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Re: Firefox 52's end of life, packaging Chromium

From: Mike Gerwitz
Subject: Re: Firefox 52's end of life, packaging Chromium
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2018 12:38:13 -0400
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On Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 09:07:39 +0000, Nils Gillmann wrote:
> Mike Gerwitz transcribed 1.8K bytes:
>> But as was stated in another thread, once we _do_ have an updated IceCat
>> source distribution, we need it packaged for Guix, and that is quite the
>> undertaking.  Has anyone pursued packaging modern versions of vanilla FF
>> in recent months?
> Yes, I have. The outcome was not so much progress because Firefox
> starting at a certain version does no longer allow disabling the build
> of the rust crates. You then need a way to deal with the "breakage" in
> the directory 'thirdparty/rust/' and its subdirectories.
> Progress could be achieved with a phase which either records our changes
> to the checksum related files or reverts our changes.

Thank you for your efforts!

Mike Gerwitz

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