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[bug#28281] [PATCH] gnu: Add os-prober.

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: [bug#28281] [PATCH] gnu: Add os-prober.
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2017 22:53:03 +0530

>>> Would (copy-recursively "/some/directory" destination) work for you?
>> No, it wouldn't. That would recreate /some/directory at the
>> destination. I only want the files inside /some/directory to be copied,
>> not /some/directory itself.
> Ah sorry.  Then yeah, either ‘scandir’ or ‘find-files’, whichever you
> find is the least cumbersome.
> Feel free to push something along these lines!

Not sure I follow you. Should I

1. push the patch I sent most recently


2. or add a #:recursive? argument to `find-files', and push a patch
which uses this new `find-files'?

IMO, approach 2 is a better idea, though it could be that we are adding
too many keyword arguments to `find-files'.


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