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[bug#28558] [PATCH] gnu: Add atool.

From: Stefan Reichör
Subject: [bug#28558] [PATCH] gnu: Add atool.
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 20:16:48 +0200
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Hi Ben,

> On 23/09/17 07:49, Stefan Reichör wrote:
>> * gnu/packages/compression.scm (atool): New variable.
> Thanks for the patch. While adding all compression programs supported
> (e.g. tar) as inputs is probably too much given their large number, I
> think it would be good to add "file" and patch in the path to "file"
> in bin/atool. WDYT?

Thanks for your feedback. I don't think that file is an important tool
for atool. At least I use only archives with the correct file extension.
And all the archives that I remember that I downloaded from some site
also provided the correct file extension. In that case file is not needed to
detect the archive type.

However, if you think that hard coding the full path to file is a good
thing I will update my patch. It should be doable for me...

> Otherwise LGTM.
> ben


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