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[bug#27344] [PATCH 0/12] Add computational software and circuit simulato

From: Theodoros Foradis
Subject: [bug#27344] [PATCH 0/12] Add computational software and circuit simulators
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2017 22:46:54 +0300
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Hello Ludovic,

> Danny, Theodoros: could we make sure the non-controversial parts of
> these series get committed?  :-)

I have made some additions to Danny's patch for libngspice and ngspice,
and it's ready for the updated patch set.

Another issue appeared with xyce-serial and xyce-parallel, namely that
they don't build with lapack-3.7.1 which was recently updated. I got
them to build, adding a lapack-3.5.0 variant, and I have sent an email
upstream to confirm that version issue.

There is an isssue with freehdl, qucs and qucs-s. That is, some packages
need to be present at build time both as native inputs, and inputs, so
that some references are substituted with the path to the target
architecture binaries. Any ideas on how could that be done? Can a
package be both a native and non-native input without issues? I don't
know how to test that, since the problem does not obviously manifest
itself without cross-compiling.

Theodoros Foradis

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