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Re: Communication and Design at Guix

From: swedebugia
Subject: Re: Communication and Design at Guix
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2019 07:11:28 +0100

"Ludovic Courtès" <address@hidden> skrev: (8 januari 2019 18:37:53 CET)
>L  p R n  d n    <address@hidden> skribis:
>> After taking some time learning Guix and trying to get some new
>> in, I wanted get involved in a slightly different way. I'm not good
>> programming and I think my time might be better used participating in
>> tasks a little more inline with my skills.
>> The thing is that I find "design" and "communication" (take it in a
>very broad
>> way) often a little more complex and delicate to tackle in a group
>> project. This is why I'm introducing the idea with this mail.
>This is one of the non-programming activities where Guix needs help so
>I’m glad you’re offering to contribute!
>> I think the Guix project could benefit a lot from dealing with the
>> "rest of the world" and how it wants to show itself. It might even
>> clarify some technical decisions if needed. Bonus is that next
>> will probably be 1.0 and that it means Guix will get extra attention.
>> I have a few things I would like to talk about but, as I don't want
>> force aniything on anyone, I wanted to first have your thoughts about
>this and
>> eventually what you guix people think would be nice to tackle on. (I
>> think I saw something about a wiki somewhere for example etc.)
>I’m not sure we need a wiki.  :-)
>A very concrete task that could be of interest to you is the “name
>change” (a bit of a strong word) that we’d like to implement by 1.0.
>I’ll try to summarize.  Currently we have “Guix” and “GuixSD”, and that
>confuses things: people visit the web site, they see a “GuixSD” logo
>get confused because they were just looking for a package manager, not
>whole distro, or they think “GuixSD” is a storage device ;-), things
>like that.
>The idea is to bring everything under the “Guix” name.  Most of the
>time, writing “Guix” is good enough—after all, one can run ‘guix
>on a foreign distro, too.  When we really need to make the distinction,
>for instance in the manual, we would write “Guix System” to designate
>what we currently call “GuixSD”.
>This has implications mostly on the web site and on the manual. 
>sketched web site modifications here:
>It would probably have further implications on how we present
>> By the way, I wanted to start working on the documentation. 
>> IMHO, it might benefit from a little graphical enhancement for
>> newcomers. The thing is that it's currently hosted on
>> so it's probably not possible to modify the design. So I
>> to ask, first, if that's something that would be welcome? What could
>> the possibilities? And what would be the technical limitations?
>The HTML pages at are generated from Texinfo. 
>CSS there is shared with all the GNU manuals, which is nice for
>consistency.  Ideally modifications of the CSS would be submitted to
>GNU webmaster or address@hidden (I forgot which one).  However, be
>aware that you may encounter misplaced conservatism if you take that
>route, so don’t lose your hair on it.

What about We can do whatever we want there I suppose and just link 
to it from the gnu site.

Talking about CSS and the manual I would like to add patens highlighting.
The chicken documentation has this (on mouse over) and it is really nice to be 
able to see how complicated expressions are composed.

Also it would be really nice with a guix style guide apart from the manual and 
a script to go through the code and autodocument from all the docstrings.
(In the repl ,apropos can do a little something like this) I got this idea from 
php reading the code of dolibarr.
I'm mentioning this because it is important to know what procedures are where 
in our code for new contributors.
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