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[bug#27637] [PATCH 2/2] gnu: Add conda

From: Frederick Muriithi
Subject: [bug#27637] [PATCH 2/2] gnu: Add conda
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2017 09:17:42 +0300

> The previous patch also creates "$out/bin/conda". Does that executable
> not work? Why do we need both packages?

Conda has two forms:

* a python library form, that can be included in python programs, and
* an executable form that can be run on the cli

I defined python-conda to provide the library form, whereas conda was
to provide the executable form.

> There are a few phases that messes with the tests, yet they are
> disabled. Why?

My bad. I will reactivate them. Must have left that in by mistake. My apologies.

> Often tests using /homeless-shelter just needs the HOME variable set to
> some other (writable) directory (typically /tmp).

Thanks. I did not know that. I need to note it down for future newbies.

> Wooow. What happens with the default 'python install'?

The default builds the python library form, whereas the
utils/ builds the executable version

> Unless there exists a good reason to both have a "conda" package and a
> 'python-conda', I think we should consolidate these two. The previous
> patch (from PyPi) did not have tests either, so I suppose we should use
> this release (but we should really figure out why is broken).

I don't think is broken, I think the conda team built it that
way, so that one is explicit on what they want to do, at least that is
what I could gather from my reading on it. I will redefine the
packages to make it cleaner, and simply use the release/url that has
the tests to define both.

I will be sending the patch soon.

Frederick M. Muriithi

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