Add geomyidae.
      adds  f1de0e3   gnu: openfoam: Clean up to reduce closure.
      adds  e45b573   utils: Add target-arm32? procedure.
      adds  00e39b2   system: vm: Do not add EFI partition on ARM system.
      adds  fb5569b   gnu: man-pages: Update to 4.14.
      adds  e695d79   gnu: ghc-edisoncore: Fix typo in synopsis.
      adds  1252dd3   progress: Factorize erase-in-line.
      adds  5ed534c   progress: 'progress-bar' accounts for brackets.
      adds  4cdb27a   progress: Add 'progress-reporter/bar'.
      adds  1fafa2f   weather: Use (guix progress) for progress report.
      adds  e4ecd51   guix system: Simplify closure copy.
      adds  e261e27   guix system: 'init' displays a progress bar while copying.
      adds  4afc903   services: xorg: Add 'font-misc-misc' to the default font 
      adds  8ad4f0a   gnu: gnome-default-applications: Add Evince for PDF and 
      adds  c7ffbfe   gnu: guile: Add version 2.2.3.
      adds  f454839   gnu: java: Fix several synopses & descriptions.
      adds  1a1cf03   gnu: ghc-aeson-qq: Update to 0.8.2.
      adds  92cd946   gnu: ghc-array: Update to
      adds  c24bfc3   gnu: ghc-asn1-encoding: Update to 0.9.5.
      adds  17c3a50   gnu: ghc-asn1-types: Update to 0.3.2.
      adds  3f691f7   gnu: ghc-blaze-builder: Update to
      adds  b59a8fd   gnu: Add mtr.
      adds  b9fb70c   gnu: glusterfs: Replace hardcoded FHS references.
      adds  27c4796   gnu: tor: Update to 3.1.9 [security fixes].
      adds  2e7825b   gnu: guile-sly: Do not propagate Guile.
      adds  cea25b0   records: Use 'make-struct/no-tail'.
      adds  2a40503   tests: Avoid double slash in URIs.
      adds  e2721a0   Do not set '%fresh-auto-compile'.
      adds  31e557c   gnu: nss-certs: Update to 3.34.1.
      adds  763269f   gnu: keepassxc: Update to 2.2.2.
      adds  04bbd07   system: vm: Fix typo in comment.
      adds  63b31b5   gnu: xfig: Don't ignore 'xmkmf' exit code.
      adds  3c97322   gnu: Add groff-minimal.
      adds  c85f069   gnu: man-db: Use 'groff-minimal' at run time.
      adds  63f5656   gnu: mtr: Don't mention only ICMP ECHO.
      adds  5247e79   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.12.02.
      adds  72f6caa   gnu: elogind: Add file-name for source.
      adds  bf57e1c   uuid: Fix typo in comment.
      adds  7bf7463   build: Do not compile (gnu build shepherd).
      adds  22bf86a   linux-boot: Remove unneeded import.
      adds  211e804   gnu: u-boot: Update to 2017.11.
      adds  8c94393   gnu: mescc-tools: Update to 0.3.
      adds  8c80f8e   gnu: guile-dsv: Update to 0.2.1 & correct sha256.
      adds  993490d   gnu: giac-xcas: Update to 1.4.9-33.
      adds  4016de5   gnu: wireshark: Update to 2.4.3.
      adds  3d0ffa6   gnu: git: Update to 2.15.1.
      adds  d0d666f   gnu: libwebp: Update to 0.6.1.
      adds  0a3b5bb   gnu: weechat: Update to 2.0.
      adds  5189571   gnu: Add gst123.
      adds  a360474   gnu: faust: Update to 0.9.90.
      adds  75bbc3c   gnu: faust-2: Remove inherited phase.
      adds  952837c   gnu: guitarix: Update to 0.36.1.
      adds  a452762   gnu: jack-2: Update to 1.9.11-RC1.
      adds  803a9d5   gnu: calf: Update to 0.90.0.
      adds  d112e5a   gnu: Add kallisto.
      adds  cdc938d   profiles: Do not import the host's srfi-{19,26}.scm files.
      adds  af4a761   install: Add the prerequisites of 'profile-derivation' as 
GC roots.
      adds  350cb5b   doc: Link to work on bootstrapping.
      adds  2f60084   profiles: Avoid _IO* in profile builder.
      adds  8638362   install: Add colors in 'motd' and 'issue'.
      adds  2815fca   profile: Use _IO* but disable deprecation warning.
      adds  4a7b1ad   gnu: synthv1: Update to 0.8.5.
      adds  54c76c2   gnu: drumkv1: Update to 0.8.5.
      adds  98a26dc   gnu: samplv1: Update to 0.8.5.
      adds  d9721c2   scripts: Default to Guile 2.2 as the guile-for-build.
      adds  cbb7678   profiles: Really disable deprecation warnings for 
      adds  4bd7090   gnu: shepherd: Avoid "Bad file descriptor" warnings.
      adds  3fb6464   ui: Tweak conflicting profile entry error message.
      adds  b901043   gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.990.
      adds  8d7f1d7   gnu: guix: Update snapshot to 3fb6464.
      adds  d3cdb25   gnu: python-scikit-learn: Update to 0.19.1.
      adds  440c427   gnu: coda: Update to 2.18.3.
      adds  1d3c059   gnu: eolie: Update to 0.9.13.
      adds  f745999   gnu: di: Update to 4.44.
      adds  7e95d0f   gnu: ghc-comonad: Remove duplicate input.
      adds  8301d73   gnu: ghc-alex: Update to 3.2.3.
      adds  1740cb7   gnu: ghc-async: Update to
      adds  7432787   gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.995.
      adds  78bae62   gnu: protobuf: Update to 3.5.0.
      adds  617e87b   services: xorg: Properly handle the case where ~/.xession 
is used.
      adds  8cbb589   gnu: erlang: Update to 20.1.
      adds  6de3d17   gnu: elixir: Update to 1.5.2 and disable failing tests.
      adds  b9aab87   nls: Update 'fr' translation.
      adds  42d1603   tests: Look for multi-digit column numbers in unbound 
variable test.
      adds  2626062   doc: Merge "USB Stick Installation" and "DVD 
      adds  3b6e7c7   maint: Add the '.iso' extension to installation images.
      adds  9d163ec   maint: Add 'aarch64-linux' to the supported systems.
      adds  aa1d47e   maint: Let 'guix system vm-image' determine the right 
      adds  c7699eb   gnu: git: Remove unreliable git-svn tests.
      adds  c735e9e   Update NEWS.
      adds  be5622e   maint: Add ''.
      adds  39b27f4   doc: Mention
      adds  4307397   bootloader: extlinux: Stop using dd binary.
      adds  982caea   gnu: bazaar: Fix CVE-2017-14176.
      adds  b142756   gnu: spice: Update to 0.14.0.
      adds  a64d9d5   gnu: mbedtls-apache: Build shared library.
      adds  80e2524   gnu: Add bctoolbox.
      adds  0c45a6a   gnu: Add ortp.
      adds  dba33ca   gnu: Add bluez-alsa.
      adds  1fa37d1   gnu: bluez-alsa: Add missing file-name field.
      adds  4392570   gnu: Add libmygpo-qt.
      adds  d20b738   gnu: Add clementine.
      adds  3433e35   gnu: ghc-base-compat: Update to 0.9.3.
      adds  2545c92   gnu: ghc-bytestring: Update to
      adds  df90616   gnu: ghc-bytestring: Alphabetise inputs.
      adds  934dc8d   gnu: ghc-bytestring-builder: Update to
      adds  39bcc93   gnu: ghc-bytestring-handle: Update to
      adds  6bfcb59   gnu: ghc-bytestring-handle: Alphabetise inputs.
      adds  2c72272   gnu: ghc-chasingbottoms: Update to
      adds  751de3d   gnu: ghc-cheapskate: Alphabetise inputs.
      adds  4d9cdf3   gnu: ghc-cheapskate: Expand description.
      adds  615abb9   gnu: ghc-clock: Update to 0.7.2.
      adds  b849085   gnu: ghc-cmark: Update to 0.5.6.
      adds  bfd2ebd   gnu: ghc-cmdargs: Update to 0.10.18.
      adds  ab880e6   gnu: ghc-contravariant: Update to 1.4.
      adds  6d39aee   gnu: ghc-cookie: Update to 0.4.3.
      adds  59e0812   gnu: ghc-deepseq-generics: Update to
      adds  b46ebdd   gnu: ghc-directory: Update to
      adds  7c0e595   gnu: ghc-dlist: Update to
      adds  56aa945   gnu: ghc-enclosed-exceptions: Update to 2.0.1.
      adds  092ab12   gnu: ghc-exceptions: Update to 0.8.3.
      adds  e1e8038   gnu: ghc-exceptions: Run tests.
      adds  1c42bd1   gnu: ghc-executable-path: Update to
      adds  d4fd8ee   gnu: ghc-fgl-arbitrary: Update to
      adds  35deff7   gnu: ghc-fingertree: Update to
      adds  ffe8c06   gnu: ghc-fingertree: Run tests.
      adds  93e8c79   gnu: ghc-foldl: Update to 1.3.5.
      adds  c18f82d   gnu: ghc-free: Update to 4.12.4.
      adds  c0fc500   gnu: ghc-glob: Update to 0.9.1.
      adds  45a608d   gnu: ghc-glob: Mark up description.
      adds  a5f89a6   gnu: ghc-psqueues: Tweak description.
      adds  f1c2aed   gnu: ghc-half: Update to
      adds  bdd4aa1   gnu: ghc-comonad: Run tests.
      adds  26c6de8   gnu: di: Streamline description.
      adds  006a245   gnu: libvirt: Update to 3.10.0.
      adds  be520f1   gnu: emacs-org: Update to 9.1.4.
      adds  35377cf   gnu: emacs-org-contrib: Fix typo.
      adds  3908546   gnu: acpica: Mark up description.
      adds  4a462aa   gnu: acpica: Update to 20171110.
      adds  2ec4286   gnu: xlockmore: Update source URIs and home page.
      adds  50269c0   gnu: lua5.1-socket: Update to 3.0-rc1 (for IPv6 support).
      adds  a6888fe   gnu: lua5.1-socket: Add missing file-name field.
      adds  12746aa   gnu: python-git-review: Update to 1.26.0.
      adds  a08801e   gnu: ghc-http-types: Update to 0.11.
      adds  d484677   gnu: ghc-http-types: Run tests.
      adds  0faddfc   gnu: ghc-aws: Update to 0.18.
      adds  7dc8275   gnu: ghc-http-client: Update to
      adds  5a568e4   gnu: ghc-http-client-tls: Update to
      adds  e82152c   gnu: ghc-http-conduit: Update to 2.2.4.
      adds  e6f6d76   gnu: xlockmore: Update to 5.55.
      adds  6c441ef   gnu: acpica: Use HTTPS for home page.
      adds  fdfdecd   gnu, doc, tests: Use ‘bootloader-configuration’ 
      adds  ceffa18   gnu: zynaddsubfx: Update to 3.0.3.
      adds  bb6693b   gnu: qtractor: Update to 0.8.5.
      adds  128890f   gnu: go-github-com-syndtr-goleveldb: Update to 
      adds  fc6f1ce   gnu: go-github-com-audriusbutkevicius-pfilter: Update to 
      adds  7bcfb59   gnu: syncthing: Update to 0.14.41.
      adds  0d9824c   gnu: bedtools: Update to 2.27.0.
      adds  0e1a3e7   gnu: gnurl: Update to 7.57.0.
      adds  6a7e81c   gnu: kicad: Install libraries to PREFIX/lib, not 
      adds  65eaab6   gnu: qtox: Build with the latest FFmpeg.
      adds  537fe45   gnu: windowmaker: Add '.desktop' file.
      adds  0b7e437   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.104.
      adds  a748df4   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.67.
      adds  3c947fc   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.14.4.
      adds  6e7d841   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 2.6.12 [security fixes].
      adds  ecb28e6   doc: Update API endpoint.
      adds  84a0008   gnu: perl-dbi: Update to 1.637.
      adds  b2b9956   gnu: perl-dbix-class-schema-loader: Update to 0.07047.
      adds  47b0591   gnu: perl-sql-abstract: Update to 1.84.
      adds  b10ac21   gnu: perl-dbd-pg: Update to 3.7.0.
      adds  5f83ccb   gnu: ghc-tasty-golden: Update to
      adds  49b9c80   gnu: ghc-tasty-golden: Mark up description.
      adds  08bb5bb   gnu: ghc-test-framework-hunit: Update to
      adds  f3ec986   gnu: ghc-tasty-smallcheck: Update to 0.8.1.
      adds  1fd9062   gnu: ghc-tasty-smallcheck: Use HTTPS for home page.
      adds  0e9f424   gnu: ghc-tasty-rerun: Update to 1.1.8.
      adds  bb0e9ca   gnu: ghc-quickcheck-io: Update to 0.2.0.
      adds  3f148fc   gnu: libcue: Update to 2.2.0.
      adds  b6b5a3d   gnu: cmst: Update to 2017.09.19.
      adds  e6d7686   gnu: python2-defcon: Update to 0.3.5.
      adds  a82bb55   gnu: python2-ufolib: Update to 2.1.1.
      adds  28faa40   gnu: sddm: Update to 0.17.0.
      adds  66f217b   pull: Build with an ABI-compatible Guile.
      adds  aab322d   install: Don't start sshd by default.
      adds  f00b85f   gnu: commencement: Do not graft early bootstrap packages.
      adds  ff0e004   packages: 'fold-bag-dependencies' honors nativeness in 
recursive calls.
      adds  f3e3f4d   Update NEWS.
      adds  91c9b5d   packages: 'package-grafts' trims native inputs.
      adds  3e442f8   gnu: ghostscript-with-cups: Turn into a public variable.
      adds  614f8cc   gnu: guix: Update snapshot to 91c9b5d.
      adds  45c32bd   syscalls: Define 'input-flags' for 'tcgetattr' and 
      adds  787e8a8   services: console-font: Use 'tcsetattr' instead of 
invoking 'unicode_start'.
      adds  f0eb57b   Update NEWS.
      adds  609d126   Revert "packages: 'package-grafts' trims native inputs."
      adds  40f5c53   Update NEWS.
      adds  ad4953b   gnu: guix: Update to 0.14.0.
      adds  0dd9161   gnu: guix: Update to ad4953b.
      adds  5a2f019   Merge branch 'version-0.14.0'
      adds  0504daa   gnu: guile-xcb: Update to 1.3-1.db7d5a3.
      adds  7b45392   gnu: guile-wm: Update to 1.0-1.f3c7b3b.
      adds  3fb8041   gnu: guile-wm and guile-xcb: Build with guile-2.2.
      adds  17acac5   gnu: guile-xcb: Fix up indentation.
      adds  5b4e095   gnu: guile-wm: Fix up indentation.
      adds  581a006   gnu: ghc-glob: Fix typo.
      adds  0e7cb13   gnu: libraw: Update to 0.18.6.
      adds  61bfc18   gnu: re2: Update to 2017-12-01.
      adds  9bb7989   gnu: sddm: Remove obsolete workaround.
      adds  cf69135   gnu: certbot: Update to 0.20.0.
      adds  7920e18   scripts: All commands enable build hooks by default.
      adds  475a28b   gnu: mpd: Update to 0.20.12.
      adds  687442b   gnu: libwacom: Update to 0.26.
      adds  57dfd28   gnu: xf86-input-wacom: Update to 0.35.0.
      adds  5f50837   gnu: libinput: Update to 1.9.3.
      adds  a5e83ab   gnu: emacs-exwm: Update to 0.16.
      adds  46aa872   gnu: openrct2: Always install libraries to /lib.
      adds  dcf1217   gnu: keepassxc: Always install libraries to /lib.
      adds  89e1de2   gnu: eolie: Update to 0.9.15.
      adds  00cf98e   licenses: Add wxWindows 3.1 license.
      adds  d64f343   gnu: Add virtualgl.
      adds  0ea2364   gnu: openmw: Update to 0.43.0.
      adds  f46a352   gnu: Add qmpbackup.
      adds  1aa6582   gnu: wine: Add more inputs.
      adds  e02693a   gnu: wine64: Install libraries to /lib.
      adds  08c597d   doc: Fix typo.
      adds  881e102   gnu: libmicrohttpd: Update to 0.9.58.
      adds  6b85510   gnu: fvwm: Update to 2.6.7.
      adds  437a2c3   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.1.47.
      adds  145a531   gnu: icecat: Fix CVE-2017-7843.
      adds  83b9d12   gnu: bedtools-2.18: Fix build.
      adds  f88c1c5   gnu: chez-scheme: Update to 9.5.
      adds  8733fc9   gnu: Add emacs-robe.
      adds  18b1589   gnu: blists: Update to 2.0.
      adds  78f60e0   gnu: neomutt: Update to 20171208.
      adds  d8c9be8   gnu: gnurl: Use new download URL.
      adds  74a40dd   gnu: aspell.scm: Alphabetize dictionaries.
      adds  0e1b4d8   gnu: aspell-dict-en: Update to 2017.08.24-0.
      adds  dec2ade   gnu: glpk: Update to 4.64.
      adds  439980b   gnu: perl-sql-abstract: Update source uri.
      adds  981bccf   gnu: Add picprog.
      adds  316fd29   gnu: picprog: Fix non-Intel support.
      adds  73b3eaf   gnu: xapian: Update to 1.4.5.
      adds  831db64   gnu: notmuch: Update to 0.25.3.
      adds  4cb7794   gnu: gstreamer: Update to 1.12.4.
      adds  0f4ab4a   gnu: graphicsmagick: Update to 1.3.27.
      adds  6d21272   gnu: git-modes: Rename to 'emacs-git-modes'.
      adds  308b8f7   gnu: emacs-smartparens: Update to 1.11.0.
      adds  f4007b2   lint: 'check-vulnerabilities' also checks package 
      adds  9c2d2c1   gnu: t1lib: Change how patched CVEs are listed.
      adds  6146603   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.12.10.
      adds  8bc1935   build-system/asdf: Use 'mlambda'.
      adds  3b80b81   ui: Display hints to resolve profile collisions.
      adds  d53fb67   gnu: rust: Update rust to 1.22.1 and cargo to 1.23.0.
      adds  7f04197   utils: Fix cond-expand for Guile 2.0.
      adds  aa5c206   gnu: jemalloc: Fix tests for aarch64.
      adds  16a7a74   Revert "gnu: libinput: Update to 1.9.3."
      adds  8be84d3   gnu: darktable: Add configure option
      adds  ca3c143   gnu: Add gource.
      adds  4b563b3   gnu: Add i3lock-color.
      adds  b0a2dc7   gnu: Add i3lock-fancy.
      adds  397d798   gnu: Add emacs-ws-butler.
      adds  9faa46e   gnu: Add emacs-csv-mode.
      adds  fbc60db   gnu: Add emacs-grep-a-lot.
      adds  cdba3a8   gnu: Add emacs-string-inflection.
      adds  73138fd   gnu: skalibs: Fix non-reproducibility issue.
      adds  42e891c   gnu: Add emacs-diff-hl.
      adds  1e52fd8   gnu: Add afew.
      adds  47dc9a0   guix: utils: Add version-major.
      adds  9cf5f13   gnu: Switch to using the version-major procedure.
      adds  fd3ddef   gnu: %rust-bootstrap-binaries: Add missing catch-all 
      adds  e85d681   gnu: rust: Add support for all platforms.
      adds  0d57068   gnu: cargo: Add file-name field to input sources.
      adds  b7db2c6   web: Don't error about missing ssl related files.
      adds  c48aa70   services: web: Remove default certificate and key files 
for nginx.
      adds  2881f85   services: web: Add support for configuring the nginx 
server names hash.
      adds  472368a   services: web: Switch nginx related functions to use 
      adds  adedbe9   gnu: Add cli-visualizer.
      adds  7f7419b   gnu: ffmpeg: Update to 3.4.1.
      adds  f419fe4   gnu: Remove address@hidden
      adds  eb6263f   gnu: whois: Update to 5.2.19.
      adds  3bbc6fa   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.105.
      adds  7dd51f2   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.68.
      adds  111841c   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.14.5.
      adds  c1c8258   gnu: Add snapscreenshot.
      adds  8d8d227   gnu: Add fbcat.
      adds  cc3ac16   gnu: Add uthash.
      adds  6e119ba   gnu: xfig, transfig: Update home pages.
      adds  03870da   Add (guix profiling).
      adds  252c408   memoization: Add profiling support.
      adds  6c80641   memoization: Profiling support keeps track of lookups and 
      adds  3d19b7f   derivations: Use 'define-immutable-record-type' as 
      adds  1d008d9   derivations: 'derivation-hash' assumes inputs are 
      adds  cbf5eb8   gnu: global: Update to 6.6.
      adds  1e000f1   gnu: miniupnpc: Update to 2.0.20171212.
      adds  e05cc6b   gnu: meson: Update to 0.44.0.
      adds  64bae72   gnu: services: Add php-fpm.
      adds  a7ebe9d   gnu: xfig: Update to 3.2.6a.
      adds  27c50d8   doc: Fix typo.
      adds  40761f5   gnu: Add krita.
      adds  91b21ba   gnu: cgit: Patch absolute file names.
      adds  7b307a2   vm: Use qemu drive device parameter.
      adds  57202f2   gnu: gtksourceview: Update to 3.24.6.
      adds  4168ddf   gnu: guile-gdbm-ffi: Install documentation.
      adds  c2c5b11   gnu: polyml: Update to 5.7.1.
      adds  22358bd   Revert "derivations: 'derivation-hash' assumes inputs are 
      adds  cc6a4b0   pull: Add (guix profiling) to the build environment.
      adds  d738f13   gnu: notmuch: Move elisp directory and generate autoloads.
      adds  eb1150c   derivations: Split 'derivation-hash' in two procedures.
      adds  90354e3   derivations: Don't memoize 'derivation-hash'.
      adds  d1f01e4   memoization: Add 'invalidate-memoization!.
      adds  34797d8   hydra: Invalidate derivation caches after each 
architecture evaluation.
      adds  e2e6e9e   hydra: Pre-load the compiler.
      adds  da43edb   gnu: Add perl-time-piece.
      adds  ab998d5   gnu: perl-test-mocktime: Update to 0.15.
      adds  9210fdf   gnu: perl-test-pod: Update to 1.51.
      adds  1d1f1b3   gnu: perl-test-requires: Update to 0.10.
      adds  a2460e0   gnu: perl-text-bibtex: Update to 0.85.
      adds  5ac4bd9   gnu: r-domc: Update to 1.3.5.
      adds  a135b3d   gnu: r-caret: Update to 6.0-78.
      adds  4a69976   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.12.14.
      adds  35e86e3   gnu: Erlang: Update to 20.1.7 [fixes CVE-2017-1000385].
      adds  aa29f8f   gnu: gucharmap: Use glib-or-gtk-build-system.
      adds  4e0b358   gnu: diamond: Update to 0.9.14.
      adds  8a6cd65   gnu: python-scikit-learn: Patch test non-determinism.
      adds  97c2679   gnu: Add python2-pyopengl-accelerate.
      adds  a0ec2d2   gnu: xpra: Update to 2.2.
      adds  e536b1d   gnu: s-shell: Update to commit 
      adds  1bc147d   guix: ant-build-system: Do not compress jars.
      adds  86383d6   gnu: yoshimi: Update to 1.5.5.
      adds  2713e39   gnu: ruby-2.3: Update to 2.3.6 [fixes CVE-2017-17405].
      adds  263c56d   gnu: ruby-2.2: Update to 2.2.9 [fixes CVE-2017-17405].
      adds  6098a38   gnu: bedtools: Update to 2.27.1.
      adds  86637f1   gnu: ruby: Replace with ruby-2.4.3 [fixes CVE-2017-17405].
      adds  dfb403b   doc: Fix typo.
      adds  acf54bc   vm: Adapt qemu command to ARM.
      adds  e224820   bootloader: Factorize write-file-on-device.
      adds  3e0a429   progress: Rename 'erase-in-line' to 'erase-current-line'.
      adds  5830168   gnu: Add Easytag.
      adds  852ba10   gnu: vis: Update to 0.4.
      adds  d65854b   gnu: python2-pyicu: Disable failing test.
      adds  5a72ddf   scripts: system: Add --expression option.
      adds  ceb3952   system: Add BeagleBone Black installer.
      adds  fb9472a   gnu: Add lookingglass.
      adds  fd4f26e   gnu: ghc-reflection: Update to 2.1.2.
      adds  2c7f6ce   gnu: text-editors: Fix nckx's copyright statement.
      adds  6bc862c   gnu: r-foreach: Update to 1.4.4.
      adds  574b1d0   gnu: python-pyicu: Set python2-variant.
      adds  1137d85   gnu: eigen: Update to 3.3.4.
      adds  6ad0c92   gnu: ceres-solver: Update to 1.13.0.
      adds  7683bf1   gnu: texlive-bin: Disable tests on aarch64.
      adds  42cdcdf   etc: Add snippets.
      adds  5bd3a84   gnu: guile-gdbm-ffi: Default to Guile 2.2.
      adds  86c979b   gnu: hplip: Update to 3.7.11.
      adds  1018444   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.1.48.
      adds  d14d1f1   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.69.
      adds  b43ef29   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.14.6.
      adds  afe9809   gnu: gflags: Update to 2.2.1.
      adds  7942516   gnu: perl-compress-raw-zlib: Update to 2.076.
      adds  7e8aac1   gnu: perl-crypt-openssl-bignum: Update to 0.09.
      adds  ce0be1b   gnu: perl-lingua-en-inflect: Update to 1.903.
      adds  a4b7142   gnu: perl-lingua-stem-ru: Update to 0.04.
      adds  d6f5ad8   gnu: perl-net-dns: Update to 1.14.
      adds  697a958   gnu: perl-test-most: Update to 0.35.
      adds  2927c2c   gnu: perl-test-simple: Update to 1.302120.
      adds  b11407d   gnu: perl-test-trailingspace: Update to 0.0301.
      adds  2c438e5   gnu: perl-test-trap: Update to 0.3.3.
      adds  67c939d   gnu: perl-test-yaml: Update to 1.06.
      adds  5985d01   gnu: mutt: Update to 1.9.2.
      adds  97817e7   linux-boot: Add make-static-device-nodes.
      adds  86e6b4c   services: base: Use make-static-device-nodes.
      adds  4b35953   gnu: gx-guvnor-lv2: Correct license.
      adds  6ac8c78   gnu: gx-guvnor-lv2: Download sources from git.
      adds  45ab28a   gnu: gx-vbass-preamp-lv2: Inherit phases from 
      adds  48b95a1   gnu: gx-suppa-tone-bender-lv2: Fetch sources from git.
      adds  3751923   gnu: gx-hyperion-lv2: Fetch sources from git.
      adds  d42c661   gnu: gx-voodoo-fuzz-lv2: Fetch sources from git
      adds  5057535   gnu: gx-super-fuzz-lv2: Fetch sources from git.
      adds  0febd67   gnu: gx-vintage-fuzz-master-lv2: Fetch sources from git.
      adds  fe049d2   gnu: mod-utilities: Update to 0-2.80ea3ea9f.
      adds  341bddb   gnu: axoloti-runtime: Update ChibiOS URL.
      adds  02345c9   gnu: Add knights.
      adds  67df716   gnu: Add libvdpau-va-gl.
      adds  1b74b12   gnu: gx-vbass-preamp-lv2: Update to 0-2.eb999b0ca.
      adds  d921a1f   gnu: gx-slow-gear-lv2: Update to 0-3.5d37e775b.
      adds  d9f65bd   gnu: gx-saturator-lv2: Update to 0-3.605330f43.
      adds  25504aa   gnu: lookingglass: Limit to Intel compatable systems.
      adds  ca6182a   gnu: guix: Update snapshot to 02345c.
      adds  dafc3da   guix: offload: Add "status" sub-command.
      adds  e908a5a   gnu: borg: Fix a data loss bug.
      adds  1475d5c   gnu: krita: Enhance krita.
      adds  bef02e9   gnu: python-dulwich: Update to 0.18.6 [fixes 
      adds  bc3d607   gnu: global: Update to 6.6.1 [fixes CVE-2017-17531].
      adds  e25ca46   services: cleanup: Remove "/run/udev/watch.old" directory.
      adds  b8396f9   profiles: Use (guix man-db) to create the manual database.
      adds  f845793   gnu: pinentry-tty: Add meta-data for 'guix refresh'.
      adds  58d9e71   gnu-maintenance: 'latest-ftp-release' ignores "unstable" 
      adds  217f704   gnu: gourmet: Fix runtime failure and enhance plugin.
      adds  ad564a0   gnu: Add grammalecte.
      adds  e8a051e   services: certbot: Fix certbot renewal job.
      adds  16613d2   man-db: Autoload (gdbm).
      adds  56d924a   gnu: grammalecte: Fix 'license' field.
      adds  e0d9677   gnu: system: vm: Use loose cache for 9p file system.
      adds  98cf8ca   gnu: Add mod-wsgi.
      adds  87dbb63   gnu: openssl: Update replacement to 1.0.2n [fixes 
      adds  2ca712b   vm: Pass the host's /dev/urandom to the guest at 
      adds  4423302   nls: Update 'hu' translation.
      adds  5a5d1a7   doc: Fix typo.
      adds  f7ce213   gnu: Add sonivox-eas.
      adds  92b36e3   gnu: Add whysynth.
      adds  4071379   gnu: Add qjackrcd.
      adds  39b3358   gnu: Add jack-capture.
      adds  13edf1b   gnu: Add aj-snapshot.
      adds  cf31d5e   gnu: Add noise-repellent.
      adds  b631399   gnu: qmidiarp: Update to 0.6.5.
      adds  8271b8d   gnu: r-seurat: Fix ModularityOptimizer.jar.
      adds  ae16426   gnu: Add r-ica.
      adds  bf025ff   gnu: Add r-dtw.
      adds  15ef07f   gnu: Add r-sdmtools.
      adds  ae3f207   gnu: Add r-scatterplot3d.
      adds  f90018e   gnu: Add r-ggridges.
      adds  007f6d9   gnu: Add r-ggjoy.
      adds  fff9b88   gnu: Add r-diffusionmap.
      adds  f1a2b1c   gnu: r-seurat: Update to 2.1.0.
      adds  8b223ce   services: nginx: Replace 'http-port' and 'https-port' 
with 'listen'.
      adds  b05e8ee   services: nginx: Allow to add raw content to the server 
      adds  af8c547   gnu: claws-mail: Update to 3.16.0.
      adds  9f1e39d   system: examples: Add a template for BeagleBone Black.
      adds  399993f   ui: Non-zero exit for compound '&message' and 
'&error-location' conditions.
      adds  4e9dfe3   gnu: Fix ambiguous 'zip' reference.
      adds  ab25eb7   gexp: 'computed-file' has a new #:guile parameter.
      adds  b50a9cc   gnu: psm: Update home page URL.
      adds  91675d5   gnu: rsync: Patch CVE-2017-{16548,17433,17434}.
      adds  147d42f   gnu: emacspeak: Update to 47.0.
      adds  3caab23   guix gc: '--verify=foo' is reported as an error.
      adds  45f6211   doc: Clarify treatment of the root account.
      adds  63dc763   gnu: deutex: Update to 5.1.0.
      adds  8e9b3c6   gnu: expect: Update to 5.45.3.
      adds  7bd9af7   gnu: libsodium: Update to 1.0.16.
      adds  2ea3333   gnu: libjpeg-turbo: Update to 1.5.3.
      adds  937790d   gnu: qemu: Update to 2.10.2.
      adds  972fa87   gnu: pcsc-lite: Update to 1.8.23.
      adds  98bd11c   gnu: termite: Update to 13.
      adds  86300e6   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.106.
      adds  48e1f44   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.70.
      adds  7a6a08c   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.14.7.
      adds  4498cbd   gnu: GnuPG pinentry: Update to 1.1.0.
      adds  4fad659   gnu: keepassxc: Update to 2.2.4.
      adds  4a408d8   gnu: mpd: Update to 0.20.13.
      adds  a1ac7bf   tests: Adjust php-fpm test to new nginx API.
      adds  28fc96c   gnu: Update r-cowplot to 0.9.2.
      adds  ba1ba9f   gnu: emulation-station: Add missing file-name field.
      adds  fb6ca49   gnu: Update gwl to 0.1.1.
      adds  b28e05d   gnu: antiword: Fix broken embedded directory name.
      adds  79b43bc   gnu: pcsc-lite: Update to 1.8.23.
      adds  21bc352   gnu: dino: Update to 0.0-3.f25fadde2.
      adds  f3b985f   gnu: python-nbxmpp: Update to 0.6.1.
      adds  0464dc1   gnu: gajim: Update to 0.16.9.
      adds  7a070f0   gnu: Add quakespasm.
      adds  a8db968   gnu: wxmaxima: Update to 17.10.1.
      adds  9a56cf2   services: urandom-seed: Try using a HWRNG to seed the 
Linux CRNG at boot.
      adds  68f1869   gnu: xfce4-session: Disable (duplicate) Gtk+ icon cache 
      adds  618f058   upstream: Reject bogus archive type guesses.
      adds  8d11ef4   gnu: r-vegan: Update to 2.4-5.
      adds  756ac72   gnu: r-dexseq: Update to 1.24.2.
      adds  7665fb3   gnu: r-biocstyle: Update to 2.6.1.
      adds  ab0dd8a   gnu: r-edger: Update to 3.20.2.
      adds  d41f678   gnu: r-limma: Update to 3.34.4.
      adds  28d25d0   gnu: r-rtracklayer: Update to 1.38.2.
      adds  2ccd850   gnu: r-gqtlstats: Update to 1.10.1.
      adds  11e4220   gnu: r-gviz: Update to 1.22.2.
      adds  b9e8a5c   gnu: r-biomart: Update to 2.34.1.
      adds  f46a74e   gnu: r-proxy: Update to 0.4-20.
      adds  2960f96   gnu: r-vcd: Update to 1.4-4.
      adds  d0c1a40   gnu: r-digest: Update to 0.6.13.
      adds  de3fd92   gnu: r-reshape2: Update to 1.4.3.
      adds  1028f9e   gnu: r-yaml: Update to 2.1.16.
      adds  069e3b5   gnu: r-backports: Update to 1.1.2.
      adds  004e108   gnu: r-git2r: Update to 0.20.0.
      adds  0300cac   gnu: r-plotrix: Update to 3.7.
      adds  102a271   gnu: r-rcpparmadillo: Update to 0.8.300.1.0.
      adds  0a1b447   gnu: r-rprojroot: Update to 1.3-1.
      adds  4a1945d   gnu: r-segmented: Update to 0.5-3.0.
      adds  d2dc69b   gnu: r-iterators: Update to 1.0.9.
      adds  83b0e1d   gnu: r-registry: Update to 0.5.
      adds  f9f1291   gnu: r-ade4: Update to 1.7-10.
      adds  5378f38   gnu: r-curl: Update to 3.1.
      adds  02cdb45   gnu: Add r-truncnorm.
      adds  cb8b4c1   gnu: Add r-rsolnp.
      adds  d039494   gnu: r-hardyweinberg: Update to 1.5.9.
      adds  2976f30   gnu: Add r-cli.
      adds  aead9e1   gnu: r-testthat: Update to 2.0.0.
      adds  57ae890   gnu: r-htmltable: Update to 1.11.0.
      adds  74c96b0   gnu: webkitgtk: Update to 2.18.4 [fixes 
      adds  afcbc34   gnu: babl: Update to 0.1.38.
      adds  09a91ad   gnu: libressl: Update to 2.6.4.
      adds  8bc6956   gnu: rng-tools: Update to 6.1.
      adds  48a9654   gnu: exim: Update to 4.90.
      adds  5965b08   gnu: libassuan: Update to 2.5.1.
      adds  e6f6341   gnu: python-pygpgme: Use GnuPG 1 for the test suite.
      adds  0e06bec   gnu: gpgme: Build with the latest GnuPG.
      adds  4305176   gnu: microscheme: Fix home page.
      adds  770635e   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.107.
      adds  0786e4b   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.71.
      adds  66df43b   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.14.8.
      adds  dacd8cf   gnu: links: Fix-CVE-2017-11114.
      adds  fa79a90   gnu: Add perl-test-requiresinternet.
      adds  91213c3   gnu: weechat: Update to 2.0.1.
      adds  dab2542   gnu: mupdf: Update to 1.12.0 [fixes CVE-2017-15369].
      adds  417f3d4   gnu: xboing: Fix CVE-2004-0149.
      adds  ce16d31   gnu: libexif: Fix CVE-2017-7544.
      adds  c521c8f   gnu: Add python-tempdir.
      adds  2a0e3d1   gnu: libarchive: Fix CVE-2017-14502.
      adds  0c9c952   gnu: libxslt: Fix CVE-2017-5029 and re-apply the fix for 
      adds  806e891   gnu: address@hidden: Superseded by the latest GnuPG.
      adds  5308f15   gnu: zstd: Update to 1.3.3.
      adds  f45e314   gnu: zstd: Disable unrelated format support.
      adds  00840ee   gnu: weechat: Run tests.
      adds  382e5f1   gnu: gnupg: Update to 2.2.4.
      adds  5dc0e0b   gnu: imagemagick: Update to 6.9.9-27.
      adds  9c3ad42   gnu: libgxps: Fix CVE-2017-11590.
      adds  47ebb1a   guix: Exclude broken symlinks from man files.
      adds  e807306   gnu: zstd: Use default ‘check’ target.
      adds  82d57f1   gnu: Add hungrycat.
      adds  34e8cf2   gnu: Add lunzip.
      adds  5dca4c7   gnu: Add clzip.
      adds  2e3b1a9   gnu: Add lzlib.
      adds  8c4ca85   gnu: Add plzip.
      adds  a837423   gnu: emacs-ivy: Update to 0.10.0.
      adds  5f66a0a   gnu: emacs-ivy: Install documentation.
      adds  5145001   gnu: Add meandmyshadow.
      adds  a468f89   system: examples: Add missing initrd to 
      adds  8785bd7   doc: Document fixed-output derivations.
      adds  206a28d   services: 'user-processes-service-type' can now be 
      adds  4e9fd50   services: urandom-seed: Become a dependency of 
      adds  8faaf8d   services: urandom-seed: Deprecate the 
'urandom-seed-service' procedure.
      adds  4a32f58   services: urandom-seed: Depend on udev.
      adds  de2032b   gnu: Add python-activepapers.
      adds  4ca90ff   mapped-devices: Add 'location' and 'check' fields.
      adds  42ff7d3   mapped-devices: 'luks-device-mapping' checks its source 
      adds  893d0b0   guix system: Check mapped devices upon 'init' and 
      adds  d633f2f   gnu: mutter: Add xorg-xserver-xwayland input.
      adds  b9bf2b8   gnu: Update r-mutationalpatterns to 1.4.2.
      adds  c729225   file-systems: Do not mount hugetlb cgroup filesystem.
      adds  2cf5f4c   file-systems: Move %control-groups from 
%base-file-systems to %elogind-file-systems.
      adds  0054564   gnu: mariadb: Update to 10.1.29.
      adds  3a1f26f   gnu: Add python-olefile.
      adds  9e3a8ed   gnu: python-pillow: Update to 4.3.0.
      adds  58087bd   gnu: fish: Update to 2.7.1.
      adds  3faa422   gnu: Build wiredtiger with snappy support.
      adds  85f075a   gnu: lilypond: Update to 2.19.80.
      adds  3e30cdf   guix build: Support 'address@hidden'.
      adds  fae7973   doc: Add "/guix" after LOCALSTATEDIR.
      adds  84958de   gnu: windowmaker: Enable xinerama support.
      adds  66e86f2   gnu: protobuf: Update to 3.5.1.
      adds  5078632   gnu: fish: Mark up description.
      adds  7b20cd5   gnu: ocaml-bitstring: Update to 2.1.1.
      adds  26b438e   gnu: ocaml-ssl: Update to 0.5.5.
      adds  36dba63   gnu: ocaml-ssl: Expand description.
      adds  0e43721   gnu: ocaml-jbuilder: Update to 1.0+beta16.
      adds  484d68f   gnu: ocaml-utop: Update to 2.0.2.
      adds  4237af8   gnu: ruby-tzinfo: Update to 1.2.4.
      adds  9251319   gnu: ruby-tzinfo-data: Update to 1.2017.3.
      adds  2f3800e   gnu: ruby: Use HTTPS for home pages.
      adds  28c03b4   gnu: dovecot: Update to 2.3.0.
      adds  79bffa3   gnu: chicken: Update to 4.13.0.
      adds  90d8923   doc: Properly escape brackets.
      adds  44dd001   gnu: par2cmdline: Update to 0.8.0.
      adds  6a06961   gnu: weechat: Disable tests on non-Intel architectures.
      adds  493937a   gnu: openblas: Build with LAPACK.
      adds  5889185   gnu: xz: Adjust the home page.
      adds  69b7fa3   gnu: xdelta: Change to new home page.
      adds  d6ddc5a   gnu: java-xz: Adjust home page.
      adds  bf3be6a   gnu: ruby: Use new home page.
      adds  6b1c3ef   gnu: open-adventure: Fix comment about linenoise.
      adds  916bb94   gnu: Add yamagi-quake2.
      adds  e144cbc   gnu: python-numpy: Reorganize patches.
      adds  a08d5a0   gnu: Add python2-numpy-1.8.
      adds  2a222b7   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.12.23.
      adds  b596306   gnu: Add perl-net-dns-native.
      adds  1360b6b   gnu: perl-mojolicious: Update to 7.59.
      adds  427d567   gnu: perl-pod-simple: Update to 3.35.
      adds  a36a917   gnu: perl-pod-simple: Mark up description.
      adds  fae9dc7   gnu: perl-io-socket-ip: Update to 0.38.
      adds  405cb5a   gnu: ruby-highline: Update to 1.7.10.
      adds  d30ac8f   gnu: fmt: Update to 4.1.0.
      adds  8617867   gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.1011.
      adds  817e91b   gnu: you-get: Fix typo in synopsis.
      adds  5e84eab   gnu: you-get: Explicitly invoke input ffmpeg.
      adds  bbfd188   gnu: beets: Update to 1.4.6.
      adds  51cfdf9   gnu: suckless: Use HTTPS URLs.
      adds  9be5ecd   gnu: python, python-web: Update ‘permanently moved’ home 
      adds  dbd37c1   gnu: openstack: Update ‘permanently moved’ home pages.
      adds  7815d09   gnu: racket: Update to 6.11.
      adds  546f86d   gnu: xpra: Update to 2.2.1.
      adds  7866d8c   gnu: Add wine-staging.
      adds  141708e   gnu: wine-staging: Add gtk+, libva inputs.
      adds  51f0190   gnu: wine: Add missing copyright line.
      adds  c154c97   gnu: gambit-c: Update to 4.8.8.
      adds  6cd4674   gnu: Add wine64-staging.
      adds  7459cb9   services: messaging: Use HTTPS for URLs.
      adds  e9960d8   gnu, doc: Use HTTPS for home pages.
      adds  0796954   gnu: r-xts: Update to 0.10-1.
      adds  0286132   gnu: python-reportlab: Update to 3.4.0.
      adds  16c76cc   gnu: python-reportlab: Use HTTPS for home page.
      adds  27a976e   gnu: pulsemixer: Update to 1.4.0.
      adds  e7ef061   gnu: cmark: Update to 0.28.3.
      adds  554245d   gnu: cmark: Mark up description.
      adds  fb812f7   gnu: ruby-crass: Update to 1.0.3.
      adds  f03153d   gnu: ruby-daemons: Update to 1.2.5.
      adds  05f2f8b   gnu: ruby-hoe: Update to 3.16.2.
      adds  1bf02b2   gnu: ruby-pry: Update to 0.11.3.
      adds  53fd476   gnu: ruby-simplecov-html: Update to 0.10.2.
      adds  0c9f73c   gnu: ruby-json-pure: Fix build failure.
      adds  8895a96   gnu: dotherside: Update to 0.6.3.
      adds  becee9e   gnu: python-ruamel.yaml: Update to 0.15.35.
      adds  5dff075   gnu: ecl-flexi-streams: Update to 1.0.16.
      adds  31af847   gnu: python-cbor: Mark up description.
      adds  b982fb1   gnu: pdsh: Update to 2.33.
      adds  595b175   gnu: scmutils: Update to 20160827.
      adds  dc7d6d4   gnu: Fix copyright symbol.
      adds  6677656   gnu: parallel: Update to 20171222.
      adds  09c9fe4   gnu: gnuastro: Update to 0.5.
      adds  c122823   gnu: games: Add the-butterfly-effect.
      adds  6cf61ce   gnu: emacs: Update org and org-plus-contrib.
      adds  30fd958   gnu: slib: Update home page.
      adds  2705a97   gnu: sicp: Update to 20170703-1.225c172.
      adds  9b9e350   gnu: cbatticon: Update to 1.6.7.
      adds  7108ad5   gnu: scheme48-rx: Update to 0.0.0-2.dd9037f.
      adds  4338d3f   gnu: python-freezegun: Update to 0.3.9.
      adds  8c2781f   gnu: python-lit: Update to 0.5.1.
      adds  a431b03   gnu: python-rednose: Update to 1.2.3.
      adds  ac97dce   gnu: check, llvm: Use HTTPS for home pages.
      adds  467cfaa   gnu: Add python-semver.
      adds  579b436   gnu: Add python-ed25519.
      adds  d0d5f72   gnu: Add python-ecpy.
      adds  00d3f02   gnu: Add python-trezor-agent.
      adds  6e9749e   gnu: Add python-mnemonic.
      adds  0e0015f   gnu: sicp: Use HTTPS for home page.
      adds  8c03d1f   gnu: jack2: Update to 1.9.12.
      adds  6370fb2   gnu: bitshuffle: Update to 0.3.4.
      adds  030274c   gnu: python-alembic: Update to 0.9.6.
      adds  08455a3   gnu: python-redis: Update to 2.10.6.
      adds  69d973c   gnu: liblangtag: Use home page.
      adds  a7f27da   gnu: check, databases: Use HTTPS for
      adds  7153627   gnu: darktable: Update to 2.4.0.
      adds  23e2c09   gnu: go-github-com-audriusbutkevicius-pfilter: Update to 
      adds  3b58b7f   gnu: go-github-com-ccding-go-stun: Update to 
      adds  187cc2b   gnu: syncthing: Update to 0.14.42.
      adds  c9c7c03   gnu: libupnp: Update to 1.6.24.
      adds  0b5eff8   gnu: Move libupnp to (gnu packages upnp).
      adds  e4d8584   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.108.
      adds  5338e62   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.72.
      adds  95b969b   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.14.9.
      adds  3c0cfe3   gnu: linux-libre: Adapt to renamed configuration options 
in 4.14.9.
      adds  f76ff98   gnu: libev: Improve the description.
      adds  41faf6f   gnu: retroarch: Update to 1.7.0.
      adds  d2c3be9   doc: Fix typo.
      adds  51c482e   gnu: gexiv2: Update to 0.10.7.
      adds  41775ab   gnu: adwaita-icon-theme: Update to 3.26.1.
      adds  1f14357   gnu: emacs-cider: Update to 0.15.1.
      adds  afa427e   gnu: r-circlize: Update to 0.4.3.
      adds  031462b   gnu: r-circlize: Improve description.
      adds  bcdc5ca   gnu: python-sadisplay: Update to 0.4.8.
      adds  53ae35e   gnu: python-sqlalchemy-utils: Update to 0.32.21.
      adds  684ca67   gnu: nginx-documentation: Fix typo in synopsis.
      adds  b3ecb3f   gnu: gpgme: Find the GnuPG executable in the environment.
      adds  e8e860a   gnu: icecat: Add more fixes from upstream mozilla-esr52.
      adds  8427650   gnu: qemu: Enable Samba support.
      adds  dff543e   gnu: Add ffmpeg-git.
      adds  abc5ef5   gnu: mpv: Update to 0.28.0.
      adds  6368eb3   gnu: totem: Disable (duplicate) cache generation.
      adds  4583d82   gnu: hexchat: Disable (duplicate) icon theme generation.
      adds  cad464a   gnu: lookingglass: Update to a9.
      adds  f14a658   gnu: vsearch: Update to 2.6.2.
      adds  a37f4ad   Revert "gnu: qemu: Enable Samba support."
      adds  a469c69   gnu: Build wiredtiger with builtin compressors.
      adds  90205b6   gnu: Run some tests in the mongodb package check phase.
      adds  aa498fc   gnu: lollypop: Use meson-build-system, update to 0.9.306.
      adds  15b60fc   gnu: python-pillow: Fix test failures on i686-linux and 
       new  3593a26   Merge branch 'master' into wip-installer-2

The 1 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 .dir-locals.el                                     |     3 +-
 .mailmap                                           |    22 +-                                        |    48 +-
 NEWS                                               |   801 +
 README                                             |    38 +- =>   |     0
 build-aux/build-self.scm                           |    23 +-
 build-aux/compile-all.scm                          |   127 +-
 build-aux/cuirass/gnu-system.scm                   |    47 +
 build-aux/hydra/evaluate.scm                       |    20 +-
 build-aux/hydra/gnu-system.scm                     |    70 +-
 build-aux/hydra/guix-modular.scm                   |   104 +
 build-aux/                          |    11 +-                                       |     2 +-
 doc/contributing.texi                              |    72 +-
 doc/guix.texi                                      |  1761 +-
 etc/snippets/scheme-mode/guix-cvs-reference        |     8 +
 etc/snippets/scheme-mode/guix-git-reference        |     7 +
 etc/snippets/scheme-mode/guix-hg-reference         |     7 +
 etc/snippets/scheme-mode/guix-origin               |    23 +
 etc/snippets/scheme-mode/guix-package              |    34 +
 etc/snippets/scheme-mode/guix-svn-reference        |     7 +
 .../text-mode/guix-commit-message-add-package      |     8 +
 .../text-mode/guix-commit-message-update-package   |     9 +
 gnu.scm                                            |   100 +-
 gnu/bootloader/extlinux.scm                        |    18 +-
 gnu/bootloader/u-boot.scm                          |    25 +-
 gnu/build/activation.scm                           |    13 +-
 .../u-boot.scm => build/bootloader.scm}            |    38 +-
 gnu/build/file-systems.scm                         |   125 +-
 gnu/build/linux-boot.scm                           |   172 +-
 gnu/build/linux-container.scm                      |     3 +-
 gnu/build/shepherd.scm                             |    10 +-
 gnu/build/vm.scm                                   |    63 +-
 gnu/                                       |   138 +-
 gnu/packages.scm                                   |    10 +-
 gnu/packages/accessibility.scm                     |    47 +-
 gnu/packages/admin.scm                             |   399 +-
 gnu/packages/aidc.scm                              |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/algebra.scm                           |    69 +-
 gnu/packages/android.scm                           |    39 +
 gnu/packages/animation.scm                         |    71 +
 gnu/packages/apr.scm                               |    33 +-
 gnu/packages/aspell.scm                            |   179 +-
 gnu/packages/assembly.scm                          |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/astronomy.scm                         |    16 +-
 gnu/packages/audio.scm                             |   686 +-
 gnu/packages/autotools.scm                         |     7 +-
 .../{4.13-x86_64.conf => 4.14-arm.conf}            |  7372 +++----
 .../linux-libre/{4.13-i686.conf => 4.14-i686.conf} |   324 +-
 .../{4.13-x86_64.conf => 4.14-x86_64.conf}         |   330 +-
 gnu/packages/avr.scm                               |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/axoloti.scm                           |   352 +
 gnu/packages/backup.scm                            |   176 +-
 gnu/packages/base.scm                              |    25 +-
 gnu/packages/bdw-gc.scm                            |    12 +-
 gnu/packages/benchmark.scm                         |    71 +-
 gnu/packages/bioinformatics.scm                    |  2520 ++-
 gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm                        |    54 +-
 gnu/packages/bootloaders.scm                       |    51 +-
 gnu/packages/build-tools.scm                       |    13 +-
 gnu/packages/calcurse.scm                          |    11 +-
 gnu/packages/calendar.scm                          |    33 +-
 gnu/packages/cdrom.scm                             |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/certs.scm                             |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/check.scm                             |  1502 +-
 gnu/packages/chez.scm                              |    15 +-
 gnu/packages/ci.scm                                |    17 +-
 gnu/packages/cinnamon.scm                          |    86 +
 gnu/packages/code.scm                              |    12 +-
 gnu/packages/commencement.scm                      |    20 +-
 gnu/packages/compression.scm                       |   599 +-
 gnu/packages/conkeror.scm                          |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/conky.scm                             |    31 +-
 gnu/packages/connman.scm                           |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/cran.scm                              |   998 +-
 gnu/packages/crypto.scm                            |    77 +-
 gnu/packages/cups.scm                              |   119 +-
 gnu/packages/curl.scm                              |    27 +-
 gnu/packages/cyrus-sasl.scm                        |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/databases.scm                         |  1079 +-
 gnu/packages/datastructures.scm                    |    55 +
 gnu/packages/dav.scm                               |     9 +-
 gnu/packages/debug.scm                             |    70 +-
 gnu/packages/dejagnu.scm                           |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/dictionaries.scm                      |    40 +
 gnu/packages/direct-connect.scm                    |    25 +-
 gnu/packages/disk.scm                              |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/display-managers.scm                  |    39 +-
 gnu/packages/django.scm                            |    28 +-
 gnu/packages/dns.scm                               |    47 +-
 gnu/packages/docker.scm                            |     3 +-
 gnu/packages/dunst.scm                             |    17 +-
 gnu/packages/ebook.scm                             |    14 +-
 gnu/packages/electronics.scm                       |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/elixir.scm                            |    34 +-
 gnu/packages/emacs.scm                             |  1151 +-
 gnu/packages/embedded.scm                          |   319 +-
 gnu/packages/engineering.scm                       |   875 +-
 gnu/packages/enlightenment.scm                     |    10 +-
 gnu/packages/erlang.scm                            |    11 +-
 gnu/packages/fabric-management.scm                 |   173 +
 gnu/packages/file-systems.scm                      |   120 +
 gnu/packages/finance.scm                           |   188 +-
 gnu/packages/firmware.scm                          |    54 +-
 gnu/packages/flashing-tools.scm                    |    88 +-
 gnu/packages/fltk.scm                              |    42 +-
 gnu/packages/fonts.scm                             |   154 +-
 gnu/packages/fontutils.scm                         |   182 +-
 gnu/packages/fpga.scm                              |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/freedesktop.scm                       |   203 +-
 gnu/packages/ftp.scm                               |    10 +-
 gnu/packages/fvwm.scm                              |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/game-development.scm                  |    95 +-
 gnu/packages/games.scm                             |   723 +-
 gnu/packages/gcc.scm                               |     3 +
 gnu/packages/gd.scm                                |    46 +-
 gnu/packages/geo.scm                               |    34 +-
 gnu/packages/ghostscript.scm                       |    27 +
 gnu/packages/gimp.scm                              |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/gkrellm.scm                           |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/gl.scm                                |    60 +-
 gnu/packages/glib.scm                              |   116 +-
 gnu/packages/gnome.scm                             |   790 +-
 gnu/packages/gnucash.scm                           |    63 +-
 gnu/packages/gnunet.scm                            |    54 +-
 gnu/packages/gnupg.scm                             |   209 +-
 gnu/packages/gnustep.scm                           |    34 +-
 gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm                          |   117 +-
 gnu/packages/golang.scm                            |    10 +-
 gnu/packages/gprolog.scm                           |    17 +-
 gnu/packages/gps.scm                               |    50 +-
 gnu/packages/graph.scm                             |    56 +
 gnu/packages/graphics.scm                          |    18 +-
 gnu/packages/graphviz.scm                          |   133 +-
 gnu/packages/groff.scm                             |    47 +
 gnu/packages/gstreamer.scm                         |    73 +-
 gnu/packages/gtk.scm                               |   112 +-
 gnu/packages/guile-wm.scm                          |   205 +-
 gnu/packages/guile.scm                             |   269 +-
 gnu/packages/haskell-check.scm                     |   729 +
 gnu/packages/haskell-crypto.scm                    |   531 +
 gnu/packages/haskell-web.scm                       |   849 +
 gnu/packages/haskell.scm                           |  3063 +--
 gnu/packages/hugs.scm                              |    61 +-
 gnu/packages/hurd.scm                              |    60 +-
 gnu/packages/ibus.scm                              |    33 +-
 gnu/packages/icu4c.scm                             |    10 +
 gnu/packages/idris.scm                             |     2 +
 gnu/packages/image-viewers.scm                     |    30 +-
 gnu/packages/image.scm                             |    87 +-
 gnu/packages/imagemagick.scm                       |    19 +-
 gnu/packages/inkscape.scm                          |    11 +
 gnu/packages/irc.scm                               |    68 +-
 gnu/packages/iso-codes.scm                         |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/java.scm                              |  3295 ++-
 gnu/packages/javascript.scm                        |    34 +
 gnu/packages/jemalloc.scm                          |    20 +-
 gnu/packages/jrnl.scm                              |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/kde-frameworks.scm                    |   626 +-
 gnu/packages/kde.scm                               |   105 +-
 gnu/packages/kerberos.scm                          |    16 +-
 gnu/packages/kodi.scm                              |    66 +-
 gnu/packages/language.scm                          |    16 +-
 gnu/packages/ldc.scm                               |     1 +
 gnu/packages/libcanberra.scm                       |    46 +-
 gnu/packages/libevent.scm                          |    19 +-
 gnu/packages/libffi.scm                            |   114 +-
 gnu/packages/libreoffice.scm                       |   113 +-
 gnu/packages/libunwind.scm                         |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/libupnp.scm                           |    53 -
 gnu/packages/libusb.scm                            |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/lighting.scm                          |     9 +-
 gnu/packages/linux.scm                             |   624 +-
 gnu/packages/lirc.scm                              |    14 +-
 gnu/packages/lisp.scm                              |   261 +-
 gnu/packages/llvm.scm                              |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/logging.scm                           |     1 +
 gnu/packages/lua.scm                               |    62 +-
 gnu/packages/lxde.scm                              |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/lxqt.scm                              |    86 +-
 gnu/packages/machine-learning.scm                  |   163 +-
 gnu/packages/mail.scm                              |   309 +-
 gnu/packages/man.scm                               |    27 +-
 gnu/packages/markup.scm                            |    11 +-
 gnu/packages/mate.scm                              |    28 +-
 gnu/packages/maths.scm                             |   368 +-
 gnu/packages/mc.scm                                |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/medical.scm                           |     1 +
 gnu/packages/mes.scm                               |    16 +-
 gnu/packages/messaging.scm                         |   268 +-
 gnu/packages/mingw.scm                             |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/mp3.scm                               |   115 +-
 gnu/packages/mpd.scm                               |     9 +-
 gnu/packages/mpi.scm                               |     9 +-
 gnu/packages/music.scm                             |   800 +-
 gnu/packages/musl.scm                              |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/nano.scm                              |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/networking.scm                        |   148 +-
 gnu/packages/node.scm                              |    25 +-
 gnu/packages/noweb.scm                             |    79 +-
 gnu/packages/ntp.scm                               |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/nutrition.scm                         |    10 +-
 gnu/packages/nvi.scm                               |     3 +-
 gnu/packages/ocaml.scm                             |   623 +-
 gnu/packages/openstack.scm                         |    76 +-
 gnu/packages/package-management.scm                |   105 +-
 gnu/packages/parallel.scm                          |    16 +-
 gnu/packages/password-utils.scm                    |    34 +-
 .../audacity-build-with-system-portaudio.patch     |    64 +
 gnu/packages/patches/bazaar-CVE-2017-14176.patch   |   166 +
 gnu/packages/patches/bluez-CVE-2017-1000250.patch  |    42 -
 .../patches/borg-fix-archive-corruption-bug.patch  |    68 +
 gnu/packages/patches/chicken-CVE-2017-11343.patch  |    57 -
 gnu/packages/patches/chicken-CVE-2017-6949.patch   |   132 -
 gnu/packages/patches/clementine-use-openssl.patch  |    67 +
 .../patches/clisp-remove-failing-test.patch        |    43 +
 .../crypto++-fix-dos-in-asn.1-decoders.patch       |    65 +
 gnu/packages/patches/cube-nocheck.patch            |    16 +
 gnu/packages/patches/curl-bounds-check.patch       |    19 -
 gnu/packages/patches/dtc-32-bits-check.patch       |   134 +
 gnu/packages/patches/dtc-format-modifier.patch     |    38 +
 .../patches/e2fsprogs-32bit-quota-warnings.patch   |    46 -
 gnu/packages/patches/eigen-arm-neon-fixes.patch    |   245 +
 .../patches/emacs-highlight-stages-add-gexp.patch  |    26 +
 .../emacs-unsafe-enriched-mode-translations.patch  |    85 -
 gnu/packages/patches/exim-CVE-2017-1000369.patch   |    59 -
 .../patches/exiv2-CVE-2017-14859-14862-14864.patch |    66 +
 gnu/packages/patches/exiv2-CVE-2017-14860.patch    |    48 +
 gnu/packages/patches/fontforge-svg-modtime.patch   |    35 -
 .../patches/gcc-4-compile-with-gcc-5.patch         |    65 +
 .../patches/gcc-6-source-date-epoch-1.patch        |   187 +
 .../patches/gcc-6-source-date-epoch-2.patch        |   346 +
 gnu/packages/patches/gd-fix-gd2-read-test.patch    |    14 -
 .../patches/gd-php-73968-Fix-109-XBM-reading.patch |   121 -
 gnu/packages/patches/gdk-pixbuf-list-dir.patch     |    35 -
 .../patches/glibc-CVE-2017-15670-15671.patch       |    27 +
 .../glusterfs-use-PATH-instead-of-hardcodes.patch  |   140 +
 ...phicsmagick-CVE-2017-11403+CVE-2017-14103.patch |   137 -
 .../patches/graphicsmagick-CVE-2017-12935.patch    |    28 -
 .../patches/graphicsmagick-CVE-2017-12936.patch    |    16 -
 .../patches/graphicsmagick-CVE-2017-12937.patch    |    28 -
 .../patches/graphicsmagick-CVE-2017-13775.patch    |   195 -
 ...phicsmagick-CVE-2017-13776+CVE-2017-13777.patch |   179 -
 .../patches/graphicsmagick-CVE-2017-14042.patch    |    80 -
 .../patches/graphicsmagick-CVE-2017-14165.patch    |    72 -
 .../patches/guile-emacs-fix-configure.patch        |   211 +
 .../patches/higan-remove-march-native-flag.patch   |    15 +-
 gnu/packages/patches/httpd-CVE-2017-9798.patch     |    22 +
 gnu/packages/patches/icecat-bug-1348660-pt5.patch  |   727 +
 gnu/packages/patches/icecat-bug-1414945.patch      |    73 +
 gnu/packages/patches/icecat-bug-1415133.patch      |    40 +
 gnu/packages/patches/icecat-bug-1424373-pt2.patch  |   183 +
 gnu/packages/patches/icu4c-CVE-2017-14952.patch    |    18 +
 .../patches/java-powermock-fix-java-files.patch    |   178 +
 .../patches/jemalloc-arm-address-bits.patch        |    39 +
 ...ktexteditor-5.39.0-autotests-dependencies.patch |    49 +
 .../patches/libarchive-CVE-2017-14502.patch        |    40 +
 .../patches/libetonyek-build-with-mdds-1.2.patch   |    74 -
 gnu/packages/patches/libexif-CVE-2017-7544.patch   |    29 +
 gnu/packages/patches/libgxps-CVE-2017-11590.patch  |    48 +
 gnu/packages/patches/libmwaw-CVE-2017-9433.patch   |    33 -
 .../patches/libmygpo-qt-fix-jsoncreatortest.patch  |    41 +
 .../libtorrent-rasterbar-boost-compat.patch        |    27 -
 gnu/packages/patches/libunwind-CVE-2015-3239.patch |    17 -
 gnu/packages/patches/libusb-for-axoloti.patch      |    14 +
 gnu/packages/patches/libvdpau-va-gl-unbundle.patch |    35 +
 gnu/packages/patches/libxslt-CVE-2017-5029.patch   |    82 +
 gnu/packages/patches/links-CVE-2017-11114.patch    |    99 +
 .../patches/mesa-skip-disk-cache-test.patch        |     6 +-
 ...ngodb-support-unknown-linux-distributions.patch |    55 +
 ...atch => mupdf-build-with-latest-openjpeg.patch} |     8 +-
 gnu/packages/patches/musl-CVE-2016-8859.patch      |    81 -
 gnu/packages/patches/netsurf-system-utf8proc.patch |    51 +-
 .../patches/newsbeuter-CVE-2017-14500.patch        |    43 +
 .../node-test-http2-server-rst-stream.patch        |   131 +
 .../ocaml-graph-honor-source-date-epoch.patch      |    34 +
 gnu/packages/patches/openjpeg-CVE-2017-12982.patch |    28 -
 gnu/packages/patches/openjpeg-CVE-2017-14040.patch |    83 -
 gnu/packages/patches/openjpeg-CVE-2017-14041.patch |    25 -
 gnu/packages/patches/openjpeg-CVE-2017-14151.patch |    46 -
 gnu/packages/patches/openjpeg-CVE-2017-14152.patch |    38 -
 gnu/packages/patches/openjpeg-CVE-2017-14164.patch |    89 -
 gnu/packages/patches/openocd-nrf52.patch           |    64 +-
 .../patches/optipng-CVE-2017-1000229.patch         |    22 +
 .../patches/owncloud-disable-updatecheck.patch     |    49 +
 gnu/packages/patches/pcmanfm-CVE-2017-8934.patch   |    56 +
 ... => perl-text-markdown-discount-unbundle.patch} |     0
 .../patches/picprog-non-intel-support.patch        |    74 +
 gnu/packages/patches/procmail-CVE-2017-16844.patch |    25 +
 gnu/packages/patches/psm-arch.patch                |    13 +
 gnu/packages/patches/psm-ldflags.patch             |    13 +
 gnu/packages/patches/psm-repro.patch               |    14 +
 .../python-acme-dont-use-openssl-rand.patch        |    28 -
 .../python-networkx2-reproducible-build.patch      |    29 +
 .../python-nose-timer-drop-ordereddict.patch       |    44 +
 .../patches/python-pillow-fix-failing-tests.patch  |   Bin 0 -> 112373 bytes
 .../python-pillow-freetype-2.7-test-failure.patch  |    75 -
 ...hon-scikit-learn-fix-test-non-determinism.patch |    25 +
 .../python2-unittest2-remove-argparse.patch        |    11 +
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-13711.patch     |    89 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-14167.patch     |    69 -
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-15038.patch     |    51 +
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-15289.patch     |    66 +
 gnu/packages/patches/rsync-CVE-2017-16548.patch    |    31 +
 .../patches/rsync-CVE-2017-17433-fix-tests.patch   |    42 +
 gnu/packages/patches/rsync-CVE-2017-17433.patch    |    45 +
 .../patches/rsync-CVE-2017-17434-pt1.patch         |    28 +
 .../patches/rsync-CVE-2017-17434-pt2.patch         |    39 +
 gnu/packages/patches/shepherd-close-fds.patch      |    36 +
 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2016-9577.patch     |    33 -
 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2016-9578-1.patch   |    33 -
 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2016-9578-2.patch   |    38 -
 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2017-7506.patch     |   158 -
 .../patches/supertuxkart-angelscript-ftbfs.patch   |    42 -
 ...-2011-1554.patch => t1lib-CVE-2011-1552+.patch} |     0
 gnu/packages/patches/totem-meson-easy-codec.patch  |    65 +
 gnu/packages/patches/vpnc-script.patch             |    15 -
 gnu/packages/patches/wget-CVE-2017-6508.patch      |    45 -
 .../patches/wget-fix-504-test-timeout.patch        |   160 -
 gnu/packages/patches/wget-perl-5.26.patch          |    96 -
 .../patches/wpa-supplicant-CVE-2017-13082.patch    |   182 +
 .../patches/wpa-supplicant-fix-key-reuse.patch     |   448 +
 .../patches/wpa-supplicant-fix-nonce-reuse.patch   |    72 +
 .../patches/wpa-supplicant-fix-zeroed-keys.patch   |    86 +
 .../patches/wpa-supplicant-krack-followups.patch   |   275 +
 gnu/packages/patches/xboing-CVE-2004-0149.patch    |   134 +
 .../patches/xorg-server-CVE-2017-10971.patch       |   153 -
 .../patches/xorg-server-CVE-2017-10972.patch       |    35 -
 gnu/packages/patchutils.scm                        |   122 +-
 gnu/packages/pdf.scm                               |   178 +-
 gnu/packages/perl-check.scm                        |  1196 ++
 gnu/packages/perl-web.scm                          |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/perl.scm                              |  2742 ++-
 gnu/packages/photo.scm                             |    31 +-
 gnu/packages/php.scm                               |     9 +-
 gnu/packages/popt.scm                              |    22 +-
 gnu/packages/pretty-print.scm                      |    76 +-
 gnu/packages/profiling.scm                         |   399 +
 gnu/packages/protobuf.scm                          |   115 +-
 gnu/packages/pulseaudio.scm                        |    36 +-
 gnu/packages/pumpio.scm                            |    33 +-
 gnu/packages/python-crypto.scm                     |   680 +
 gnu/packages/python-web.scm                        |  2444 +++
 gnu/packages/python.scm                            |  6847 ++-----
 gnu/packages/qt.scm                                |   627 +-
 gnu/packages/rdf.scm                               |    43 +-
 gnu/packages/regex.scm                             |    24 +-
 gnu/packages/rrdtool.scm                           |    19 +-
 gnu/packages/rsync.scm                             |    11 +-
 gnu/packages/ruby.scm                              |   412 +-
 gnu/packages/rust.scm                              |  1309 +-
 gnu/packages/samba.scm                             |    33 +-
 gnu/packages/sawfish.scm                           |    50 +-
 gnu/packages/scheme.scm                            |   356 +-
 gnu/packages/screen.scm                            |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/scribus.scm                           |    91 +-
 gnu/packages/sdl.scm                               |    94 +-
 gnu/packages/search.scm                            |     7 +-
 gnu/packages/security-token.scm                    |    71 +-
 gnu/packages/serialization.scm                     |    30 +-
 gnu/packages/serveez.scm                           |    15 +-
 gnu/packages/shells.scm                            |    63 +-
 gnu/packages/simulation.scm                        |    15 +-
 gnu/packages/skarnet.scm                           |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/skribilo.scm                          |    29 +-
 gnu/packages/smalltalk.scm                         |    17 +-
 gnu/packages/sml.scm                               |     5 +-
 gnu/packages/spice.scm                             |    16 +-
 gnu/packages/ssh.scm                               |    64 +-
 gnu/packages/sssd.scm                              |    19 +-
 gnu/packages/statistics.scm                        |   682 +-
 gnu/packages/storage.scm                           |     1 +
 gnu/packages/suckless.scm                          |    34 +-
 gnu/packages/sync.scm                              |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/syncthing.scm                         |  1896 ++
 gnu/packages/syndication.scm                       |    41 +-
 gnu/packages/synergy.scm                           |    34 +-
 gnu/packages/tcl.scm                               |    69 +-
 gnu/packages/telephony.scm                         |    60 +-
 gnu/packages/terminals.scm                         |    52 +-
 gnu/packages/tex.scm                               |   114 +-
 gnu/packages/text-editors.scm                      |    13 +-
 gnu/packages/textutils.scm                         |    75 +-
 gnu/packages/time.scm                              |   284 +-
 gnu/packages/tls.scm                               |   117 +-
 gnu/packages/tmux.scm                              |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/tor.scm                               |    28 +-
 gnu/packages/tryton.scm                            |     4 +
 gnu/packages/uml.scm                               |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/upnp.scm                              |    37 +-
 gnu/packages/uucp.scm                              |    24 +-
 gnu/packages/version-control.scm                   |   181 +-
 gnu/packages/video.scm                             |   356 +-
 gnu/packages/vim.scm                               |    67 +-
 gnu/packages/virtualization.scm                    |   239 +-
 gnu/packages/vpn.scm                               |   145 +-
 gnu/packages/w3m.scm                               |     6 +-
 gnu/packages/web-browsers.scm                      |    18 +-
 gnu/packages/web.scm                               |  1165 +-
 gnu/packages/webkit.scm                            |     4 +-
 gnu/packages/wget.scm                              |    74 +-
 gnu/packages/wicd.scm                              |   214 +-
 gnu/packages/wine.scm                              |    72 +-
 gnu/packages/wm.scm                                |   142 +-
 gnu/packages/wxwidgets.scm                         |     2 +-
 gnu/packages/xdisorg.scm                           |   200 +-
 gnu/packages/xfce.scm                              |    27 +-
 gnu/packages/xfig.scm                              |   179 +-
 gnu/packages/xiph.scm                              |    13 +-
 gnu/packages/xml.scm                               |   192 +-
 gnu/packages/xorg.scm                              |   338 +-
 gnu/packages/zile.scm                              |     4 +-
 gnu/services.scm                                   |    65 +-
 gnu/services/admin.scm                             |     6 +
 gnu/services/audio.scm                             |     1 +
 gnu/services/avahi.scm                             |     7 +-
 gnu/services/base.scm                              |   424 +-
 gnu/services/certbot.scm                           |   133 +
 gnu/services/configuration.scm                     |     3 +-
 gnu/services/cuirass.scm                           |     5 +
 gnu/services/databases.scm                         |    89 +
 gnu/services/desktop.scm                           |    29 +-
 gnu/services/dict.scm                              |    26 +-
 gnu/services/mail.scm                              |    30 +-
 gnu/services/messaging.scm                         |   101 +-
 gnu/services/networking.scm                        |    53 +-
 gnu/services/rsync.scm                             |   172 +
 gnu/services/ssh.scm                               |    19 +-
 gnu/services/telephony.scm                         |   305 +
 gnu/services/version-control.scm                   |   179 +-
 gnu/services/vpn.scm                               |    10 +-
 gnu/services/web.scm                               |   448 +-
 gnu/services/xorg.scm                              |   306 +-
 gnu/system.scm                                     |    55 +-
 gnu/system/examples/beaglebone-black.tmpl          |    59 +
 gnu/system/examples/lightweight-desktop.tmpl       |     8 +-
 gnu/system/examples/vm-image.tmpl                  |     6 +-
 gnu/system/file-systems.scm                        |    81 +-
 gnu/system/install.scm                             |   114 +-
 gnu/system/linux-initrd.scm                        |    24 +-
 gnu/system/mapped-devices.scm                      |    34 +-
 gnu/system/pam.scm                                 |    47 +-
 gnu/system/shadow.scm                              |    14 +-
 gnu/system/uuid.scm                                |    49 +-
 gnu/system/vm.scm                                  |   126 +-
 gnu/tests.scm                                      |     6 +-
 gnu/tests/base.scm                                 |     8 +-
 gnu/tests/databases.scm                            |   145 +-
 gnu/tests/install.scm                              |    41 +-
 gnu/tests/messaging.scm                            |     1 +
 gnu/tests/nfs.scm                                  |     6 +-
 gnu/tests/rsync.scm                                |   126 +
 gnu/tests/ssh.scm                                  |    28 +
 gnu/tests/version-control.scm                      |   292 +
 gnu/tests/web.scm                                  |   128 +-
 guix/build-system/ant.scm                          |     6 +
 guix/build-system/asdf.scm                         |   124 +-
 guix/build-system/{r.scm => go.scm}                |   129 +-
 guix/build-system/meson.scm                        |     2 +-
 guix/build-system/r.scm                            |     9 +-
 guix/build-system/scons.scm                        |   134 +
 guix/build/ant-build-system.scm                    |    45 +-
 guix/build/compile.scm                             |   177 +
 guix/build/download-nar.scm                        |   125 +
 guix/build/download.scm                            |   259 +-
 guix/build/emacs-build-system.scm                  |     8 +-
 guix/build/go-build-system.scm                     |   277 +
 guix/build/graft.scm                               |     1 +
 guix/build/profiles.scm                            |     2 +-
 guix/build/pull.scm                                |   105 +-
 guix/build/scons-build-system.scm                  |    65 +
 guix/build/syscalls.scm                            |    20 +
 guix/build/texlive-build-system.scm                |     2 +-
 guix/build/union.scm                               |    11 +-
 guix/cve.scm                                       |   105 +-
 guix/cvs-download.scm                              |    38 +-
 guix/derivations.scm                               |    61 +-
 guix/discovery.scm                                 |     8 +-
 guix/download.scm                                  |   118 +-
 guix/ftp-client.scm                                |    11 +-
 guix/gexp.scm                                      |   117 +-
 guix/git-download.scm                              |    37 +-
 guix/git.scm                                       |    22 +-
 guix/gnu-maintenance.scm                           |    89 +-
 guix/hg-download.scm                               |    36 +-
 guix/http-client.scm                               |    51 +-
 guix/i18n.scm                                      |    51 +
 guix/import/cpan.scm                               |    21 +-
 guix/import/cran.scm                               |    99 +-
 guix/import/elpa.scm                               |     7 +-
 guix/import/github.scm                             |    11 +-
 guix/import/gnome.scm                              |   112 +
 guix/import/print.scm                              |   164 +
 guix/import/pypi.scm                               |     1 -
 guix/import/utils.scm                              |   116 +-
 guix/licenses.scm                                  |    23 +-
 guix/man-db.scm                                    |   201 +
 guix/memoization.scm                               |   157 +-
 guix/modules.scm                                   |    10 +
 guix/packages.scm                                  |    21 +-
 guix/profiles.scm                                  |   141 +-
 guix/profiling.scm                                 |    52 +
 guix/progress.scm                                  |   291 +
 guix/records.scm                                   |    20 +-
 guix/scripts.scm                                   |    14 +-
 guix/scripts/archive.scm                           |     1 +
 guix/scripts/build.scm                             |    85 +-
 guix/scripts/challenge.scm                         |    19 +-
 guix/scripts/copy.scm                              |     1 +
 guix/scripts/download.scm                          |     4 +-
 guix/scripts/environment.scm                       |     3 +-
 guix/scripts/gc.scm                                |    39 +-
 guix/scripts/graph.scm                             |    11 +-
 guix/scripts/hash.scm                              |     9 +-
 guix/scripts/import.scm                            |     2 +-
 guix/scripts/import/json.scm                       |   102 +
 guix/scripts/lint.scm                              |   192 +-
 guix/scripts/offload.scm                           |   102 +-
 guix/scripts/pack.scm                              |     1 +
 guix/scripts/package.scm                           |    22 +-
 guix/scripts/publish.scm                           |    15 +-
 guix/scripts/pull.scm                              |    11 +-
 guix/scripts/refresh.scm                           |    31 +-
 guix/scripts/size.scm                              |     3 +-
 guix/scripts/substitute.scm                        |    83 +-
 guix/scripts/system.scm                            |   202 +-
 guix/scripts/weather.scm                           |   105 +-
 guix/ssh.scm                                       |     2 +-
 guix/store.scm                                     |    20 +-
 guix/tests/http.scm                                |   133 +-
 guix/ui.scm                                        |   175 +-
 guix/upstream.scm                                  |    45 +-
 guix/utils.scm                                     |    37 +-
 guix/workers.scm                                   |    28 +-
 guix/zlib.scm                                      |    19 +-
 nix/scripts/                  |    95 +-
 po/guix/                                |     1 +
 po/guix/fr.po                                      |  1706 +-
 po/packages/                            |     2 +
 po/packages/hu.po                                  | 19889 ++++++++++++++++++-
 tests/cpan.scm                                     |     4 +-
 tests/derivations.scm                              |     8 +-
 tests/                                |     2 +-
 tests/                                   |    13 +-
 tests/                              |     2 +-
 tests/                               |    56 +-
 tests/import-utils.scm                             |    43 +-
 tests/lint.scm                                     |   127 +-
 tests/print.scm                                    |    64 +
 tests/publish.scm                                  |     6 +-
 tests/scripts-build.scm                            |    29 +
 tests/services.scm                                 |    10 +-
 tests/store.scm                                    |     4 +-
 tests/syscalls.scm                                 |     7 +-
 tests/system.scm                                   |     9 +-
 tests/uuid.scm                                     |    10 +
 tests/workers.scm                                  |    26 +
 tests/zlib.scm                                     |    11 +-
 559 files changed, 80742 insertions(+), 28365 deletions(-)
 rename => (100%)
 create mode 100644 build-aux/cuirass/gnu-system.scm
 create mode 100644 build-aux/hydra/guix-modular.scm
 create mode 100644 etc/snippets/scheme-mode/guix-cvs-reference
 create mode 100644 etc/snippets/scheme-mode/guix-git-reference
 create mode 100644 etc/snippets/scheme-mode/guix-hg-reference
 create mode 100644 etc/snippets/scheme-mode/guix-origin
 create mode 100644 etc/snippets/scheme-mode/guix-package
 create mode 100644 etc/snippets/scheme-mode/guix-svn-reference
 create mode 100644 etc/snippets/text-mode/guix-commit-message-add-package
 create mode 100644 etc/snippets/text-mode/guix-commit-message-update-package
 copy gnu/{bootloader/u-boot.scm => build/bootloader.scm} (54%)
 copy gnu/packages/aux-files/linux-libre/{4.13-x86_64.conf => 4.14-arm.conf} 
 rename gnu/packages/aux-files/linux-libre/{4.13-i686.conf => 4.14-i686.conf} 
 rename gnu/packages/aux-files/linux-libre/{4.13-x86_64.conf => 
4.14-x86_64.conf} (98%)
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/axoloti.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/cinnamon.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/fabric-management.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/haskell-check.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/haskell-crypto.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/haskell-web.scm
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/libupnp.scm
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/bazaar-CVE-2017-14176.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/bluez-CVE-2017-1000250.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/borg-fix-archive-corruption-bug.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/chicken-CVE-2017-11343.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/chicken-CVE-2017-6949.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/clementine-use-openssl.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/clisp-remove-failing-test.patch
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/cube-nocheck.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/curl-bounds-check.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/dtc-32-bits-check.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/dtc-format-modifier.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/e2fsprogs-32bit-quota-warnings.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/eigen-arm-neon-fixes.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/emacs-highlight-stages-add-gexp.patch
 delete mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/exim-CVE-2017-1000369.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/exiv2-CVE-2017-14859-14862-14864.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/exiv2-CVE-2017-14860.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/fontforge-svg-modtime.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gcc-4-compile-with-gcc-5.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gcc-6-source-date-epoch-1.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gcc-6-source-date-epoch-2.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gd-fix-gd2-read-test.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gd-php-73968-Fix-109-XBM-reading.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/gdk-pixbuf-list-dir.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/glibc-CVE-2017-15670-15671.patch
 create mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/graphicsmagick-CVE-2017-12935.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/graphicsmagick-CVE-2017-12936.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/graphicsmagick-CVE-2017-12937.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/graphicsmagick-CVE-2017-13775.patch
 delete mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/graphicsmagick-CVE-2017-14042.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/graphicsmagick-CVE-2017-14165.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/guile-emacs-fix-configure.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/httpd-CVE-2017-9798.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/icecat-bug-1348660-pt5.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/icecat-bug-1414945.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/icecat-bug-1415133.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/icecat-bug-1424373-pt2.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/icu4c-CVE-2017-14952.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/java-powermock-fix-java-files.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/jemalloc-arm-address-bits.patch
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libarchive-CVE-2017-14502.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libetonyek-build-with-mdds-1.2.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libexif-CVE-2017-7544.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libgxps-CVE-2017-11590.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libmwaw-CVE-2017-9433.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libmygpo-qt-fix-jsoncreatortest.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libtorrent-rasterbar-boost-compat.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libunwind-CVE-2015-3239.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libusb-for-axoloti.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libvdpau-va-gl-unbundle.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libxslt-CVE-2017-5029.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/links-CVE-2017-11114.patch
 create mode 100644 
 rename gnu/packages/patches/{mupdf-build-with-openjpeg-2.1.patch => 
mupdf-build-with-latest-openjpeg.patch} (69%)
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/musl-CVE-2016-8859.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/newsbeuter-CVE-2017-14500.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/node-test-http2-server-rst-stream.patch
 create mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/openjpeg-CVE-2017-12982.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/openjpeg-CVE-2017-14040.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/openjpeg-CVE-2017-14041.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/openjpeg-CVE-2017-14151.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/openjpeg-CVE-2017-14152.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/openjpeg-CVE-2017-14164.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/optipng-CVE-2017-1000229.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/owncloud-disable-updatecheck.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/pcmanfm-CVE-2017-8934.patch
gnu/packages/patches/{perl-text-markdown-discount-use-system-markdown.patch => 
perl-text-markdown-discount-unbundle.patch} (100%)
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/picprog-non-intel-support.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/procmail-CVE-2017-16844.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/psm-arch.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/psm-ldflags.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/psm-repro.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/python-acme-dont-use-openssl-rand.patch
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/python-pillow-fix-failing-tests.patch
 delete mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/python2-unittest2-remove-argparse.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-13711.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-14167.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-15038.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-15289.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/rsync-CVE-2017-16548.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/rsync-CVE-2017-17433-fix-tests.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/rsync-CVE-2017-17433.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/rsync-CVE-2017-17434-pt1.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/rsync-CVE-2017-17434-pt2.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/shepherd-close-fds.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2016-9577.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2016-9578-1.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2016-9578-2.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2017-7506.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/supertuxkart-angelscript-ftbfs.patch
gnu/packages/patches/{t1lib-CVE-2011-1552+CVE-2011-1553+CVE-2011-1554.patch => 
t1lib-CVE-2011-1552+.patch} (100%)
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/totem-meson-easy-codec.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/vpnc-script.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/wget-CVE-2017-6508.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/wget-fix-504-test-timeout.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/wget-perl-5.26.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/wpa-supplicant-CVE-2017-13082.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/wpa-supplicant-fix-key-reuse.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/wpa-supplicant-fix-nonce-reuse.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/wpa-supplicant-fix-zeroed-keys.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/wpa-supplicant-krack-followups.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/xboing-CVE-2004-0149.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/xorg-server-CVE-2017-10971.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/xorg-server-CVE-2017-10972.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/perl-check.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/profiling.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/python-crypto.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/python-web.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/syncthing.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/services/certbot.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/services/rsync.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/services/telephony.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/system/examples/beaglebone-black.tmpl
 create mode 100644 gnu/tests/rsync.scm
 create mode 100644 gnu/tests/version-control.scm
 copy guix/build-system/{r.scm => go.scm} (50%)
 create mode 100644 guix/build-system/scons.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/build/compile.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/build/download-nar.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/build/go-build-system.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/build/scons-build-system.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/i18n.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/import/gnome.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/import/print.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/man-db.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/profiling.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/progress.scm
 create mode 100644 guix/scripts/import/json.scm
 create mode 100644 tests/print.scm

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