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“Which important packages fail to build?”

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: “Which important packages fail to build?”
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2019 14:22:35 +0100
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Hello Guix!

I’ve just added a new ‘--coverage’ option to ‘guix weather’.  The goal
is to answer the question: “which important packages fail to build?”, or
at least, “which important packages have no substitutes?”.  I believe
this is what we want to know in particular to determine whether a branch
can be merged.  Demonstration:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
$ ./pre-inst-env  guix weather --substitute-urls= -c 10
computing 8,983 package derivations for x86_64-linux...
looking for 9,343 store items on
updating substitutes from ''... 100.0%
  64.7% substitutes available (6,048 out of 9,343)
  18,642.5 MiB of nars (compressed)
  54,068.6 MiB on disk (uncompressed)
  0.018 seconds per request (164.6 seconds in total)
  56.8 requests per second
  '' returned 504 ("Gateway Time-out")
updating substitutes from ''... 100.0%
2502 packages are missing from '' for 'x86_64-linux', among 
    58  address@hidden      
    47  address@hidden      
    46  address@hidden   
    37  address@hidden       
    30  address@hidden   
    26  address@hidden      
    18  address@hidden 
    16  address@hidden        
    16  address@hidden       
    13  address@hidden        
    11  address@hidden        
    11  address@hidden  
    11  address@hidden 
    11  address@hidden  
    11  address@hidden    
    11  address@hidden  
    10  address@hidden        
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

What we see here is that on current master, kcoreaddons and (presumably)
the 115 packages that depend on it¹ have no substitutes.  Likewise for
qgpgme and its 76 dependents.

As it turns out, these two packages fail to build:

If you fix them, you’ll unlock no less than 191 packages and surely
fellow hackers will acclaim you when you arrive at the Guix Days.  :-)

In some cases, like ‘ocaml4.02-ppx-deriving’, it seems the package
simply hasn’t been built, for obscure reasons that build farm admins
should investigate.

Anyway, I think we should start looking at info, in particular so we can
finally get our act together and merge ‘staging’!

Feedback welcome!


¹ Why do kcoreaddons and qgpgme appear twice?  Because there are two
  distinct (in the sense of ‘eq?’) package objects for each of these,
  even though they map to the same derivation.  The redundant package is
  introduced by ‘package-input-rewriting’ in kde-frameworks.scm.  Oh well!

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