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[bug#27850] gnu: mpi: openmpi: Don't enable thread-multiple

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [bug#27850] gnu: mpi: openmpi: Don't enable thread-multiple
Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2017 00:10:24 +0200
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Dave Love <address@hidden> skribis:

> I'm afraid I don't know about "commonly", particularly with Guix, but
> I'm surprised if people would expect to get the respective MPI
> development environment for an MPI program they install any more than
> they'd expect the compiler generally.  The separation other
> distributions have seems appropriate to me as a system manager and
> packager -- even if it's not the typical HPC way (Spack et al?) -- but
> that's just my opinion.

As I wrote before, Guix currently doesn’t have as fine grain a
separation as Debian, Fedora, & co.: we add an extra output when we have
evidence that it provides noticeably space savings.

We could discuss that policy of course, but that’s another story.


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