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branch wip-next-browser2 deleted (was f7715c8)

From: guix-commits
Subject: branch wip-next-browser2 deleted (was f7715c8)
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2019 07:33:58 -0500 (EST)

ambrevar pushed a change to branch wip-next-browser2
in repository guix.

       was  f7715c8   next (FIX right commit)

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  f7715c8   next (FIX right commit)
  discards  1b811b9   cffi-bootstrap (FIX 0.19)
  discards  849fdcc   next (FIX)
  discards  b03dc41   ascii-strings (FIX)
  discards  06676a0   next (FIX delete patch)
  discards  abff643   gnu: Add next-browser (DRAFT).
  discards  495d5b2   gnu: Add lparallel.
  discards  759c14f   gnu: Add sbcl-cl-webkit.
  discards  b265d96   gnu: Add sbcl-cl-cffi-gtk.
  discards  cb7c74f   gnu: Add closer-mop.
  discards  ba8753c   gnu: Add trivial-garbage.
  discards  2c0a400   cffi-gtk-boot0 init
  discards  61fb49e   gnu: Add sbcl-cl-cffi-gtk.
  discards  31aa8fb   gnu: Add cl-unix-opts.
  discards  8d1d561   gnu: Add cl-json.
  discards  684687b   gnu: Add parenscript.
  discards  4de9560   sbcl-split-sequence (FIX)
  discards  185cdb7   gnu: Add sbcl-cl-sqlite.
  discards  35d7ad0   cffi (FIX)
  discards  e0d07e7   gnu: Add sbcl-cffi.
  discards  6d9263a   gnu: Add sbcl-cffi-grovel.
  discards  cebc81e   gnu: Add sbcl-cffi-libffi.
  discards  c8cd91d   gnu: Add sbcl-cffi-toolchain.
  discards  c366f80   gnu: Add sbcl-cffi-bootstrap.
  discards  d0d1b9a   gnu: Add queues.priority-cqueue.
  discards  f5a062b   gnu: Add queues.priority-queue.
  discards  e822166   gnu: Add queues.simple-cqueue.
  discards  8f40342   gnu: Add queues.simple-queue.
  discards  49c5a91   gnu: Add queues.
  discards  d1c6977   gnu: Add puri.
  discards  04bb798   gnu: Add ptester.
  discards  7630cc3   gnu: Add simple-scanf.
  discards  a248d2b   gnu: Add parse-float.
  discards  c820050   gnu: Add proc-parse.
  discards  4c27963   gnu: Add prove.
  discards  e60a56e   gnu: Add prove-asdf.
  discards  fab0f08   gnu: Add cl-ansi-text.
  discards  0da293a   gnu: Add cl-colors.
  discards  035e6ab   gnu: Add let-plus.
  discards  17a9cd2   gnu: Add lift.
  discards  f55cead   gnu: Add anaphora.
  discards  156ed76   gnu: Add lisp-unit.
  discards  2c47b88   slime-swank (FIX)
  discards  4b50327   gnu: Add sbcl-slime-swank.
  discards  3d80773   mgl-pax (FIX)
  discards  b69e9a6   gnu: Add cl-string-match.
  discards  9122883   gnu: Add ascii-strings.
  discards  ddd2533   gnu: Add mgl-pax.
  discards  c0aae83   gnu: Add pythonic-string-reader.
  discards  9087fc9   gnu: Add named-readtables.
  discards  11aa521   gnu: Add ironclad.
  discards  2f571f2   gnu: Add nibbles.
  discards  6faf627   gnu: Add rt.
  discards  c31b3c6   gnu: Add cl-fad.
  discards  6f627f1   gnu: Add 3bmd-ext-code-blocks.
  discards  2fb876f   gnu: Add 3bmd.
  discards  e4851fe   gnu: Add colorize.
  discards  81893ec   gnu: Add html-encode.
  discards  2093c3e   gnu: Add split-sequence.
  discards  f967725   gnu: Add esrap.
  discards  fcbb4ee   gnu: Add eos.
  discards  f512f22   gnu: Add jpl-queues.
  discards  b378922   gnu: Add jpl-util.
  discards  ddcb92e   gnu: Add cl-yacc.
  discards  40b0a0b   gnu: Add babel.
  discards  f2729b9   gnu: Add hu.dwim.stefil.
  discards  f31cfa9   gnu: Add hu.dwim.asdf.
  discards  a33357e   gnu: Add trivial-features.
  discards  aa4d151   gnu: Add cl-strings.

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