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[bug#28663] [PATCH] New java packages

From: Roel Janssen
Subject: [bug#28663] [PATCH] New java packages
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2017 10:38:16 +0200
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Julien Lepiller writes:

> Hi!
> Here is a very good news: I have successfully built maven from source,
> and I will try to get all my work into patches. Here is the first part:
> the first two patches add more functionnalities to the
> ant-build-system: the first adds support for adding a Main-Class entry
> in the manifest, which can be useful to call jar files directly. The
> second adds #:test-include and #:test-exclude parameters to the build
> system. They can be used to manage what tests is run and what test is
> not. It currently defaults to including *, but excluding
> Abstract*.java. Abstract classes are not meant to be run by junit, and
> it caused issues with other packages.
> I think the next 20 packages are independent of the change in the build
> system, so we can merge them before the build system patches if there
> are discussions about that.
> The next 20 patches are the beginning of the (very, very) long list of
> maven dependencies. These new packages are all of the packages I needed
> from the OSGI project.

Thanks a lot for working on this.  It's pretty exciting to read that
you've built maven from source!

Patch 4 to 22 look good to me.  They are all fairly trivial (very nice
job!).  For patch 3 (java-microemulator) there is a newer version
available on Github.  Maybe we can use that version instead?

And for patch 1 and 2 I'd like to call on Ricardo to have a look.

Once again, thanks a lot!

Kind regards,
Roel Janssen

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