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[bug#28170] Add gnutls/dane + use it where its needed (gnurl, libmicroht

From: ng0
Subject: [bug#28170] Add gnutls/dane + use it where its needed (gnurl, libmicrohttpd, gnunet)
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2017 14:56:36 +0000

Christopher Baines transcribed 1.7K bytes:
> On Sat, 30 Sep 2017 14:12:55 +0000
> ng0 <address@hidden> wrote:
> > The fix in this version is to only add the necessary input
> > to the inherited gnutls.
> Ok. One hopefully final thing. From the commit message [1], it's not
> clear to me if this is fixing an issue with the GNUnet package, by
> providing it with the right dependencies, or, adding additional
> functionality to the GNUnet package, by providing a more capable GnuTLS?
> 1: "GNUnet and its dependency chain needs GnuTLS with DANE support."
It provides the right GnuTLS to GNUnet, libmicrohttpd and gnURL.
Certain features of these applications will not work without it.
GnuTLS without Dane is not fatal error for these packages, but
Dane is recommended.
I have no idea how I should put this into the very strict dictionary
we have in commit messages… In more free-form it would be no problem
for me.
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