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[bug#27650] [PATCH] gnu: services: admin: Add tailon.

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [bug#27650] [PATCH] gnu: services: admin: Add tailon.
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2017 14:13:25 +0200
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Hi Christopher,

Christopher Baines <address@hidden> skribis:

> * gnu/services/admin.scm
>   (<tailon-configuration>, <tailon-configuration-file>): New record types.
>   (tailon-configuration-files-string, tailon-shepherd-service): New
>   procedures.
>   (%tailon-accounts, tailon-service-type: New variables.
> * doc/guix.text (Monitoring Services: Document the Tailon service.

Neat.  Maybe a service we could take advantage of on our build farm

s/text/texi/  :-)

> address@hidden Monitoring Services
> address@hidden Monitoring Services
> +
> address@hidden Tailon Service
> +
> +Tailon is a web application for viewing and searching log files.

Please write @uref{https://…, Tailon} so readers can read more about it
if needed.

> +The following example will configure the service with default values.
> +By default, Tailon can be accessed on port 8080 (http://localhost:8080).

> +The following example customises more of the Tailon configuration,
> +adding ``sed'' to the list of allowed commands.

> address@hidden {Data Type} tailon-configuration
> +Data type representing the configuration of tailon.

Tailon (capital).

> address@hidden @asis
> address@hidden @code{paths} (default: @code{(list "/var/log")})
> +List of paths to display. Can include strings for a single path, or a
> +list, where the first item is the name of a subsection, and the
> +remaining items are in that subsection.

Please s/paths/directories/ (in GNU the convention is to use “file name”
or “directory name”, whereas “path” is reserved for search paths.)

> +  (paths              tailon-configuration-paths
> +                      (default '("/var/log")))
> +  (bind               tailon-configuration-file-bind
> +                      (default "localhost:8080"))
> +  (relative-root-path tailon-configuration-file-relative-root-path
> +                      (default #f))

Same here.

> +(define-gexp-compiler (tailon-configuration-file-compiler
> +                       (file <tailon-configuration-file>) system target)

That’s a good idea.  :-)

Otherwise LGTM!

Bonus points if you write a system test that checks that at least the
Web server shows up on port 8080.

Thank you!


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